270 Little Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: 650-266-1400

Corey Goodman, president and CEO
Privately Held


Founded in 2000, Renovis is a drug discovery company focusing on neurological and psychiatric diseases such as shizophrenia, depression, neuropathic pain, nerve and spinal cord regeneration and obesity. The company studies neuronal cell types and circuits that control particular behaviors or influence specific neurological or psychiatric diseases. The company validates potential drug targets by mapping them to circuits and indications using its Living Library, a collection of transgenic mice, NeuroGene and NeuroAssay technologies. Using functional assessments both in vitro and in vivo the company moves targets to high-throughput screens for leads and drug discovery.

In early January 2002, the company completed a second round of financing worth $34.3 million.