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D-16761 Hennigsdorf
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Ulrich Traugott, CEO
Privately Held


EuroProteome AG applies proteomics and transcriptomics technologies to human epithelial cancers to identify specific gene expression patterns as targets or markers suited for clinical applications, such as diagnostic and prognostic tools, patient-specific therapies and immunological tools. After characterization and validation, EuroProteome offers them for co-development agreements with industrial clients and marketing partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Since 1997, the company has set up human tumor sample banks and cancer networks consisting of clinical and scientific researchers from several European and American research institutes and clinics. Its sample preparation methodology provides a source for highly purified human tissue samples.

EuroProteome offers validation services in human tumor tissues of targets provided by third parties and mechanistic investigations for cancer therapeutics (protein expression, gene expression and mass spectrometry analyses). It also performs pathology procedures, such as patient stratification, quality control, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.

The company applies four technology platforms. Protein profiling is carried out by 2-D gel electrophoresis or liquid phase chromatography and mass spectroscopy. This is followed by bioinformatics-based database searches for protein identification. Native protein purification is carried out using a variety of biochemical procedures. Gene expression profiling (transcriptomics) is performed using RNA microarrays in association with bioinformatics.


Licensed Rosetta’s bioinformatics tools: Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc.

Cancer diagnostics product development: BioMérieux SA.