Published Feb. 10 (EPO); Feb. 4 (WO)

AffymetrixWO 99/05323

Database query system

Santa Clara, Calif.

Query system for gene expression databases; for correlating gene expression to disease states.

AffymetrixWO 99/05324

Polymorphism databases

Santa Clara, Calif.

Methods and systems for organizing polymorphism information in databases that permit large-scale data storage.

Agene Res. Inst.WO 99/05284

Human helicase gene

Kanagawa, Japan

Human RecQ4 helicase gene, encoded proteins, variant active proteins with amino acid substitutions.

Alabama, Univ. ofWO 99/05259

Transmitochondrial transgenics

Birmingham, Ala.

Heteroplasmic transmitochondrial transgenics; for studying human mitochondrial diseases.

AvigenWO 99/04632

Immunization AAV vectors

Alameda, Calif.

Delivery of antigenic compositions using adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors; for immunization.

BASFWO 99/05285

Biotin production

Ludwigshafen, Germany

Biotin gene, organisms containing this gene; for biotin production.

BioneerWO 99/05316

Mycobacterial diagnostics

Choongeheongbuk-do, S. Korea

PCR-mediated comparative sequence analysis of the rpoB gene from mycobacterial species.

Biotech Res. Inst.WO 99/05269

Transcriptional silencer

Braunschweig, Germany

Transcriptional silencer protein NRF that binds to NF-kappaB binding sites, encoding gene sequences.

Boehringer MannheimWO 99/05264

Mutant human proteins

Mannheim, Germany

Mutant human proteins produced by homologous recombination, cells for production; for therapeutics.

Boehringer MannheimWO 99/05267 & 05268

Endogenous gene activation

Mannheim, Germany

Selection of cells for making erythropoietin by endogenous gene activation; for producing recombinant proteins.

Boston Univ.WO 99/04637

Bacterial vaccine targets

Boston, Mass.

Methods of determining a statistically significant number of bacterial strains; for evaluating vaccine targets.

Boston Univ.WO 99/05299

Enhancing chemotherapy

Boston, Mass.

Gene transfer of genes for cytochrome P450 and its reductase to cancer cells; for enhancing sensitivity to cancer drugs.

Brigham & Women's Hosp.WO 99/05278

Lens epithelial growth factor

Boston, Mass.

Lens epithelial cell-derived growth factor, fragments, encoding gene sequences; for identifying modulators.

California, Univ. ofWO 99/05177

G protein-coupled receptors

Oakland, Calif.

Methods and compositions for identifying modulators of G protein-coupled receptors.

California, Univ. ofWO 99/05258

Insulin deficient transgenics

Oakland, Calif.

Human Nkx gene, encoded protein, antibodies; for transgenics having decreased insulin-producing cell numbers.

ChugaiWO 99/05292

Nuclear receptor ligands


Reporter gene vector system for identifying nuclear receptor ligands and their precursors.

Columbia Univ.WO 99/05307

Alzheimer's-related gene

New York

SEL-10 gene, alleles, encoded protein, muteins, transgenics; for finding modulators and treating Alzheimer's disease.

Dedhar, S., et al.WO 99/05172


North Vanvouver, B.C.

Calreticulin, mimetics, inhibitors, encoding gene sequences; for modulating hormone responsiveness.

Du Pont PharmaWO 99/05291

Aggrecan-degrading metalloproteases

Wilmington, Del.

Aggrecan-degrading metalloproteases, encoding genes; for identifying inhibitors of cartilage degradation.

Duke Univ.WO 99/05294

Myocardial hypertrophy

Durham, N.C.

Agents that inhibit cardiac Gq-coupled receptor signalling; for treating myocardial hypertrophy.

Fox Chase Cancer Ctr.WO 99/04626

DNA repair endonuclease

Philadelphia, Penn.

Human DNA mismatch repair endonuclease, encoding gene sequences; for cancer screening and diagnosis.

French Inst. Ocean Res.WO 99/05270

Crustacean antimicrobials

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Antimicrobial proteins from penaeid prawn crustaceans, encoding gene sequences.

GeneMedicineWO 99/05300

Growth hormone expression

The Woodlands, Texas

Growth hormone releasing hormone gene expression system; for transfection and stimulation of growth hormone expression.

Genencor Intl.EPO 896 062

Bacillus production strains

Palo Alto, Calif.

Temperature-sensitive Bacillus strains; for producing serine proteases.

GenitrixWO 99/04800

Transfecting nucleic acids

Cambridge, Mass.

Bifunctional nucleic acids that bind cell surfaces and genes of interest; for cell transfection.

Gould, H.J., et al.WO 99/05271

Soluble IgE binding protein


Soluble variants of a peptide with IgE-binding capability; for reducing excessive IgE action in allergic responses.

Harvard Univ.WO 99/05256

Cloning secreted proteins

Cambridge, Mass.

Nucleic acid sequences for signal peptides; for cloning secreted proteins.

Hoechst Marion RousselWO 99/05283

Antibiotic synthesis genes

Puteaux, France

Erythromycin and oleandomycin biosynthesis gene sequences; for making antibiotics.

ImmunovaWO 99/05289

Lysostaphin analogs

Sainte-Foy, Que.

Modified lysostaphin protected against post-translational modification, encoding gene sequences, production methods.

Inex PharmaWO 99/05303

Lipid-nucleic acid complexes

Burnaby, B.C.

Preparation of lipid-nucleic acid particles by solvent extraction and direct hydration; for increased stability.

Kohle Res. Inst.WO 99/05288

Hydrolase mutants

Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Methods for identifying and producing hydrolase mutants with improved stereoselectivity, site selectivity, and catalysis.

Lee, K.S.WO 99/05260

Cortical malformation rats

Charlottesville, Va.

Mutant rats having telencephalic internal structural heterotopia; for studying human cortical malformation.

Leiden State Univ.WO 99/05173, 05174 & 05313

HA-1 minor antigen

Leiden, Netherlands

HA-1 minor antigen amino acid sequence; for vaccines and bone marrow transplantation therapy.

Ligand PharmaWO 99/05161

Peroxisome receptor promoter

San Diego, Calif.

Promoter and control regions of human peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma; for therapy.

Maryland, Univ. ofWO 99/05162

Butyrophilin modification

College Park, Md.

N-terminal modification of butyrophilin, transgenics; for eliminating autoimmune responses and diagnostics.

Mass. Gen. Hosp.WO 99/04636

Heart gene therapy

Boston, Mass.

Phospholamban gene, encoded protein; for gene therapy of heart tissue disorders.

Matossian-Rogers, A.WO 99/05175

Autoimmune tissue antibodies


Antibodies against autoimmune disease tissue targets, encoding gene sequences; for developing therapeutics.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.)WO 99/05163

Protein refolding


Method of refolding a protein by contacting the protein with a molecular chaperone and a foldase.

MedigenWO 99/05527

Autoimmune superantigens

Geneva, Switzerland

Endogenous human retroviruses having superantigen activity, antibodies; for diagnosing autoimmune disease.

Millennium PharmaWO 99/04825

Manic-depressive gene

Cambridge, Mass.

Bipolar affective disorder-associated gene, encoded protein, variants, antibodies; for diagnosis and therapeutics.

Mogam Biotech Res. Inst.WO 99/05277

Parathyroid hormone production

Kyonggi-do, S. Korea

Vector with the human parathyroid hormone gene linked to an arabinose-inducible promoter; for bacterial production.

Mt. Sinai Sch. Med.WO 99/05293

Enriched expression libraries

New York

Gene expression libraries constructed using differential hybridization; for preparing enriched libraries.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.)WO 99/05273

GMEB gene sequences

Bethesda, Md.

GMEB gene sequences, allelic variants, encoded polypeptides, antibodies; for enhancing gene expression from vectors.

New York Blood Ctr.WO 99/04812

Chronic HBV immunotherapy

New York

Transcription units encoding hepatitis B virus (HBV) surface antigens; for chronic hepatitis B infection immunotherapy.

New York Blood Ctr.WO 99/05176

Fibrinogen antibodies

New York

Monospecific antibodies to fibrinogen, fibrinopeptide B, and fragments; for detecting thrombogenesis or atherogenesis.

New York Blood Ctr.WO 99/05261

Fibrinogen fragment antibodies

New York

Monospecific antibodies to metalloproteinase cleavage products of fibrinogen; for detecting thrombogenesis.

New York Blood Ctr.WO 99/05317

Viral RNA purification

New York

Purification of viral RNA using filters and subsequent low ionic strength washes.

Northeastern Univ.WO 99/05255

Enhanced embryo implantation

Boston, Mass.

Painting of preimplantation embryos with lipid-modified proteins; for enhancing development and implantation.

OntogenyWO 99/04775

Hedgehog proteins

Cambridge, Mass.

Hedgehog proteins and mimics; for promoting dopaminergic neuron survival in the midbrain.

Pasteur Inst.WO 99/05168

Mycobacterium vaccine


Mycobacterium strain having a modified erp virulence gene; for vaccines.

Penn State Univ.WO 99/04811

HPV 18 production

University Park, Penn.

Infection of keratinocytes by human papillomavirus (HPV) type 18, production of HPV 18 in organotype cultures.

Perkin-ElmerWO 99/05302

Transporting genes

Foster City, Calif.

Nucleic acids and peptide nucleic acids conjugated to peptides that transport the complex into cells.

Pharmacia & UpjohnWO 99/04820

Directed cytolysis

Stockholm, Sweden

Contacting T cells and their targets with a superantigen and immune modulator; for directed cytolysis of target cells.

PhosphosorbWO 99/04807

Recombinant immunotoxin

Moscow, Russia

Recombinant immunotoxin having diphtherial toxin and interleukin-2 domains; for therapeutics.

Sagami ChemicalEPO 896 056

Mutant thermolysin

Sagamihara, Japan

Thermolysin-like protease with amino acid substitutions resulting in improved stability.

ScheringWO 99/05280


Kenilworth, N.J.

Interleukin-B30, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 896 060 & 061

Staphylococcus antibacterials

Philadelphia, Penn.

Staphylococcus aureus RpoA polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; production methods; for antibacterials.

SmithKline BeechamWO 99/05274

7-transmembrane receptors

Philadelphia, Penn.

Methods for identifying 7-transmembrane receptors and their ligands as well as discerning their function.

Sumitomo PharmaEPO 896 058

Semaphorin Z

Osaka, Japan

Semaphorin Z gene, partial peptides, antibodies; for screening inhibitors causing CNS neuron regeneration.

SuntoryWO 99/05290

Serine protease

Osaka, Japan

Serine protease, analogs having deletions and substitutions, encoding gene sequences.

Takara ShuzoWO 99/05301

Retroviral transfection

Kyoto, Japan

Retroviral vector transfection using serum-free medium having low-density lipoprotein, cytokines, and fibronectin.

Tamura, R., et al.WO 99/05282

Hepatitis diagnosis

Saitama, Japan

Non-B, C, and G hepatitis virus genes, encoded polypeptides, virions; for diagnosis.

Temple Univ.WO 99/05304

Rhodococcus vaccines

Philadelphia, Penn.

Expression of recombinant nucleic acids in Rhodococcus cells; for vaccination against pneumonia.

Thomas Jefferson Univ.WO 99/05295

Site-specific integration vector

Philadelphia, Penn.

Vector with a gene sequence of interest inserted in a Tn7 transposon; for site-specific integration.

Univ. CollegeWO 99/05272

Brn-3a transcription factor


Transcription factor Brn-3a polypeptide; for use as a therapeutic.

Wisconsin, Univ. ofWO 99/05266

Trans-species transgenics

Madison, Wis.

Nuclear transfer into cow oocytes using nuclei from serum-starved cells from other species; for making transgenics.

Yale Univ.WO 99/04746

Activated Notch forms

New Haven, Conn.

Activated forms of Notch; for detecting the levels on the surfaces of differentiating cells.

Yale Univ.WO 99/05170 & 05171

Estrogen receptor-ß

New Haven, Conn.

Estrogen receptor-ß, isoforms, encoding gene sequences; for identifying transcriptional modulators.

ZenecaWO 99/05279

MCP-1 analogs


Monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-1 analogs, corresponding gene sequences, production methods.

ZenecaWO 99/05297

T7 promoter-based expression system


T7-based promoter-driven expression system with operators both upstream and downstream of the promoter.

ZymogeneticsWO 99/05275

Chromosome 13 secreted proteins

Seattle, Wash.

Secreted proteins encoded by genes on chromosome 13, encoding genes, antibodies; for therapeutics.

ZymogeneticsWO 99/05276

Human chloride ion channel

Seattle, Wash.

Human chloride ion channel, encoding gene from chromosome 10, antibodies; for diagnosis and therapeutics.