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David W. Martin Jr., president and CEO
Privately Held


Eos Biotechnology Inc. develops, applies and integrates a variety of high-throughput genomics, bioinformatics and biological processes for the creation of novel therapeutic and diagnostic products. Eos technologies are being applied to build a pipeline of novel therapeutics and diagnostics in the areas of oncology, angiogenesis and inflammation, with initial product development efforts focused in the area of therapeutic antibodies.

Eos Biotechnology uses the complete human genome to identify new drug targets and develop antibodies against those targets to treat human diseases. Eos has designed and built an integrated platform of custom genomic-based tools. It uses them to discover and validate targets that are highly specific in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory disease.

The elements of Eos’ strategy are to pursue only those human diseases for which it can identify pathogenic (disease-causing) cells; use the complete human genome as its source of disease-specific targets; build a pipeline of proprietary, therapeutic antibodies that bind to the selected targets and attack the pathogenic cells; enter into strategic collaborations to fully exploit its opportunities while retaining selected commercial rights; and continue to acquire, refine and integrate appropriate technologies to accelerate its drug discovery and development process.

Eos has discovered more than 100 new disease-specific drug targets in cancers, including breast, colorectal, prostate, lung, ovarian and bladder, and in angiogenesis. The company has multiple fully human antibodies in preclinical evaluation. It has filed 75 independent patent applications in the U.S. and seven patent applications worldwide, encompassing over 3,000 genes associated with specific disease processes.


Chip Supply Agreement: Affymetrix Inc.

HuMAb-Mouse technology access to Eos: Medarex Inc.

Applied Genomics collaboration: Medarex Inc.

Phage antibodies collaborative licensing agreement: Biosite

Collaboration to use Seattle Genetics’ toxic payload technology with Eos’ proprietary monoclonal antibodies directed against Eos’ novel cancer targets, derived from the analyses of the human genome: Seattle Genetics Inc.

Discovery and validation of targets for therapeutic antibodies and proteins Eos generates from its analyses of breast cancer: Biogen Inc.

Cancer vaccines: Aventis-Pasteur Inc.

In July 2000, Eos acquired from MorphoSys AG a license to HuCal phage antibody display libraries for use in generating and isolating reagent antibodies.

Eos has established a number of academic relationships to provide it with access to human tissues, medical outcome data and animal models of human diseases.