Biomax Informatics AG, of Martinsried, Germany, obtained an exclusive worldwide license to White Plains, N.Y.-based Softberry Inc.'s complete human genome database. Biomax wants to add additional information as well as provide optimal visualization using its proprietary software. Financial details were not disclosed.

Cambridge Antibody Technology plc, of Royston, UK, said it applied to list on Nasdaq. The listing will not be accompanied by a fund raising, as the company has about £150 million cash.

Cerep SA, of Paris, confirmed earlier forecasts by announcing a net profit of EUR235,000 (US$178,000) for 2000, against a net loss of EUR4.9 million in 1999. That result was achieved despite a 94 percent jump in research and development outlays last year, to EUR10.3 million. Total operating costs amounted to EUR20.1 million, so despite a 65 percent jump in total revenues to EUR19 million, the company posted a pre-tax net loss of EUR900,000. However, that was transformed into a post-tax profit thanks to an R&D tax credit of EUR1.1 million.

LION Bioscience AG, of Heidelberg, Germany, restructured its San Diego operation to accelerate the integration of its life science informatics expertise gained through the acquisition of Trega Biosciences Inc. into the existing LION organization. LION said the focus of the San Diego operation will be on predictive software, tools for ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion), toxicology and novel software solutions for cheminformatics. It also will support LION's internal drug discovery program. As part of this restructuring, LION will reduce Trega's current work force by approximately 20 percent.

LION Bioscience AG, of Heidelberg, Germany, said it identified 250 targets in its collaboration with Bayer AG, of Leverkusen, Germany. The targets were identified in 22 months, half of the agreed time frame, putting the partnership 20 months ahead of schedule. More than 250 patents have been filed, 150 targets have progressed into future development and one target has moved into preclinical development. Under terms of the agreement, LION will receive royalties on drugs developed with gene targets identified and validated.

Xenova Group plc, of Slough, UK, said it had succeeded in its all-share merger with Cantab Pharmaceuticals plc, having secured 72.91 percent of Cantab shares. Trading in the new Xenova shares commenced on Monday, and Cantab's listing will be cancelled on May 9.

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