¿ Cangene Corp., of Winnipeg, Manitoba, began developing a new antibody-based platform technology based on a class of antibodies called IgA. Cangene said it believes IgA-based drugs may be deliverable by mechanisms other than injection, making self-administration feasible. The six-month IgA pilot project is partially funded by a $200,000 grant through the National Research Council of Canada¿s Industrial Research Assistance Program.

¿ PhotoCure ASA, of Oslo, Norway, said it received favorable results from its Phase II trials for Hexvix, for the diagnosis of bladder cancer. It is the company¿s second lead product. In the trial, Hexvix fluorescence cystoscopy was superior to standard white light cystoscopy in detecting bladder cancer. The company plans to move to Phase III and submit for regulatory approval in the United States and Europe in early 2003.

¿ Samaritan Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Las Vegas, completed a Phase Ib/IIa trial of its product, Anticort, in patients with HIV infection. Anticort is a procaine-based drug that has demonstrated cortisol-lowering properties in both in vivo studies in animals and in vitro studies in human cells, the company said.