The market capitalization of biotechnology companies at the end of 1999 was more than double the amount it was at the end of 1997, and with that move came a jump in compensation for executives.

The latest information on their compensation now is available in the BioWorld Executive Compensation Report 2001. The 78-report details the salaries of CEOs, CFOs and top R&D officials at more than 200 public biotech companies.

The average salary plus bonus for a biotech CEO in 1999 was $427,000 - an increase of 21 percent over salaries at the end of 1997 - while the median was $350,000. But the value now of the executive's stock makes the increase even more dramatic. The median CFO salary plus bonus in 1999 was $223,000, and the median for R&D heads was $256,000.

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