Advanced Biosensor (Columbia, South Carolina) and H&C Medical Devices SpA (Italy) have developed a joint venture to distribute each other's diagnostic equipment products worldwide under the AB/Cardiette trade name. Advanced Biosensor is a subsidiary of Biotel USA and develops and markets diagnostics equipment for cardiac monitoring. H&C, one of a group of companies controlled by Eticor Holding SA, a private Swiss company, makes and markets resting and stress test electrocardiographs, blood pressure monitors, spirometers, and personal home care devices.

The Department of Veterans Affairs National Acquisition Center has awarded Carrington Laboratories (Irving, Texas) a new two-year blanket purchase agreement for Carrington's incontinence care line, effective through Feb. 15, 2002. The contract mandates that 22 Veteran Integrated Service Networks, with 23,000 beds, purchase only Carrington's line of incontinence care products.

CompuCyte (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and Olympus Optical (Tokyo) have entered into a three-year distribution agreement for Olympus to sell CompuCyte's LSC Laser Scanning Cytometer product line in the Asia/Pacific market and also provide customer services and training. CompuCyte's LSC is a patented cell analyzer using a computer-guided laser beam to analyze biological samples. CompuCyte also makes the OnCyte Diagnostic System designed to bring cellular biotechnology into routine clinical practice.

Cyclopss Medical Systems (Salt Lake City, Utah)) has completed production of a prototype ozone gas medical sterilizer under a licensing agreement with Consolidated Sterilizers (Boston, Massachusetts). The eight-cubic-foot gas sterilizer uses Cyclopss' ozone technologies for its first product, the Ster-O-Zone 100 Ozone Medical Gas Sterilizer. Consolidated makes medical sterilization equipment selling to over 60 countries. Consolidated will participate in producing and packaging the data required for FDA approval of commercialization. Consolidated will make, market and support the sterilization systems worldwide. Cyclopss will receive royalties on 3% of sales.

GE Medical Systems (Waukesha, Wisconsin) signed an agreement to distribute products produced by Surgi-Vision (Columbia, Maryland). Surgi-Vision makes MRI coils used to take images from inside the body. Nancy Taylor, president and CEO of Surgi-Vision, said, "The Surgi-Vision esophageal coil is the first of its kind to gain FDA marketing clearance, and with the GE agreement, we ensure that Surgi-Vision products will be made available worldwide."

Masimo (Irvine, California) has signed an agreement with group purchasing organization AmeriNet (St. Louis, Missouri) to supply its Signal Extraction Technology (SET) pulse oximetry system in a variety of configurations to AmeriNet member hospitals. AmeriNet will endorse and promote Masimo SET exclusively as the solution for motion and low perfusion, and Masimo will provide preferred pricing plans to AmeriNet members, including capitation, rebates, and tradeouts. Masimo also said it has signed an agreement to integrate the SET system into the Micropaq ambulatory patient monitor from Protocol Systems (Beaverton, Oregon).

PerkinElmer Instruments (Norwalk, Connecticut) has formed an alliance with Bruker Daltonics (Billerica, Massachusetts) to distribute Bruker's Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time-Of-Flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry systems. The companies in March introduced the OmniFLEX bench-top MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer system. Robert Rosenthal, PhD, president of PerkinElmer Instruments, said, "we are best positioned to move specialized mass spectrometry (MS) technology into the mainstream to meet the growing global demand in molecular medicine, drug development, and chemical analysis."

Sulzer Spine-Tech, a subsidiary of Sulzer Medica (Winterthur, Switzerland), has signed agreements with Tutogen Medical GmbH (Erlangen, Germany) and Tutogen Medical (Clifton, New Jersey) for Spine-Tech to market Tutogen's human bone tissue products for spinal applications in the U.S. and to distribute these products internationally. Additionally, the parties will collaborate to develop a line of proprietary tissue products and implants. Sulzer Spine-Tech will pay Tutogen $3 million over the next two years for transfer of international distribution rights in spinal applications and for a license fee under Tutogen's pending patent applications. Tutogen Medical processes bioimplants for neurosurgical, orthopedic, reconstructive, and general surgical indications.

Urologix (Minneapolis, Minnesota), a maker of minimally invasive medical products to treat urological disorders, has amended its international distribution agreement with Boston Scientific (Natick, Massachusetts). Urologix will maintain responsibility for the sales and marketing of the Targis System in Europe, and Boston Scientific will continue to pay Urologix an agreed-upon amount for Urologix' sales and marketing. The two companies also agreed that Urologix would have the exclusive right to market and sell its products in all areas outside of the European countries designated in the agreement. Accordingly, Urologix now has the right to sell its products in that part of Europe not covered by the agreement and in Canada, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.