Regulierenring 16
3981 LB Bunnik
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 243 38 34

Ian Humphery-Smith, chief operating officer and managing director
Aart Brouwer, chairman
Privately Held


Founded in July 2000, Glaucus Proteomics BV is a research and development company that has developed an array-based platform for the identification and characterization of disease-specific proteins to facilitate the cost-effective development of new drugs and disease-prevention strategies.

Glaucus’ technology includes the use of peptide, protein and antibody arrays, linking parallel generation and screening of antibodies, molecular expression vectors, extreme high-throughput screening engines, “genome-wide” triple protein enrichment and proprietary “proteome closure” strategies to allow screening of the “near-to-total” proteome in living tissues. Biocomputing activities are focused on the development of data extraction tools designed to highlight biologically relevant permutations and combinations from within multivector datasets.

The long-term commercial focus is on the creation of proprietary databases containing information essential to the use of antibody arrays for proteomic screening of human cells and tissues. Glaucus relies on privileged links with the Department of Pharmaceutical Proteomics at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands for support in molecular biology.

Future plans for Glaucus include beginning in-house discovery of proteins for disease prevention; sale and distribution of proprietary array information underwriting; a technology access program; sale of and access to peptide, protein and antibody arrays; sublicensing platform technology and antibodies; and improving vaccination strategies against infectious diseases.


Human antibody-generation and proteomics technology collaboration: Medarex Inc. and Genmab A/S.