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Steven B. Lehrer, president and chief operating officer
Privately Held


DNA Sciences Inc. is an integrated genetics discovery and commercialization company, founded in May 1998, focused on identifying the genetic basis of disease susceptibility, disease progression and response to medication. The company makes discoveries that it hopes will lead to better ways of identifying people who are at risk of disease, treatments for those people and an understanding of what drugs will be most effective in each person. The company is focusing on diseases that have a significant genetic component, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, osteoporosis and diabetes. Once the company has identified disease-associated gene variants, it plans to develop diagnostic tests and, in the longer term, therapeutic products based on the discoveries. DNA Sciences operates a sequencing and genotyping facility in Fremont, Calif.

DNA Sciences is a provider of pharmacogenetic services to the pharmaceutical industry through its wholly owned subsidiary, DNA Sciences Laboratories (formerly PPGx, Inc.). DNA Sciences Laboratories delivers pharmacogenetic testing services that meet both Good Laboratory Practice and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act standards.

DNA Sciences Laboratories’ mission is to identify, develop and market molecular genetic tests that improve the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases. DSL can maximize the clinical and commercial value of pharmaceutical drug candidates by applying its integrated suite of pharmacogenetic products and services to enable prediction of drug effect or disease progression in individuals and populations. DNA Sciences Laboratories, offers services, products and tools designed to determine the safety, toxicity and/or efficacy of drugs, and add to drug R&D efforts, which include genome banking, clinical services, research services and TPMT clinical testing.


Through collaborations with academic institutions, and through the acquisition of DNA Sciences Laboratories, the company has access to DNA samples for which family-based linkage studies already have been performed.

DNA Sciences partners with a group of public and private organizations, including collaborations in technology, research, pharmacogenetics and online genetics education. The company is a provider of consumer and professional genetics information for WebMD, Medscape, CBS Healthwatch and Discovery Health. DNA Sciences recruits participants for its genetic studies through the DNA Sciences Gene Trust Project, and academic and corporate partnerships.

DNA Sciences seeks partnerships with pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to co-fund the company’s discovery programs and facilitate commercialization. Through one such partnership with Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Inc., DNA Sciences is developing a microchannel DNA sequencer designed to reduce costs and significantly increase throughput for sequencing and genotyping. DNA Sciences also partners with academic groups to acquire samples from research participants.

DNA Sciences has a collaboration with the University of Utah, which gives DNA Sciences access to the Utah Population Database.