1745 38th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 720-565-4500

Teresa Ayers, director and CEO
NASDAQ:GNOM (being purchased by Exelixis Inc.)


Founded in 1996, Genomica Corp. is a pharmacogenomics company that develops and markets software products and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and genomics companies. The company's tools combine clinical, epidemiology, genetic, molecular biology and biochemistry applications into a single software environment that enables scientists to accelerate genetic discoveries and pharmacogenomics.

The company's Discovery Manager product enables researchers to access, store, manipulate, analyze, annotate and integrate genomic data from a variety of public and proprietary sources. In addition to aiding sequence analysis and homology searches, Discovery Manager also incorporates results from epidemiological studies and clinical trials into the same database structure as the genomics data.

Based on a standard Oracle database, Genomica's dmCore centralizes genotypic and phenotypic data from diverse sources and integrates easily with analysis tools. The company's Linkmapper product simplifies the process of genotyping and creating genetic maps by providing allele-calling functionality, quality checking, genetic data management and analysis capabilities in one integrated system.


Among the company's customers are AstraZeneca plc, Clingenix Inc., Oxagen Ltd., Biognosis Inc., Pfizer Inc., Glaxo plc and the National Cancer Institute. Genomica also is collaborating with PE Biosystems Group to develop software products for drug discovery purposes. Genomica has strategic alliances with Applied Biosystems and Celera Genomics.