SAP Building, 11th Floor
Ramat Gan 52521
Phone: 972-3-612-8590

Haim Aviv, chairman and CEO
Privately Held


Bio Information Technologies Ltd. is a post-genomics computational drug discovery company focusing on G protein-coupled receptor-related diseases. Bio-IT was established in November 2000 by Silvia Noiman, Haim Aviv, Oren M. Becker and Tel-Aviv University, where the core technology was developed. The company focuses on these receptors because the approximately 2,000 different GPCR proteins represent only 2 percent to 3 percent of the human genome, yet they constitute about half of the drug targets of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

The company’s Predict technology follows a novel pathway to determine the 3-D structure of GPCRs that is based on the specific chemical-physical properties of the GPCR molecules. The 3-D models generated are detailed and suitable for structure-based drug discovery

Bio-IT has completed 30 models of GPCRs from a variety of subclasses and has begun screening efforts to find compounds against these receptors.

In September 2001, Bio IT raised US$7.8 million in its first round of financing.