November 8 (EP), November 2 (WO)

Akzo Nobel EP 1 050 541

Babesia vaccines

Arnhem, Netherlands

Babesia divergens genes encoding the 37 kD protein family, encoded proteins; for vaccine development.

Albert Einstein Coll. Med. WO 00/65094

Differential gene expression assay

Bronx, N.Y.

Assay of differential gene expression patterns using multi-fluor detection methods.

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech WO 00/65088

Polymorphism detection

Uppsala, Sweden

Primers for identifying, typing, or classifying known nucleic acid sequences that have polymorphisms.

Amsterdam, Univ. of WO 00/65345

Signal transduction assay

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Identification of proteins expressed by cells that cause signal transduction.

Autogen WO 00/64931

Obesity therapeutics

Melbourne, Australia

Beacon protein ligand, encoding gene sequences, homologs; for developing obesity and diabetes therapeutics.

Aventis Pharma WO 00/65043

Hypertension gene therapy

Antony, France

Recombinant defective adenoviruses with a gene encoding an angiogenic factor; for treating pulmonary hypertension.

Azwell EP 1 050 584

Lipid metabolism therapeutics

Osaka, Japan

Recombinant lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase; for developing therapeutics to affect lipid metabolism.

Beth Israel Deaconess Hosp. WO 00/65056

Calcium transport modulation


Gene sequences encoding a MutT domain-containing protein; for modulating calcium transport.

Beth Israel Deaconess Hosp. WO 00/65358

Protein sequence comparison


Comparison of protein sequences using computer-based methods and a protein database library.

Bio-Tech Imaging WO 00/65355

HIV viral load assay

Frederick, Md.

Depleting cells actively infected with HIV from samples; for determining latent viral load.

Bio-Tech Imaging WO 00/65356

HIV-1 infectivity assay

Frederick, Md.

Cells having increased susceptibility to HIV infection; for HIV-1 infectivity assay.

Biocept WO 00/65097

Hydrogel biochips

Carlsbad, Calif.

Methods for making hydrogel biochips; for gene sequence characterization.

Biotech Res. Inst. WO 00/65074

High-level gene expression

Braunschweig, Germany

Promoter-transactivator system for inducible high-level mammalian gene expression and cell growth control.

Boehringer Ingelheim WO 00/65357

Diagnosing spongiform encephalopathies

Ingelheim, Germany

Measurement of altered expression of prion proteins; for diagnosing transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.

Cedars-Sinai Med. Ctr. WO 00/65078

Cancer gene therapy

Los Angeles

Herpes simplex 1-derived vector for selective inhibition of malignant cells.

CNRS (Natl. Ctr. Sci. Res.) WO 00/65062

Bacterial infection therapeutics


Genome sequences and encoded proteins from Pyrococcus abissy; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Ctr. Translational Res. in Cancer WO 00/65034

Cancer gene therapy

Montreal, Que.

Retroviral vectors pseudotyped with vesicular stomatitis virus G protein; for suicide cancer gene therapy.

Ceptyr WO 00/65068 & 65069

MAP kinase phosphatases

Bothell, Wash.

Dual-specificity MAP kinase phosphatases, encoding genes; for modulating cell proliferation and differentiation.

Chicago, Univ. of WO 00/65098

Extension on microarrays


Nucleotide extension of primers that are gel-immobilized on microarrays; for gene sequence characterization.

Chugai Res. Inst. Molec. Med. WO 00/65047

Tumor suppressor genes

Ibaraki, Japan

Tumor suppressor genes, encoded proteins, antisense; for regulating cell proliferation.

Cobra Therapeutics WO 00/64929

Cell delivery agent

Keele, U.K.

Membrane disruptive peptides that are modified by covalent oligomerization; for use as cell delivery vehicles.

Corixa WO 00/65053

Lung carcinoma therapy


Proteins from head and neck tumors, encoding genes; for lung squamous cell carcinoma diagnostics and therapeutics.

CuraGen WO 00/64941

PPAR gamma ligands

New Haven, Conn.

Methods of identifying ligands for and genes regulated by the peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma.

CuraGen WO 00/65091

G-protein coupled receptor therapeutics

New Haven, Conn.

G-protein coupled receptors differentially expressed in diseased fibroblasts; for developing therapeutics.

Dalhousie Univ. WO 00/64457

Orally delivered vaccines

Halifax, N.S.

Live oral commensal bacterial strains transduced to express heterologous immunogenic proteins; for mucosal immunity.

Eberhard Karls Univ. WO 00/65075

Enhanced cell transfection

Tubingen, Germany

Non-infectious peptides from coxsackie viruses that enhance cell transfection via endosomolytic action.

Florida, Univ. of WO 00/65063

Rickettsial disease vaccines

Gainesville, Fla.

Nucleic acid sequences encoding proteins useful for inducing rickettsial disease immunity; for vaccines.

Genentech WO 00/65070

Enhanced glycosylation

S. San Francisco

Enhanced glycosylation of recombinant proteins using cell culture media having cell cycle inhibitors.

Genetics Inst. WO 00/65027

IL-10 homolog

Cambridge, Mass.

Human protein having a high degree of homology with interleukin-10, encoding gene sequences; for therapeutics.

Genox Res. WO 00/65045, 65046 & 65048-65051

Pollen allergy genes

Ibaraki, Japan

Pollinosis-associated genes differentially expressed in patients with high cedar pollen-specific IgE levels.

Guelph, Univ. of WO 00/64247

Tissue-specific expression

Guelph, Ont.

Transgenics having integrated genes whose expression is directed by gastrointestinal tract specific promoters.

Habener, J.F., et al. WO 00/65052

Bridge-1 gene

Newton, Mass.

Gene sequences encoding Bridge-1, encoded protein, fragments, antibodies; for screening binding ligands.

Hisamitsu Pharma EP 1 050 583

HIV infection inhibition

Tosu, Japan

Antisense oligos to chromosomal DNA encoding CXCR4; for inhibiting HIV infection.

Human Genome Sciences WO 00/64465

Domain receptors

Rockville, Md.

Death domain containing receptor proteins, encoding genes, production methods; for modulator screens.

Incyte Genomics WO 00/65054

Membrane-associated proteins

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human membrane-associated proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, modulators; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

INSERM (Natl. Inst. Hlth. & Med. Res.) WO 00/64469

Arthritis modulator screens


Use of glucose-6-phosphate isomerase and antibodies to it for arthritis diagnosis and therapy and modulator screens.

Japan Tobacco EP 1 050 580

Heterologous gene expression


Nucleic acid fragments that promote expression of downstream structural genes; for heterologous gene expression.

Karolinska Innovations WO 00/64482

Nerve cell growth modulators

Stockholm, Sweden

Fusions of nerve cell binding moieties that neutralize growth inhibition to stimulatory moieties.

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo WO 00/64933

Transcription activation inhibition


_-catenin binding protein that inhibits the binding to a TCF/Lef family protein; for inhibiting transcription.

Leuven Res. & Develop. WO 00/65076

HIV enzyme expression

Leuven, Belgium

Synthetic genes having modified codons; for enhanced expression of active HIV enzymes in eukaryotes.

Lexicon Genetics WO 00/65055

Human transporter proteins

The Woodlands, Texas

Human transporter proteins, encoding genes, antibodies, antisense, modulators; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

M&E Biotech WO 00/65058

Chronic allergy therapy

Horsholm, Denmark

Method for down-regulating interleukin-5 levels using antibodies; for lowering eosinophil levels.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. WO 00/65077

Retroviral packaging


Triple viral hybrid amplicon vector systems for generating retroviral packaging cell lines.

Mass. Inst. Technol. WO 00/64935

Anion channel modulators

Cambridge, Mass.

Serotonin-gated anion channel that is permeable to chloride ions; for screening modulators.

Max Planck Inst. WO 00/65085

Angiopoietin receptor modulation

Munich, Germany

Use of vertebrate vascular endothelial protein-tyrosine phosphatase to modulate angiopoietin receptor Tie-2.

McGill Univ. WO 00/65030

Metabolite removal


Microencapsulated E. coli; for removal of undesirable electrolytes and metabolites in patients.

Med. & Biol. Labs EP 1 050 581

Acetyltransferase modulators

Nagoya, Japan

Methods for detecting acetyltransferase and deacetylase activity in proteins; for screening modulators.

Merck WO 00/65025

Endothelin converting enzyme 3

Rahway, N.J.

Human endothelin converting enzyme 3, encoding gene; for identifying modulators.

Merck WO 00/65060

Allergy therapeutics

Darmstadt, Germany

Gene sequence for a grass pollen allergen, encoded protein, production methods; for allergy therapy.

Mirus WO 00/65350

Antigen display assay

Madison, Wis.

Selection of surface-expressed epitopes for identification of antibodies that bind to these epitopes.

Montreal, Univ. of WO 00/65035

Nuclear transfer methods


Telophase enucleated oocytes for nuclear transfer; for mammalian cloning and transgenic production.

Myriad Genetics WO 00/65340

Protein-protein interaction assay

Salt Lake City

Identification of protein-protein interactions in various disease states, including diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Neovacs WO 00/64937

Interferon immunotherapy


Carboxymethylated interferon-a and its fragments, viral regulatory protein fragments; for immunotherapy.

North Carolina, Univ. of WO 00/64262

Cancer antisense

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Antisense oligonucleotides to human fucosyltransferase; for cancer treatment.

North Carolina, Univ. of WO 00/65099

Binding pair assay

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Monolayer and electrode for detecting a label-bearing target in an assay for binding pairs.

Northwestern Univ. WO 00/64466

Lupus therapeutics

Evanston, Ill.

Major peptide autoimmune epitopes from nucleosomal histones; for treating systemic lupus erythematosus.

Pacific Northwest Cancer Fdn. WO 00/64464

Cancer immunotherapy


Rat ganglioside GM1-specific a1-2 fucosyltransferase, encoding gene; for cancer immunotherapeutics.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of WO 00/64919

Diabetes-related gene


TZD inducible gene, encoded protein whose expression is induced by antidiabetic thiazolidinediones.

Pennsylvania, Univ. of WO 00/64920

Diabetes-related gene


Mammalian resistin gene, encoded protein whose expression is suppressed by antidiabetic thiazolidinediones.

Physiome Sciences WO 00/65523

Finding drug targets

Princeton, N.J.

Database and system for modeling genetic and biochemical information; for identifying new drug targets.

R.E.D. Labs WO 00/65086

Multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Zellik, Belgium

Measurement of high and low molecular weight RNase L activity proteins; for diagnosing multiple sclerosis.

Res. Corp. Technol. WO 00/64475

Cancer therapeutics

Tucson, Ariz.

Inhibition of the expression and functioning of mts-1 protein and its binding to p53; for cancer therapy.

Res. Corp. Technol. WO 00/64934

Metastatic cancer therapy

Tucson, Ariz.

Inhibition of the mts-1 protein using antibody-conjugated toxins or antisense; for metastatic cancer therapy.

Rhein Biotech WO 00/65065

Hepatitis B antigen production

Dusseldorf, Germany

Recombinant methylotrophic yeast strains that express hepatitis B antigens, purification methods.

Sankyo WO 00/65044

Apoptosis-associated proteins


Apoptosis-associated proteins, encoding gene sequences; for identifying cell death modulators.

Sci. & Technol. Corp. WO 00/65092 & 65093

Enhanced microorganism detection

Albuquerque, N.M.

Blocking of non-specific binding of nucleic acid sequences to granulocytes; for enhancing detection of microorganisms.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/64928

R35 proteins

Brentford, U.K.

R35 proteins, encoding gene sequences, recombinant production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/64942

G-protein coupled receptor


G-protein coupled receptor, encoding gene, recombinant production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/64943

Cancer protein


Mouse protein, encoding gene, recombinant production methods; for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/65026

Antibacterial screens


Bacterial YycG protein, encoding gene sequences, recombinant production methods; for antibacterial screens.

SmithKline Beecham WO 00/65089

Antibacterial screens


Bacterial tktA protein, encoding gene sequences, recombinant production methods; for antibacterial screens.

Stanford Univ. WO 00/65042

P element-derived vector

Palo Alto, Calif.

P element-derived vector; for inserting heterologous genes into cellular genomes.

Stem Cell Pharma WO 00/65028

Hematopoiesis stimulation


Functional fragments of TGF-a; for stimulating hematopoiesis in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Surromed WO 00/65472

Phenotype assay

Palo Alto, Calif.

Phenotype assay and biological marker identification using cell populations and cell-associated molecules.

Takara Shuzo EP 1 050 586

Germ line gene therapy

Kyoto, Japan

Transfecting the testes using recombinant viral vectors having therapeutic genes; for germ line gene transmission.

Takeda Chemical WO 00/65031

Toxin metabolism

Osaka, Japan

Human stem cell line having stable expression of cytochrome P450; for analyzing the metabolism of toxins.

Targeted Genetics WO 00/65038

AAV-based gene therapy vectors


Methods and cells for encapsidating recombinant vectors in adeno-associated virus particles; for gene therapy.

Tufts Univ. WO 00/65082

Transcription modulator screens

Medford, Mass.

Identification of modulators of MarR family proteins binding to DNA sequences; for affecting transcription.

Tulane Univ. WO 00/65064

Lyme disease vaccine

New Orleans

Antigenically conserved peptide from B. burgdorferi strains; for Lyme disease vaccine.

Unilever WO 00/65057

Viral infection inhibition


Inhibition of viral infection using monovalent antigen-binding proteins.

Washington, Univ. of WO 00/65067

Prostate cancer therapy


Prostate-specific androgen-regulated proteins, encoding gene sequences; for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

Wieser, R.J. WO 00/64936

Interferon peptide dimers

Aachen, Germany

Peptide homodimers and heterodimers derived from interferon-a2, variants; for modulating immune responses.

Weiser, R.J. WO 00/64938

IL-12 peptide dimers

Aachen, Germany

Peptide homodimers and heterodimers derived from interleukin-12, variants; for modulating immune responses.

Yamanouchi EP 1 050 542

Potassium channel


Potassium channel expressed in brain, encoding gene sequences; for developing modulators.

Zanetti, M. WO 00/64488

Somatic transgene immunization

La Jolla, Calif.

Transfection of lymphoid cells with hematopoietic-specific promoters linked to immunoglobulin genes; for vaccination.

ZymoGenetics WO 00/65090

Diabetes assay


Insulin receptor-related receptor gene sequence; for detecting polymorphisms and diagnosing type II diabetes.