¿ Allelix Biopharmaceuticals Inc., of Toronto, and Pfizer Inc., of New York, established a research program to test the potential of Allelix technology in animal health applications. Allelix said some of its work has shown therapeutic activity in several animal species, and this collaboration is limited to veterinary uses.

¿ CoCensys Inc., of Irvine, Calif., entered into collaborations with Senju Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., of Osaka, Japan and the Parke-Davis division of Morris Plains, N.J.-based Warner-Lambert Co. to explore ophthalmic indications for glutamate receptor antagonist compounds. Senju and CoCensys will look at glycine-site NMDA and AMPA receptor antagonists. All three companies will investigate subtype-selective NMDA receptor antagonists being developed under CoCensys¿ existing collaboration, focused on neurological disorders, with Parke-Davis. Terms were not disclosed.

¿ GlycoDesign Inc., of Toronto, received approval to begin U.S. Phase I/II testing of its lead compound, GD0039, in combination with the standard chemotherapy cocktail in patients with advanced breast cancer. The chemoprotective agent already is in Phase II trials in Canada.

¿ Imutec Pharma Inc., of Toronto, is changing its name and location, effective Feb. 22, to Lorus Therapeutics Inc., in Markham, Ontario.

¿ La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co., of San Diego, said it confirmed a biological defect in blood clotting caused by autoimmune antibodies might contribute to stroke, heart attack, deep-vein thrombosis and fetal loss. Antibodies derived from patients with antiphospholipid syndrome inhibited the inactivation of clotting factor Va. The company is using an assay for factor Va to identify at-risk patients.

¿ The Liposome Co., of Princeton, N.J., began a Phase I trial of the cancer product TLC ELL-12, testing safety in patients with advanced solid tumors. The product is a liposomal ether lipid designed to mitigate the toxicity to red blood cells caused by ether lipids. Separately, the company said the FDA accepted its new drug application for Evacet, a liposome formulation of the cancer drug doxorubicin.

¿ Quintiles Transnational Corp., of Research Triangle Park, N.C., acquired privately held Oak Grove Technologies Inc., of Mundelein, Ill. Oak Grove specializes in various manufacturing, engineering and validation compliance services. Terms were not disclosed.

¿ Viragen Inc., of Plantation, Fla., said it signed a preliminary agreement with a single investor that would provide $9 million in financing in three equal tranches, with the first expected by Feb. 28. The investor will get non-discounted common stock in return. The financing would allow the company to begin trials this year with Omniferon for hepatitis C.