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Phone: +49 30-9489 2150

Margret Hoehe, founder
Rolf Zettl, founder
Privately Held


GenProfile AG, founded in September 1998 as a spin-off from the German Human Genome Project, focuses on the systematic analysis of genetic variability (haplotypes) in medically relevant genes. The company’s platform involves high-throughput technologies for gene-sequence comparison, as well as approaches to data analysis and interpretation and bioinformatics.

Through its access to clinical samples via a network of clinical partners, GenProfile aims to provide information on the polymorphic spectrum of a specific gene in a defined population, the existence of specific haplotypes of candidate genes and the potential association of these haplotypes with disease or pharmaceutically relevant phenotypes. The clinical network also will be used to pursue research projects in areas such as asthma, arteriosclerosis and multiple sclerosis.

The company plans to establish a large cell and DNA sample repository from individuals of various ethnic and geographic backgrounds, combined with access to medical records and family history.


It has two collaborations to develop and evaluate novel DNA analysis tools, including one with PE Biosystems, of Foster City, Calif., to test a high-throughput capillary sequencing system suited for SNP analysis for SNPs associated with genetic risk factors or that otherwise contribute to a disease.

GenProfile also will cooperate with the Berlin-based Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics to integrate a novel SNP analysis technique developed by the institute into the company’s high-throughput DNA analysis system.