Published July 19 (EP); July 13 (WO)

Abbott Labs Human desaturases WO 00/40705

Abbott Park, Ill.

Human desaturases that convert saturated fatty acids into unsaturated ones; for therapeutics.

Actinova Streptococcus WO 00/40729

Cambridge, UK vaccines

Streptococcal ABC transporter protein, variants; for immune response generation and vaccines.

Adv. Res. & Technol. Antiviral screens WO 00/40759


Isolated recombinant flavivirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase; for diagnostics and antiviral screens.

Ajinomoto Transglutaminase WO 00/40706

Tokyo production

Process for producing active transglutaminase from the denatured form made in bacteria.

Alfacell Antitumor frog WO 00/40608

Bloomfield, N.J. proteins

Pancreatic ribonuclease-like proteins from Rana pipiens frog eggs that are active against tumors.

Amaxa Nuclear transgene WO 00/40742

Cologne, Germany transport

Cellular nuclear transport agent for transferring gene sequences across the nuclear membrane.

Amersham Pharmacia DNA sequencing WO 00/40750

Uppsala, Sweden

Sequencing DNA using a microfluidic device and the luciferase-luciferin reaction for detecting pyrophosphate.

Arkansas, Univ. of Proteoglycan WO 00/40253

Little Rock, Ark. biosynthesis

Glycosaminogylcans covalently linked to a proteoglycan biosynthesis moiety; for therapeutics.

Atlantic Biopharma a-fetoprotein WO 00/40693

Cambridge, Mass. production

Expression of secreted a-fetoprotein in the milk or urine of transgenic animals.

Baylor Coll. Med. Mammary tumor WO 00/40756

Houston coactivator

Coactivator overexpressed in mammary tumors, methods for identification; for endocrine tumor therapy.

Beth Israel Deaconess Calcium channel WO 00/40614 Hosp. family


Calcium channel genes, encoded proteins, fragments, variants, binding ligands; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Biotechnol. Inst. Recombinant EP 1 020 523

Hoersholm, Denmark hexose oxidase

Recombinant hexose oxidase, encoding gene sequences; for pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

Boston Univ. Cloning methods WO 00/40715


Nucleic acid cloning in which product molecules are produced through iterative synthetic reactions that amplify DNA.

Brigham & Women's Cytokine release WO 00/40604 Hosp. modification


Modulation of cytokine release by aE_gamma-expressing cells; for modifying the Th2 cytokine response.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Hepatitis C WO 00/40707

Princeton, N.J. protease inhibitors

Modified forms of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease, fusion proteins, encoding genes; for inhibitor screens.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Identifying protease WO 00/40745

Princeton, N.J. modulators

Prokaryotic cell system for identifying protease modulators and protease cleavage sites.

California, Univ. of Enediyne antitumor WO 00/40596

Oakland, Calif. antibiotic

Streptococcus gene cluster responsible for the biosynthesis of the antitumor antibiotic enediyne; for production.

California, Univ. of HIV replication WO 00/40606

La Jolla, Calif. modulation

Modulation of HIV replication using cellular nuclear export proteins and their homologs; for therapeutics.

California, Univ. of Bleomycin WO 00/40704

Oakland, Calif. production

Streptomyces gene cluster responsible for the biosynthesis of bleomycin; for cancer chemotherapeutic production.

Calif. Inst. Technol. Polycystic kidney WO 00/40711

Pasadena, Calif. gene model

Polycystic kidney gene homologs required for male mating behavior in nematodes; for disease modeling.

CNRS (Natl. Ctr. Circularized nucleic WO 00/40735 Sci. Res.) acids


Construction of recombinant nucleic acids circularized by DNA compacting agents.

Chicago, Univ. of Herpes simplex WO 00/40734

Chicago antitumor vectors

Recombinant herpes simplex viruses having genes encoding cytokines; for treating cancer.

Chiron T-cell metastasis WO 00/40607

Emeryville, Calif. protein

Genes encoding T-cell lymphoma invasion and metastasis 2 proteins, encoded proteins, antisense, ribozymes.

Chugai Differentiated EP 1 020 517

Tokyo chondrocyte gene

Gene expressed in differentiated human chondrocytes cultured in dibutyryl cAMP.

Chugai Human antibody EP 1 020 522


Reshaped natural human antibody HM1.24 that has low CDR antigenicity.

Chugai Res. Inst. Organic cation EP 1 020 518 Molec. Med. transporter genes

Ibaraki, Japan

Organic cation transporter gene homologs isolated from a fetal gene library, encoded proteins.

Commonwealth Identifying electro- WO 00/40959 Biotech phoresis lanes

Richmond, Va.

Marker reagent for use in identifying individual lanes on an electrophoresis gel during DNA sequencing.

Cornell Univ. SNP identification WO 00/40755

Ithaca, N.Y.

Accelerated alignment of clones in genomic sequencing and identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

CuraGen Nucleic acid WO 00/40757

New Haven, Conn. identification

Methods for identifying nucleic acids present in samples in differing amounts by partitioning the sample.

Eiken Nucleic acid EP 1 020 534

Tokyo synthesis

Isothermal process for synthesizing highly specific nucleic acids using simple reagents.

Eli Lilly Fas ligand inhibitors EP 1 020 521


Fas ligand inhibitor polypeptides, encoding gene sequences, transgenics, chimerics.

Genentech IGF-1 variants WO 00/40612

S. San Francisco & 40613

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1 variants that bind to IGF binding protein-1 and -2; for improved half-lives.

Genesoft Modulating gene WO 00/40605

S. San Francisco expression

Cyclic polyamides having basepair-specific interactions with double-stranded nucleic acids; for expression modulation.

Genway Biotech Monellin production WO 00/40603

N. Wales, Penn.

Production of the recombinant sweetener monellin using a methylotrophic yeast expression system.

Human Genome Chemokine _-10 WO 00/40726 Sciences muteins

Rockville, Md.

Human chemokine _-10 muteins, encoding gene sequences; for autoimmune and inflammation therapeutics.

Hyseq Enhanced gene WO 00/40758

Sunnyvale, Calif. sequencing

Methods for enhanced sequencing by hybridization using pools of probes; for gene identification.

Incyte Genomics Insulin synthesis WO 00/40722

Palo Alto, Calif. genes

Insulin synthesis genes, encoded proteins, antibodies, modulators; for treating insulin-related diseases.

Incyte Genomics Cyclic nucleotide WO 00/40733

Palo Alto, Calif. phosphodiesterases

Human cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases, encoding genes, antibodies, modulators; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Introgene T cells for tumors EP 1 020 519

Leiden, Netherlands

Minor histocompatibility antigens; for inducing cytotoxic T-cell reactivity to tumors.

Introgene Preventing EP 1 020 520

Leiden, immunoresponses


Mutant polymorphic mononuclear lymphocyte proteins; for prevention of immunoresponses to cells.

Introgene Smooth muscle EP 1 020 529

Leiden, gene expression


Gene vectors having expression cassettes that cause expression in smooth muscle and endothelial cells.

Introgene Promoting WO 00/40740

Leiden, angiogenesis


Vectors containing genes that encode proteins capable of increasing nitric oxide production; for angiogenesis.

Isis Pharma Anti-apoptotic WO 00/40595

Carlsbad, Calif. antisense

Antisense modulation of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2-related proteins; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Kikkoman Mutant luciferase EP 1 020 524,

Chiba, Japan WO 00/40731, & 40732

Mutant bioluminescent firefly luciferase protein having increased thermostability, production methods.

Kikkoman Mutant creatine WO 00/40708

Chiba, Japan amidohydrolase

Mutant creatine amidohydrolase having increased thermostability, production methods.

Krebs Res. Ctr. Electron microscopy WO 00/40736

Heidelberg, Germany markers

Vectors having repetitive primer elements; for use as a marker in electron microscopy.

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Protein decompo- WO 00/40609

Tokyo sition control

Protein useful in diagnosing and treating diseases induced by modulation of protein decomposition, encoding genes.

Leeds, Univ. of Tissue repair WO 00/40719

Leeds, UK protein

Tissue repair protein, encoding gene, antibodies; for wound-healing diagnostics and therapeutics.

Lexicon Genetics Seven transmem- WO 00/40724

The Woodlands, brane receptors


Human seven transmembrane G protein-coupled receptors, encoding genes; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Liew, C.-C. Gene transcripts WO 00/40749

Willowdale, Ont. in blood

Reverse transcriptase PCR amplification methods for identifying gene transcripts in samples from blood.

Life Technologies Nucleic acid WO 00/40697

Rockville, Md. isolation

Methods of separating nucleic acids using an integrated lysis-chromatography matrix; for rapid isolation.

Lorne Park Res. Nucleic acid WO 00/40753

Mississauga, Ont. binding proteins

Assay using fluorescent quenching of labels to detect protein binding to nucleic acids.

Massachusetts, Polyhydroalkanoate WO 00/40730 Univ. of synthesis

Amherst, Mass.

Bacillus megaterium genes for polyhydroalkanoate biosynthesis, encoded proteins; for production.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. PTH receptor WO 00/40698

Boston variant

Parathyroid hormone (PTH) receptor variant having a deleted extracellular amino-terminus ligand binding domain.

McMaster Univ. Hypersensitivity WO 00/40713

Hamilton, Ont. modulation

Modifying immune hypersensitivity reactions by interfering with IgE-antigen complex interaction with CD23 receptors.

MRC (Med. Res. Evolution by WO 00/40712 Counc.) mutagenesis


Microencapsulated genetic elements; for in vitro transcription and evolution by mutagenesis.

Milan Univ. GNRP mutants WO 00/40718

Milan, Italy

Guanine nucleotide releasing protein (GNRP) mutants, encoding gene; for cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

Mt. Sinai Sch. Med. Secreted protein EP 1 020 528

New York production

Methods for producing secreted proteins by linking desired genes to regulatory sequences causing secretion.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) Lentivirus vector WO 00/40741

Bethesda, Md. system

Improving encapsidation of transgene RNA using a lentiviral retroviral packaging and transfer system; for gene therapy.

Nottingham Trent Cancer-associated WO 00/40752 Univ. genes

Nottingham, UK

Cancer-associated genes, encoded proteins; for prostate cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

Oligos Phosphodiesterase WO 00/40714

Wilsonville, Ore. inhibitors

Therapeutic oligonucleotide primers targeted at inhibiting phosphodiesterase; for treating thrombosis and hypertension.

Rhein Biotech G-CSF activity WO 00/40727

Dusseldorf, Germany protein

Recombinant growth factor having G-CSF activity, encoding genes; for blood cell maturation.

Schering Monocyte-derived WO 00/40721

Kenilworth, N.J. proteins

Monocyte-derived proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Sippel, A.E., et al. Nuclear receptor WO 00/40717

Freiburg, Germany ligand binding

Methods for cellular high-throughput detection of nuclear ligand receptor interactions in the Ras pathway.

SmithKline Beecham Antibacterial screens WO 00/40594


Bacterial AcpS genes, encoded proteins, recombinant production methods; for antibacterial screens.

Stichting Labs Meloidogyne WO 00/40754

Wageningen, infection


DNA oligonucleotide probe that is specific for Meloidogyne strains; for PCR-based detection of infection.

Sumitomo Chemical Transcription WO 00/40720

Osaka, Japan promoter assay

Cells expressing a gene encoding a ligand-responsive regulatory factor; for finding transcription promoters.

Takeda Chemical Chemotherapy WO 00/40610

Osaka, Japan protection

Production of activated MPIF-1delta23 in large amounts; for protecting bone marrow from cancer chemotherapeutics.

Takeda Chemical Appetite WO 00/40725

Osaka, Japan modulation

Methods for screening SLC-1 modulators; for appetite and smooth muscle modulation.

Vermont, Univ. of Gene delivery WO 00/40723

Burlington, Vt. complex

Human zinc finger proteins used as a delivery vehicle for nucleic acids larger than 50 kilobases.

Victoria Univ. Nucleic acid WO 00/40751

Manchester, UK detection

Determining the specific sequence of nucleic acids using hybridization reactions and chromophore detection.

Viromed Gene therapy WO 00/40737

Seoul, S. Korea vector

Vectors with human cytomegalovirus intermediate early gene promoters and 5' untranslated regions; for gene therapy.

Washington Univ. DNA virus WO 00/40760

St. Louis detection

Cells transformed with silent inducible viral replicons encoding a recombinant protein; for DNA virus detection.

Xencor G-CSF mutants WO 00/40728

Pasadena, Calif.

Nucleic acids encoding G-CSF mutants having granulopoietic activity, encoded growth factors.

ZymoGenetics Soluble TNF WO 00/40716

Seattle receptor peptides

Soluble, secreted tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor polypeptides, encoding genes; for modulating B cells.

-Compiled by Chester Bisbee

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