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William E. Rich, president and CEO NASDAQ:CIPH


Founded in 1993, Ciphergen Biosystems Inc. is a protein discovery company focused on alleviating the bottleneck in understanding how proteins act in the biology of disease. The company’s ProteinChip System includes ProteinChip Arrays, ProteinChip Reader and ProteinChip Software. The system enables proteomics research and is based on enhanced laser desorption/ionization (SELDI) technology. SELDI allows proteins to be captured, separated and quantitatively analyzed directly on-chip. The company acquired BioSepra, a chromatography business, from Invitrogen Corp. in June 2001 to expand its business to include a variety of purification and analysis products for rapid sample preparation, purification and analysis from on-chip to laboratory to large-scale manufacturing.

The company went public in October 2000, raising $88 million.


It has collaborations with a number of academic, government and industry entities. A collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the Virginia Prostate Center yielded 12 protein biomarker candidates for benign prostate disease and six for prostate cancer. The company also has a collaboration with Johns Hopkins University for the discovery of novel biomarkers for cancer. Ciphergen has a collaboration with Invitrogen Corp. to combine the ProteinChip System with Invitrogen’s molecular biology and genomics products to create products to speed “Genome to Protein” endeavors. The company also has a deal with Pfizer Inc. to identify protein biomarkers in serum of rat disease models.