¿ Celera Genomics, a Rockville, Md., unit of Perkin-Elmer Corp., signed a five-year agreement that gives Novartis Pharma, of Basel, Switzerland, a subscription to Celera¿s database products and early access to new genomic information. Financial terms were not disclosed. The three involved databases are the Celera Human Gene Index, which provides a current view on the set of human genes; the Drosophila Genome Database, which provides the complete sequence of Drosophila melanogaster; and the Human Genome Database, which includes associated annotation and links to relevant biological and medical information.

¿ Cortex Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Irvine, Calif., reported that CX516 (Ampalex) proved safe and appeared to improve cognitive function when combined with clozapine in a study involving 19 schizophrenic patients. Cortex¿s Ampakine technology is partnered with NV Organon, of Oss, the Netherlands.

¿ Endovasc Ltd. Inc., a Montgomery, Texas, company with liposomal delivery technologies, said Internet rumors regarding a joint venture or buyout with Glaxo Wellcome Inc. are untrue. ¿There is no confirmed nor pending transaction,¿ the company said.

¿ Genta Inc., of San Diego, reported that G3139, in combination with standard anticancer agents, reduced the Bcl-2 protein levels and enhanced apoptosis in preclinical studies. The Bcl-2 gene is believed to be a major factor in resistance to treatment with several anticancer drugs. G3139 is designed to reduced the Bcl-2 protein level in cancers through an antisense mechanism that specifically targets the Bcl-2 protein.

¿ Nanoscale Combinatorial Synthesis Inc., of Tucson, Ariz., said ChemDiv Inc., of San Diego, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Contact Service Co., will provide Nanoscale with custom building blocks and large-scale synthesis capabilities for its lead-optimization and preclinical-development activities.

¿ Neurobiological Technologies Inc., of Richmond, Calif., completed a private financing that resulted in gross proceeds of more than $1.1 million. The company managed the financing.

¿ Pentose Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., signed a development, manufacture and license agreement with Cangene Corp., of Mississauga, Ontario. The companies will develop the use of Pentose¿s Inactine technology in conjunction with existing viral inactivation steps used in the manufacture of Cangene¿s hyperimmune products. Inactine compounds inactivate both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Cangene will receive a nonexclusive, worldwide license to use Inactines, while Pentose will receive an up-front licensing fee and potential milestones and royalties.

¿ TerraGen Diversity, of Vancouver, British Columbia, raised C$8 million (US$5.36 million) to support the recent acquisitions and integration of ChromaXome Corp. and Xenova Discovery Ltd. Also, the company changed its name to TerraGen Discovery Inc. to reflect its expanded capabilities. MDS Capital Corp. led the financing.

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