1000 Marina Boulevard, Suite 450
Brisbane, CA 94005
Phone: 650-829-2600

Sandip Ray, founder, president and CEO
Privately Held


X-MINE Inc., founded by leaders in the field of genomics from the Whitehead Institute and Stanford University, is a genomics knowledge discovery company that integrates expertise in bioinformatics with its computational platform, X-Miner. It offers products and partnerships in molecular pattern recognition, information refinement and custom development for predictive medicine, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Products include the X-Miner, a platform for storing, retrieving and analyzing large quantities of genomics and gene-expression data, and the X-Refiner, a database cluster architecture and application that offers annotation about genes and gene clusters.

The company also has contract research services, including mining public and proprietary databases; experimental design, data analysis and interpretation; software and algorithm development for genomics and proteomics; and X-Miner and X-Refiner customization.


Licensing and collaboration agreement for the X-Miner data mining and knowledge discovery platform: BioCardia Inc.

X-MINE is actively seeking partnership collaborations for biological validation of discoveries from its internal data mining programs in chemical genomics, target identification and biomarker/predictor discovery.