April 11 (EPO), April 5 (WO); April 11 (UK)

Academia Sinica EP 1 090 994

Pseudomonas exotoxin therapeutics

Taipei, Taiwan

Receptor binding domain of Pseudomonas exotoxin A linked to two copies of a peptide sequence; for therapeutics.

Active Biotech WO 01/23422

Papillomavirus vaccines

Lund, Sweden

Human papillomavirus major capsid L1 protein with its type-specific epitopes removed, encoding gene; for vaccines.

Affymetrix WO 01/23614

Gene expression analysis

Santa Clara, Calif.

Methods and computer software products for multiple probe relative gene expression analysis.

Alexion Pharma WO 01/23541

Generating knockouts

New Haven, Conn.

Alteration of gene expression in a target gene by insertion of exogenous DNA sequences; for generating knockouts.

Aventis Pharma WO 01/22811

Alzheimer's transgenics

Antony, France

Transgenics expressing multiple mutated forms of presenilin 1; for use as an Alzheimer's model.

Battelle Mem. Inst. WO 01/24147

Analyzing sequence strings

Columbus, Ohio

Methods and apparatus for analyzing sequence strings; for creating domains that can be linked together.

Bayer WO 01/23420

PACAP receptor 3 agonists

Berkeley, Calif.

Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) receptor 3 agonists; for stimulating insulin release.

Boiocache Pharma WO 01/23882

Diagnosing inflammation

Richmond, Va.

Detection of polypeptide fragments and modified forms of a1-antitrypsin for diagnosing inflammation.

Brosens, J.J. GB 2 355 010

Expression control by splicing


Use of cell specific splicing mechanisms to control transfected gene expression; for gene therapy.

California, Univ. of WO 01/22922

Irreversibly binding antibodies

Oakland, Calif.

Mutant antibodies with a non-wild type reactive site that binds to a metal chelate; for irreversible binding.

California, Univ. of WO 01/23524

Cancer-associated serine protease

San Francisco, Calif.

Membrane-type serine protease whose elevated expression is associated with cancer; for developing therapeutics.

California, Univ. of WO 01/23602

Protein solubility determination

Los Alamos, N.M.

Reporter molecule used in a single living cell to determine if a soluble version of a specific protein is present.

Chugai EP 1 090 987

Cell cycle regulation


Human Cds 1 homolog, encoding gene sequences; for developing cell cycle regulatory agents.

Chugai EP 1 090 996

Antiviral therapeutic assays


Vector expressing a full-length gene of an RNA virus; for developing antiviral therapeutics.

Chugai Res. Inst. Molec. Med. WO 01/23555

Prolonging cell life span

Ibaraki, Japan

Prolonging fibroblast cell life span without immortalization by the expression of mot-2; for making liver cells.

Chugai Res. Inst. Molec. Med. WO 01/23556

Hematopoietin receptor

Ibaraki, Japan

Hematopoietin receptor, encoding gene, modulator assays; for treating immune system and hematopoietic diseases.

Corixa WO 01/23421

Stress protein complex


Stress protein complexes; for inducing an immune response to cancer or infectious disease.

Cornell Univ. WO 01/23003

Tissue flap angiogenesis

Ithaca, N.Y.

Administering viral gene therapy vectors encoding angiogenic factors to a tissue flap; for increasing vascularity.

CuraGen WO 01/23561

Thrombospondin repeat proteins

New Haven, Conn.

Proteins having thrombospondin type 1 repeats, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

CuraGen WO 01/23572

PTMAX proteins

New Haven, Conn.

PTMAX proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, variants, mutants, fragments; for therapeutics.

Diagnocure WO 01/23550

Prostate cancer markers

Ste.-Foy, Que.

PCA3 mRNA species in benign and malignant prostate tissues; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Du Pont WO 01/23575

Wuschel gene homologs

Wilmington, Del.

Wuschel protein gene homologs, encoded proteins, chimeras, antisense; for altering Wuschel protein levels.

Eli Lilly WO 01/23559 & 23562

Osteoclast gene regulation


Osteoclast differentiation factor gene regulatory region; for use in identifying bone therapeutics.

Florida, Univ. of WO 01/23528

Islet stem cell transplants

Gainesville, Fla.

Growth of islet-producing stem cells in culture; for transplantation to treat insulin-dependent diabetes.

Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. WO 01/23522

Repressing p53 expression


Identifying therapeutics that repress the expression of p53; for cancer therapy.

Freiburg Univ. Clinic WO 01/23554

PRV-1 gene

Freiburg, Germany

PRV-1 gene, encoded proteins; methods for detecting the gene and its mRNA.

Galilaeus WO 01/23578

Aclacinomycin antibiotics

Piispanristi, Finland

Streptomyces galilaeus genes involved in aclacinomycin biosynthesis; for increasing antibiotic yields.

Genaissance Pharma WO 01/23404 & 23410

Interleukin gene SNPs

New Haven, Conn.

Polymorphisms in the interleukin-4 and 13 gene; for determining susceptibility to various therapeutics.

Genentech WO 01/23592

Increased protein production

S. San Francisco

Making recombinant proteins in cell culture using apoptosis inhibitors to decrease cell death and increase yield.

Genzyme Transgenics WO 01/23525

Transgenic production

Framingham, Mass.

Forming reconstructed embryos having tetraploid cells; for producing transgenic mammals.

Henry Jackson Fdn. WO 01/23621

Prostate cancer chromosomal changes

Rockville, Md.

Chromosome changes characteristic of abnormalities and changes associated with prostate cancer.

Hobom, G. EP 1 091 000

Attenuated viruses

Glessen, Germany

Expression of viral RNA encoding chloramphenicol acetyltransferase; for making attenuated viruses.

Hong Kong, Univ. of WO 01/22916

Hepatitis E antigenic peptide

Hong Kong

Hepatitis E virus antigenic peptide derived from the C-terminal region of ORF2; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Human Genome Sciences WO 01/22920

Colon cancer genes

Rockville, Md.

Colon- and colon cancer-associated gene sequences, encoded proteins, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Human Genome Sciences WO 01/23402, 23409, 23546, 23547 & 23598

185 secreted proteins

Rockville, Md.

185 human secreted proteins, encoding genes, antibodies, production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Hyseq WO 01/23569

Cytokine receptors

Sunnyvale, Calif.

Cytokine receptor proteins, encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Icos WO 01/23430

Chitinase immunoglobulin fusions

Bothell, Wash.

Chitinase immunoglobulin fusion products having improved serum half-life and formulation properties.

Imperial Coll. Sci. & Technol. GB 2 355 074

Prion genotyping


Determining the genotype at prion protein residue 129; for predicting susceptibility to spongiform encephalopathy.

Incyte Genomics WO 01/23538

Disease-related proteins

Palo Alto, Calif.

Disease detection and treatment proteins, encoding genes, antibodies, microarrays.

Incyte Genomics WO 01/23558

Secretory proteins

Palo Alto, Calif.

Secretory proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, microarrays; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Intl. Reagents EP 1 090 997

Hepatitis polymerase modulators

Kobe, Japan

Hepatitis C virus-derived RNA polymerase gene, encoded protein; for modulator screens.

Isis Pharma WO 01/23613

Enhanced antisense

Carlsbad, Calif.

Oligonucleotides that are substrates for human Type 2 RNAse II; for enhancing oligo antisense therapies.

JCR Pharma EP 1 090 986

Neuron-related disease protein

Ahiya, Japan

Protein associated with neuron- and endocrine cell-related diseases, encoding gene; for developing therapeutics.

Krebs Res. Ctr. WO 01/23553

Metastasis-associated antigen

Heidelberg, Germany

Metastasis-associated antigen, encoding gene, antibodies, recombinant production methods; for cancer therapy.

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo WO 01/23431, 23432 & 23573

Ganglioside antibodies


Ganglioside GM2, GD2, and GD3 antibodies, cytokine fusions; for cancer and transplantation therapeutics.

Lexicon Genetics WO 01/23566

Organic anion transporter homologs

The Woodlands, Texas

Human organic anion transporter-like proteins, encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Lexicon Genetics WO 01/23579

Human kinase proteins

The Woodlands, Texas

Human kinase proteins, encoding gene sequences; for developing diagnostics and therapeutics.

Lexicon Genetics WO 01/23588

Human carboxypeptidases

The Woodlands, Texas

Human carboxypeptidases, encoding gene sequences; for developing diagnostics and therapeutics.

Librach, C.L., et al. WO 01/23893

Selecting IVF embryos


Detection of HLA-G antibodies; for selecting embryos for in vitro fertilization.

Lifespan Biosciences WO 01/23615

Developing anti-aging therapies


Genes associated with the aging process, encoded proteins; for developing anti-aging therapeutics.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. WO 01/23560

MHC Class II antigen binding peptides

New York

Isolated peptides that bind to MHC Class II molecules that are tumor antigen precursors; for causing CD4+ cell growth.

Luminis WO 01/23531

Manipulating stem cells

Adelaide, Australia

Identification, separation, and manipulation of stem and differentiated cells; for regulation and reprogramming.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. WO 01/23427 & 23521

Parathyroid hormone peptide derivatives


Polypeptide derivatives of parathyroid hormone, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for modulator screens.

Mass. Inst. Technol. WO 01/23412

Inhibiting _-amyloid aggregation

Cambridge, Mass.

Screening for agents that inhibit the aggregation of polypeptides such as huntingtin and _-amyloid proteins.

Maxygen WO 01/23401

Artificial sequence evolution

Redwood City, Calif.

Use of codon-varied oligonucleotide synthesis for synthetic sequence recombination to enhance artificial evolution.

Merck WO 01/23552

Cytoplasmic calcium binding factor

Darmstadt, Germany

Human paralog of head trauma-induced cytoplasmic calcium binding factor, encoding gene; for therapeutics.

Michigan, Univ. of WO 01/23570 & 23571

Sodium channel subunit

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Voltage-gated sodium channel subunit, encoding gene sequences; for developing neural pain therapeutics.

Millennium Pharma WO 01/23523

CD33-related protein families

Cambridge, Mass.

CD33 and OB-BP-1 related protein families, encoding genes, antisense, antibodies; for modulator screens.

Millennium Pharma WO 01/23584, 23585 & 23589

Ubiquitin protease

Cambridge, Mass.

Human ubiquitin protease, encoding gene sequences; for modulator screens and therapeutic development.

Millennium Pharma WO 01/23590


Cambridge, Mass.

Human aminopeptidase, encoding gene sequences; for modulator screens and therapeutic development.

Monash Univ. WO 01/23424

Phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein

Clayton, Australia

Phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein, encoding gene, analogs, variants; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Monash Univ. WO 01/23429

Latex allergy therapy

Clayton, Australia

Proteins that interact immunologically with T cells in individuals with latex allergies, antibodies; for therapy.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 01/23428

IL-2 receptor associated polypeptides

Bethesda, Md.

Interleukin-2 receptor associated polypeptides, encoding genes, antibodies; for developing detection assays.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 01/23568

Apoptosis modulation

Bethesda, Md.

IAP gene family members, encoding gene sequences; for modulating apoptosis and activating JNK activity.

Natl. Jewish Med. Res. Ctr. WO 01/23002

Inhibiting pathogenic microorganisms


High efficiency transfection of human host cells with genes encoding antimicrobial agents; for treating infections.

Natl. Jewish Med. Res. Ctr. WO 01/23617

Growth modulator assays


Measuring reduced cdk6 expression to indicate increased cell growth; modulator assays; for treating cancer.

Ono Pharma EP 1 090 992

Smooth muscle cell protein

Osaka, Japan

Smooth muscle cell proliferation-related protein, encoding gene sequences; for developing therapeutics.

Pasteur Inst. WO 01/23577

Chimeric hepatitis B genes


Chimeric hepatitis B virus gene sequences, encoded proteins; for developing cancer immunotherapeutics.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of WO 01/23001

PEG-modified vectors


Methods for rapid polyethylene glycol modification of viral vectors; for enhanced expression and physical stability.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of WO 01/23004 & 23597

Cancer gene therapy vectors


Replication selective adenovirus mutants having selectivity for tumor cells, production cell lines; for cancer therapy.

Pfizer EP 1 090 925, 1 090 926, 1 090 989 & 1 090 990

G-protein coupled receptors

Sandwich, UK

G-protein coupled receptors, encoding gene sequences, variants, fragments, homologs; for developing therapeutics.

Pfizer EP 1 090 995

Mycoplasma vaccines

Groton, Conn.

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae antigen MHP3, encoding gene sequences, recombinant production methods; for vaccines.

Pharmacia & Upjohn WO 01/23533

Alzheimer's secretase

Kalamazoo, Mich.

Alzheimer's disease secretase, amyloid precursor protein substrates, encoding genes; for identifying therapeutics.

Quark Biotech WO 01/22864

Bladder cancer gene

Pleasanton, Calif.

Genes expressed in bladder cancer, encoded proteins; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Rosetta Inpharmatics WO 01/23600

Hybridization specificity analysis

Kirkland, Wash.

Computer systems for determining the specificity with which gene sequences hybridize to specific probes.

Sanofi-Synthelabo EP 1 090 991 & WO 01/23551

Acetylcholine receptor subunit


Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for developing modulators.

Scios WO 01/23419 & 23564

Secreted factors

Sunnyvale, Calif.

Secreted factors, encoding genes; production methods; for cardiac, renal, and inflammation therapeutics.

Shanghai Biorigin Gene Develop. WO 01/23423

Huntingtin interacting polypeptide

Shanghai, China

Human huntingtin interacting WW domain polypeptide, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham WO 01/23403, 23418 & 23599

Antibacterial screens


Bacterial ypga clade, yphC, and ykqC genes, encoded proteins, production methods; for antibacterial screens.

SmithKline Beecham WO 01/23416

Moraxella antigens

Rixensart, Belgium

Moraxella proteins, encoding gene sequences, recombinant production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham WO 01/23417 & 23587

Cancer-related proteins

Rixensart, Belgium

Cancer-related proteins, encoding genes, recombinant production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Stryker WO 01/23563

Enhanced morphogenesis

Kalamazoo, Mich.

Compositions having a morphogenic protein, a cytokine, and a soluble cytokine receptor; for enhancing morphogenesis.

Sumitomo Pharma EP 1 090 924

Tumor antigen peptides

Osaka, Japan

Tumor antigen peptides derived from cyclophilin B, antibodies; for cancer therapeutics.

Sumitomo Pharma WO 01/23545

Variant FRT sequences

Osaka, Japan

DNA encoding variant FRT sequences having spacer sequences; for FLP recombinase-mediated recombination in transgenics.

Teijin WO 01/23557

Chondromodulin-1 homologs

Osaka, Japan

Chondromodulin-1 homologs, encoding gene sequences; for controlling cartilage cell growth and differentiation.

Tsakas, S., et al. WO 01/23532

Cryopreserved amniotic cells

Athens, Greece

Cryopreserved amniotic human cells; for use in future therapeutic cell and tissue replacement procedures.

U.S. Transgenics WO 01/22810

Transgenic von Willebrand Factor

Washington, DC

Transgenics that make von Willebrand Factor and related polypeptides, encoding genes; for expression in milk.

Varian WO 01/23426

Hypoxia-related gene expression

Palo Alto, Calif.

Hypoxia-related human genes, encoded proteins, microarrays, gene expression patterns; for developing therapeutics.

Washington State Univ. WO 01/23586

Taxol production

Pullman, Wash.

Transacylase enzymes, encoding gene sequences; for producing taxol and related taxoids.

Washington, Univ. of WO 01/23414

Herpes vaccines


Herpes simplex virus protein epitopes that are recognized by T cells derived from lesions, encoding genes; for vaccines.

Western Australia, Univ. of WO 01/23549

Osteoclast differentiation factor

Nedlands, Australia

Rat osteoclast differentiation factor, encoding gene sequences, biologically active fragments; for therapeutics.

Xenoport WO 01/23619

Phage display

Palo Alto, Calif.

Replicable genetic packages that display synthetic compounds on phage surfaces; for screening for therapeutics.

Yale Univ. WO 01/23548

DNA-cleaving RNAse P RNA

New Haven, Conn.

DNA-cleaving variant RNAse P RNA; for genome mapping and developing diagnostics and therapeutics.

Zurich Univ. WO 01/23425

Prion-binding factors

Zurich, Switzerland

Factors having prion-binding activity in serum and plasma; for detecting transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.

ZymoGenetics WO 01/23567

Pituitary-related protein


Membrane-bound protein that can be used to image and separate pituitary cells, encoding gene, antibodies.

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