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Richmond, CA 94804
Phone: 510-970-6000

Edward Lanphier, president and CEO


Sangamo BioSciences develops and markets novel transcription factors capable of regulating genes. The company’s Universal Gene Recognition technology enables the engineering of a particular class of transcription factors known as zinc finger DNA-binding proteins, or ZFPs. By engineering ZFPs so that they can recognize a specific gene, Sangamo has created ZFP transcription factors that can control gene expression and, consequently, cell function.

Sangamo is commercializing its technology for applications in pharmaceutical drug discovery, human therapeutics, plant agriculture, clinical diagnostics and industrial biotechnology. More than 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have used Sangamo’s Universal GeneTools to accelerate their understanding and control of gene function and their validation of new drug targets. In addition, Sangamo is working with Edwards Lifesciences Corp. to develop ZFP-based therapeutics for cardiovascular disease. Sangamo also is exploring novel treatments for clinical indications in cancer and infectious diseases.

Sangamo was founded in 1995 with core technology and intellectual property from Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Scripps Research Institute and the Medical Research Council.


Sangamo has signed research collaborations in the area of target discovery and validation with more than 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Additional partnerships have been established to develop novel transgenic animal models and to use Sangamo’s technology to create customized cell lines for small-molecule screening. In addition, Sangamo has entered into a collaboration with Edwards Lifesciences Corp. to develop therapeutics for cardiovascular disease. Sangamo also has established a collaboration with Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. focused on the discovery and development of novel cancer therapeutics, and with Medarex Inc. to develop certain fully human antibody therapeutics. Sangamo is collaborating with Renessen LLC, a joint venture between Cargill and Monsanto Co., to apply Sangamo’s gene regulation technology to enhance the value of certain crops.

Since 1998, Sangamo has entered into Universal GeneTools collaborations with 24 pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies or their subsidiaries. Most of these agreements have been in the area of target discovery and validation.