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Keith L. Williams, CEO and director
Unlisted public Australian company


Established in 1999, Proteome Systems is focused on the development of proteomics technology and proteomic bioinformatic systems. It has discovery research programs in infectious disease, cancer, aging and glycobiology for the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and agbiotechnology products.

Products range from individual sample preparation kits to an integrated, high-throughput proteomics platform. A key part of Proteome Systems’ technology involves the development of a wide range of high-throughput sample preparation instrumentation for proteomics research.

The company expected to release its totally integrated proteomics platform in the second half of 2001. The platform covers sample preparation and protein separation; gel image analysis; protein digestion and peptide extraction; mass spectrometry; and its web-based platform for the storage, management and automation of proteome analysis.

In July 2001, Proteome Systems acquired Melbourne-based product development group Niche Innovation for its experience in developing instruments and commercializing technology, and to expand its manufacturing capabilities. Niche had been working with Proteome Systems to develop high-throughput sample preparation instruments, of which the Xcise, an integrated robot for sample preparation, was expected to move through to early stage production.


Manufacture of AlphaImager and FluorChem imaging systems for incorporation with ProteomeIQ integrated proteomics: Alpha Innotech Corp.

Manufacturing and distribution of Proteome Systems’ proteomics products: Sigma Aldrich Corp.

Development of instrumentation, software and high-throughput analysis: Shimadzu Corp. and Kratos Analytical.

Development and distribution of consumables and kits for proteomics: Millipore Corp.

Microfluidic devices for protein analysis: MicroFab Technologies Inc.

Development and manufacturing agreement for 2-dimensional gel technologies: Gradipore Ltd.

Collaboration for proteomics platform tools and informatics integration and sample preparation kits: Thermo Finnigan.

Collaboration in statistics, data management, software architectures and industrial image analysis: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia.

Exclusive distribution of Proteome Systems’ glycoInformatic databases and tools: GeneBio.

Rapid prototyping of motion-control technologies: GeneBio.