Prologue I - La Pyreneenne
BP 27/01
31312 Labege Cedex
Phone: +33 5 62 88 42 50

Founders: François Amalric, Jean-Philippe Girard and Pierre Bougnères
Privately Held


Established in 2001, Endocube is a cellular genomics company employing high-throughput, single-cell analysis of specific mechanisms of pathology. The company is focused on studying cuboidal endothelial cells, which are found in tissues subject to inflammation and chronic inflammatory diseases.

The company employs cloning cDNA and the manufacture of DNA chips to characterize specific markers of inflammation. Then, Endocube conducts in vitro and in vivo functional studies including intravital microscopy to identify and validate targets of interest. The company aims to enable pharmaceutical companies to develop therapies for specific types of inflammation. The company has no plans to become an integrated pharmaceutical company. Instead, it will enter strategic partnerships at an early stage.

Endocube received $458,000 in seed capital from Biobank a Paris-based venture capital firm that also provides management support in mid-2001. Biobank led a second round of financing that provided $1.5 million to Enocube in the fall of 2001.