An article in the Sept. 20, 2000, issue of BioWorld Today described Structural GenomiX as "operating in the field of protein modeling." The company, in fact, classifies its work not as protein modeling, but as "high-throughput protein structure determination."

Structural GenomiX is focused on solving the structure of proteins using a process called X-ray crystallography, which was included in the story. This process combines wet laboratory techniques and the use of synchrotron radiation to obtain detailed high-resolution structures of protein molecules. The story may have taken out of context the company's belief that it is the leader in the field, including building corporate infrastructure.

In the same story, BioWorld Today misspelled the name of Amerindo, one of the investors in the company's $45 million Series C financing.

The company also said it is not pursuing a "similar avenue" to the company Structural Bioinformatics, a San Diego company that uses high-speed algorithms to calculate protein structures from gene sequences.

Editor's Note: The changes will be made Tuesday in BioWorld Online.

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