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Phone: 732-246-8950

Cédric Loiret-Berna, CEO
Privately Held


Formerly known as Geneva Proteomics Inc., GeneProt Inc. was founded in March 2000 with the goal of becoming a leader in proteomics by generating and marketing proteomic and related information to accelerate the understanding of biological processes.

The company plans to obtain massive quantities of proteomic data by high-throughput separation and mass spectrometry analysis of chosen biological fluids and tissues in healthy and sick individuals. It plans to enhance the value of the information through bioinformatics and to synthesize small novel proteins and peptides. Novel proprietary methodology will be used to further industrial-scale protein analysis.

GeneProt’s products and services include human proteome of different plasma pools, other biological fluids, organs and tissues; samples of novel proteins and of their labeled derivatives; novel small proteins with biological activity, diagnostic markers and target identification; infectious microorganisms; database subscriptions, with raw mass spectrometric databases for use by others in protein identification; and bioinformatics services.

In November 2000, GeneProt acquired Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) SA and was GeneBio’s largest shareholder at the time of acquisition. At the same time GeneProt acquired the proteomics division of GeneBio in exchange for cash and preferred stock.

GeneProt established its first large-scale proteomic Research Center in Geneva in April 2001, and another is being planned in Princeton, N.J.


Collaboration and bioinformatics tools and software acquisition: Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Licensed Matrix’s Mascot protein identification software: Matrix Science Ltd.

Collaboration agreement: University of Geneva.

Proteomics license agreement and technology transfer: Gryphon Sciences Inc.

Equipment and exclusive information technology partner: Compaq Computer Corp.

Proteomics discovery collaboration: Novartis Pharma AG.

Strategic alliance agreement: Bruker Daltonics Inc.