Published July 14 (EPO); July 8 (WO); July 14 (GB)

Abbott Labs WO 99/3401

Breast cancer cDNAs

Abbott Park, Ill.

Contiguous and partially overlapping cDNA sequences from breast tissue; for diagnosing and treating cancer.

AgrEvo GB 2 333 043

Fungicide-resistant plants

Hauxton, U.K.

Transgenic plants having transfected fungal resistance genes; for making fungicide-resistant plants.

Akzo Nobel WO 99/34020

Dengue virus detection

Arnhem, Netherlands

Isothermal transcription-based assay for the detection and genotyping of Dengue virus.

Allelix Pharma WO 99/33972

EDG-5 receptor homologs

Mississauga, Ont.

Human EDG-5 receptor homologs, encoding gene sequences; for identifying modulators.

Asahi WO 99/33876

Seven-pass transmembrane receptor

Osaka, Japan

Seven-pass transmembrane receptor protein, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for modulator screens.

Asahi WO 99/33961

Apoptosis regulators

Osaka, Japan

Apoptosis-associated kinase, encoding gene sequences; for screening regulators of apoptosis.

Ascorbex WO 99/33995

Galactose dehydrogenase

Exeter, U.K.

Plant L-galactose dehydrogenase; for converting L-galactose to L-galactonolactone.

Banyu Pharma WO 99/33978

GTP-binding receptors


Guanosine triphosphate (GTP)-binding protein conjugate type receptor proteins, encoding genes; for ligand screens.

BASF WO 99/33993

Ashbya promoter

Ludwigshafen, Germany

Promoter sequences from Ashbya gossypii; for making expression vectors.

Bayer WO 99/33998

Catalytic telomerase gene promoter

Leverkusen, Germany

Regulatory DNA sequences of the human catalytic telomerase subunit gene that have promoters and intervening sequences.

Brigham & Women's Hosp. WO 99/34209

Autoimmunity treatment


Measuring CD4-CD8- Va24JQ+ T cells or their cytokine patterns; for diagnosing and treating autoimmunity.

Bristol, Univ. of WO 99/33958

Fatty acid desaturases

Bristol, UK

Fatty acid desaturases, encoding gene sequences, production methods.

California, Univ. of WO 99/33987

High growth knock-out

Oakland, Calif.

Mouse cDNA that prevents high growth, knock-out transgenics exhibiting high growth.

California, Univ. of WO 99/34018

CDK2 kinase inhibitors

Oakland, Calif.

Identifying inhibitors of the ATP binding site of human CDK2 kinase using high-density oligonucleotide probe arrays.

Chicago, Univ. of WO 99/33996

IMP dehydrogenase inhibitors


High throughput systems for screening inhibitors of IMP dehydrogenase generated by combinatorial chemistry.

Chiron WO 99/33962

Cyclin-dependent kinase

Emeryville, Calif.

Human cyclin-dependent kinase, encoding gene sequences; for detecting migrating and metastasizing cells.

Chiron WO 99/33963

Aspartyl protease

Emeryville, Calif.

Aspartyl protease, encoding gene sequences; for diagnosing and suppressing tumor metastases.

Chiron WO 99/33979

Bone marrow proteins

Emeryville, Calif.

Bone marrow secreted proteins, encoding gene sequences; for diagnosis and therapy in bone marrow transplantation.

Chiron WO 99/33980

TNF superfamily proteins

Emeryville, Calif.

Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and TNF receptor superfamily proteins, encoding gene sequences; for apoptosis induction.

Chiron WO 99/33982

Human polypeptides

Emeryville, Calif.

Human polypeptides, variants, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, antisense, probes; for therapeutics.

Chiron WO 99/33985

Cell cycle gene promoters

Emeryville, Calif.

Human protein that recognizes and selects TATA-less core promoters for cell cycle-specific genes, encoding gene.

Chiron WO 99/33986

Tumor suppressor

Emeryville, Calif.

Mammalian tumor suppressor gene termed enhancer of polycomb; for diagnosis and therapy of cell growth disorders.

Chiron WO 99/33990

CXC chemokine Tim-1

Emeryville, Calif.

Human CXC chemokine Tim-1, encoding gene sequences; for treating inflammation-based diseases.

Chiron WO 99/33999

Mitogen-activated protein kinase

Emeryville, Calif.

Mitogen-activated protein kinase 7, encoding gene sequences; for controlling apoptosis.

Chiron WO 99/34000

I-kappa B kinase

Emeryville, Calif.

I-kappa B kinase; for regulating transcription factors and screening anti-inflammatory compounds.

Chiron WO 99/34004

Metastasis-associated genes

Emeryville, Calif.

Metastatic breast and colon cancer-associated genes; for diagnosis and therapy.

Chong Kun Dang WO 99/33988

Insulin manufacture

Seoul, S. Korea

Process for preparing proinsulin; for making easily manufactured recombinant insulin.

Diatech WO 99/33965

Chimeric antibody conjugates

Brisbane, Australia

Chimeric antibody conjugates having domains from two species; for labelling antibodies in diagnostic tests.

Forssmann, W.-G. WO 99/33974

Serine protease inhibitors

Hannover, Germany

Serine protease inhibitors; for treating inflammatory diseases and preventing pulmonary emphysema.

Genena WO 99/34016

Expression pattern comparison

Tel-Mond Mail, Israel

Comparing cellular gene expression patterns to determine genetic relatedness.

Genencor Intl. WO 99/33959, 33960 & 34001-34003

Bacterial metalloproteases

Rochester, N.Y.

Metalloproteases from gram positive microorganisms, muteins, encoding gene sequences.

Genera WO 99/34006

Anti-HIV gene transduction

Milan, Italy

Positive selection of CD4+ T cells that are able to sustain HIV infection; for transduction with anti-HIV genes.

Georgia, Med. Coll. of WO 99/33971

Autoimmune disease oligos

Augusta, Ga.

Oligonucleotides that bind to the Ku protein; for inhibiting activation of DNA-PK and treating autoimmune disease.

Glasgow, Univ. of WO 99/34217

Inlammation drug screens

Glasgow, UK

Antibodies, ligands, and modulators of the membrane bound form of ST2 protein; for inflammation drug screens.

HSP Res. Inst. WO 99/33975

Heat shock transcription factor

Osaka, Japan

Heat shock transcription factor binding protein, encoding gene sequences, production methods, antisense, primers.

Immunex WO 99/33877

V196, 197, & 201 peptides


V196, 197 and 201 polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Imp. Cancer Res. Technol. WO 99/34015

Ovarian cancer diagnosis


Polymorphisms in the p90 ribosomal S6 kinase-3 gene that is mutated in ovarian cancer; for diagnosis and therapy.

Incyte Pharma WO 99/33870

Human regulatory proteins

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human regulatory proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, modulators; for diagnosis and therapy.

Incyte Pharma WO 99/33981

Signal-peptide containing proteins

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human signal peptide-containing proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, modulators; for therapeutics.

Indian Counc. Sci. & Ind. Res. EPO 928 831

Cholera vaccines

New Delhi, India

Isolation of non-toxic Vibrio cholerae strains, transfection with immunogenic cholera toxin gene; for vaccines.

Isis Innovation WO 99/33994

Cephalosporin synthesis inhibitors

Oxford, UK

Modified deacetoxycephalosporin C synthase, X-ray crystallographic structure; for designing inhibitors.

Itoh, K., et al. WO 99/33977

Tumor antigen

Saga, Japan

Tumor antigen protein, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Japan Tobacco WO 99/33878

CTGF antibodies


Monoclonal antibodies to connective tissue growth factor (CTGF); for diagnosis and therapy.

Julich Res. Ctr. WO 99/33973

Octopamine receptor genes

Julich, Germany

Transfecting octopamine receptor genes into host cells; for expression to identify neurotransmitter receptor subtypes.

Kikkoman WO 99/33997

Surfactant-tolerant luciferase

Chiba, Japan

Luciferase that is tolerant to surfactants; for assaying extracted intracellular ATP.

Leuven Res. & Develop. WO 99/33966

Increased nitrogen fixation

Leuven, Belgium

Mutant Rhizobium etli having an inactivated rafI gene; for increased nodules and nitrogen fixation in legumes.

Ludwig Inst. Cancer Res. WO 99/33485

Melanoma treatment

New York

Expression vectors and cell lines expressing vascular endothelial growth factor D; for treating melanomas.

Martin, W.J. WO 99/34019

Stealth virus detection

S. Pasadena, Calif.

Detection of stealth viruses in clinical and other samples using molecular probes.

McGill Univ. WO 99/33875

Cadherin recognition peptides


Cyclic peptides having a cadherin adhesion recognition sequence; for modulating synaptic stability.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) GB 2 333 102

Pig retroviral typing


Nucleic acid and antibody probes for pig endogenous retroviral envelope proteins; for viral subtyping.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) WO 99/34012

Cell cycle modulators


Anaphase promoting complex component from yeast; for identifying modulators of cell cycle progression.

Millennium Pharma WO 99/33871

Antibacterial screens

Cambridge, Mass.

Streptococcus pneumoniae genes within operons essential for survival, related Bacillus subtilis gene; for therapeutics.

Mycogen WO 99/33991

Plant pest control

San Diego

Bacillus thuringiensis toxins for the control of the European corn borer, encoding gene sequences.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 99/33992

Intracisternal A particle

Bethesda, Md.

Post-transcriptional RNA nucleocytoplasmic transport element from an intracisternal particle; for HIV therapeutics.

NeoVacs WO 99/33872

HIV vaccines


Viral regulation proteins, fragments, carboxymethylated interferons; for preparing HIV vaccines.

Ono Pharma WO 99/33873

Human polypeptides

Osaka, Japan

Polypeptides from brain, bone marrow, and umbilical cord endothelial cell lines, encoding gene sequences, antibodies.

Pincus, S.H. WO 99/33969

Streptococcal vaccines

Bozeman, Mont.

Immunological peptide mimics of group B streptococcal carbohydrates; for vaccines.

Rational Drug Design Labs WO 99/33970

Influenza therapeutics

Fukushima, Japan

Capped oligonucleotides capable of binding to the PB2 protein of influenza virus RNA polymerase; for therapeutics.

Regeneron Pharma WO 99/33967

Receptor polypeptides

Tarrytown, N.Y.

Mammalian receptor polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Res. Develop. Fdn. WO 99/33854

Circadian regulator gene

Carson City, Nev.

Mammalian circadian regulator gene and regulatory elements, transfected host cells, production methods.

Rhone-Poulenc Agro WO 99/34005

Plant transgenes

Lyon, France

Maize promoter linked to the first actin intron from rice; for transgenic expression in plants.

Roche Diagnostics WO 99/34014

Nucleic acid sequencing

Mannheim, Germany

Determination of nucleic acid sequences using multiple extension reactions interspersed with nuclease treatments.

San Raffaele del Monte Tabor Fdn. WO 99/33989

RANTES mutants

Milan, Italy

RANTES mutants with variations in the N-terminal, N-loop, or 40's loop regions; for making anti-inflammatory agents.

Schering WO 99/34007

Bacterial gene delivery

Berlin, Germany

Delivery of polypeptide encoding plasmid DNA into macrophage cytosol by attenuated suicide bacteria; for gene therapy.

Takeda WO 99/33976

Therapeutic peptides

Osaka, Japan

Peptides that modulate nervous system, circulatory, immune, gastrointestinal, metabolic, and reproductive function.

Uda, T., et al. WO 99/33968

HIV antigen cleavage

Hiroshima, Japan

Antibody catalyst that cleaves a target HIV surface protein antigen; for therapeutics.

U.S. Navy WO 99/34215

Scrub typhus vaccines

Arlington, Va.

Expression and refolding of truncated major outer membrane protein antigen of scrub typhus; for vaccines.

Utah, Univ. of WO 99/33865

Contryphan peptides

Salt Lake City

Contryphan peptides with tryptophan and leucine residues, propeptides, encoding gene sequences; for anticonvulsants.

XY WO 99/33956

Sex-specific insemination

Ft. Collins, Colo.

Methods for sex-specific insemination of mammals with a low number of sperm cells.

Zeneca EPO 928 832

Cystic fibrosis gene mutations


Primers specific for mutations in the cystic fibrosis conductor regulator gene; for disease diagnosis.