LONDON ¿ Antisoma plc, of London, released further data on the long-term survival of ovarian cancer patients treated with its monoclonal antibody treatment Theragyn.

The data relate to 21 women treated with Theragyn between 1987 and 1992, following surgery and chemotherapy. Of these, 19 have been followed for more than five years, and 16 (84percent) are still alive. Some are now reaching 12 years¿ survival.

Agamemnon Epenetos, chief scientific officer of Antisoma, presented the data at the U.S. Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting in Los Angeles last week. He noted that the 10-year survival rate for women who go into remission following conventional treatment is around 30percent, whereas the latest data suggests that the long-term survival of patients treated with Theragyn should be around 75percent.

The Phase II trial was carried out by the cancer charity Imperial Cancer Research Fund, from which Antisoma licensed Theragyn. Antisoma is currently conducting a Phase III trial in Europe, North America and Australia. ¿ Nuala Moran