Orchard Road, Royston
Hertfordshire, SG8 5HD
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1763 211600

Alastair Riddell, CEO


Founded in March 1996, Pharmagene plc specializes in using human tissues to aid and speed the drug discovery process. It says its mission is to provide “customers with knowledge based on human biological information that creates better drug discovery and development."

Pharmagene has several drug discovery programs in various stages of maturity, with the most developed being in migraine and irritable bowel syndrome. The company is able to provide pharmaceutical investigators with early indicators that may help speed the drug development process and reduce the risk of subsequent failure in the clinic.

Pharmagene’s products include IndicatorSwitch, to identify new indications for stalled or failed drugs; TargetEvaluator, a gene expression system using human tissues to determine expression profiles; and Phase ZERO, a system that validates molecular targets and characterizes chemical entities by testing their effects on a wide range of human tissue samples.


Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. as the first subscriber to TargetEvalutor.

Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Janssen Pharmaceutica and others for Phase ZERO.

In September 2001, Pharmagene's subsidiary, Pharmagene Laboratories Ltd., signed a deal with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., giving Bristol-Myers access to Pharmagene's TargetEvaluator. The deal was described as "multimillion pound" in value, but financial figures were not released.