Biotech Company** Product Pharma Partner Type Arrangement/Geographic Area/
(Country) (Country) Details (Date)
Access Aphthasol (amlexanox Laboratorios Dr. Letter of intent to license product for marketing in
Pharmaceuticals oral paste 5% for treat- Esteve SA (Spain) Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece; Access gets up-
Inc. (OTC Bulletin ing aphthous ulcers; front license fee, milestones and royalties (10/98)
Board:AXCS) FDA-approved)
Aphthasol (amlexanox Meda AB (Sweden) Letter of intent to license product for marketing in
oral paste 5% for treat- Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia,
ing aphthous ulcers; Lithuania and Iceland; Access gets up-front
FDA-approved) license fee, milestones and royalties (10/98)
Aronex Nyotran (liposomal Abbott Laboratories Abbott gets worldwide marketing rights; Aronex gets
Pharmaceuticals formulation of Ny- (NYSE:ABT) $40M total ($2.85M up front, $3M in equity purchase
Inc. statin) for treating [0.84M shares], milestones and development sup-
systemic fungal port); Aronex also gets royalties; Abbott will fund
infections (currently continued clinical development; Aronex has option
in pivotal Phase III to co-promote in U.S. and Canada for at least 2 years;
trials) Abbott responsible for product registration outside
U.S.; Abbott has manufacturing option (11/98)
Avanir N-docosanol 10% Condea Chemie Condea will manufacture active ingredient in prod-
Pharmaceuticals cream (long-chain GmbH (Germany) uct in sufficient quantities to meet product launch
(formerly Lidak fatty acid; topical) for requirements (10/98)
Pharmaceuticals) treating oral/facial
herpes infections
N-docosanol 10% Bausch & Lomb Phar- Bausch & Lomb will manufacture product; further
cream (long-chain maceuticals (sub- details ND (11/98)
fatty acid; topical) for sidiary of Bausch &
treating oral/facial Lomb Inc.; NYSE:BOL)
herpes infections
N-docosanol 10% Livingston Healthcare Livingston will warehouse and distribute product if
cream (long-chain Services Inc. approved by FDA for marketing (11/98)
fatty acid; topical) for
treating oral/facial
herpes infections
Biora AB Emdogain (gel formu- Seikagaku Corp. Expansion of marketing agreement; Seikagaku
(Sweden) lation containing a (Japan) entered agreement with Yoshida Dental Trade to
porcine protein that broaden product's penetration of Japanese market
mimics human protein (12/98)
amellogenin) for perio-
dontal flap surgery
Centocor Inc. Retevase (reteplase; DuPont Pharma- Termination of co-promotion agreement on Retevase
recombinant plasmino- ceuticals Co. (DuPont had preexisting contract with Roche Hold-
gen activator) for (NYSE:DD) ing Ltd., from which Centocor bought Retevase in
treating acute 3/98); Centocor now has exclusive rights to market
myocardial infarction product in U.S., beginning 1/1/99 (12/98)
Cephalon Inc. Provigil (modafinil; oral Merckle GmbH Cephalon U.K. Ltd. licensed exclusive rights to
formulation of synthetic (Germany) promote product in Austria and Switzerland in a
compound thought to 10-year agreement (12/98)
affect alpha-adrenergic
receptors in brain) for
treating narcolepsy
Zeneca's Zomig (oral Zeneca Group plc Cephalon U.K. Ltd. will co-promote product in
treatment for migraine) (NYSE:ZEN; U.K.) U.K. (12/98)
CollaGenex SmithKline's Denavir SmithKline Beecham CollaGenex will co-promote product to dental
Pharmaceuticals (penciclovir cream) Consumer Healthcare community in U.S. (10/98)
Inc. for treating recurrent LP (unit of SmithKline
cold sores in adults Beecham plc;
Coulter Bexxar (131-I-labeled SmithKline Beecham Potential value to Coulter is $132M, plus shared
Pharmaceutical murine monoclonal plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) profits and royalties; companies will jointly market
Inc. antibody against CD20 product in U.S. and share profits equally; Smith-
antigen on B cells) for Kline gets exclusive rights outside U.S., except in
treating non-Hodgkin's Japan; Coulter gets royalties; SmithKline gets
lymphoma (pivotal access to 2nd-generation anti-CD20 compounds;
trials completed) Coulter gets up-front payment of $41.5M (including
$7.25M in equity), a $15M credit line, and $76M
in regulatory and marketing milestones in other
areas of world (12/98)
Cytogen Corp. Quadramet (samarium- Berlex Laboratories Marketing agreement; Berlex gets exclusive license
153-EDTMP; isotope Inc. (subsidiary of to sell product in North and South America; Cyto-
concentrates in areas Schering AG; gen gets $8M up front on completion of supply
of new bone formation) Germany) agreement with DuPont (see below), of which it will
for treating pain asso- pay $4M to DuPont; Cytogen also gets royalties on
ciated with cancer that net sales and milestones on preset sales levels;
has spread to bone Cytogen will complete Phase IV trials specified by
(FDA-approved 3/97) FDA; Berlex will fund clinical programs aimed at
expanding current and additional product indications
Quadramet (samarium- Berlex Laboratories DuPont will supply product for 5 years as well as
153-EDTMP; isotope Inc. (subsidiary of continue to manufacture and distribute it; DuPont
concentrates in areas Schering AG; received $4M to secure long-term supply agree-
of new bone formation) Germany) and ment (11/98)
for treating pain asso- DuPont Pharma-
ciated with cancer that ceuticals Co.
has spread to bone (NYSE:DD)
(FDA-approved 3/97)
Quadramet (samarium- The Dow Chemical Companies expanded 5/93 licensing agreement;
153-EDTMP; isotope Co. (NYSE:DOW) Cytogen, which previously had rights for this use in
concentrates in areas North and South America only, now gains additional
of new bone formation) territories, including Europe and Japan; Berlex Lab-
for treating rheumatoid oratories Inc., which will market product (see above),
arthritis (currently in also holds license for these territories (12/98)
Phase I trial)
Epitope Inc. OraSure oral specimen STC Technologies 5-year agreement; Epitope will be exclusive supplier
collection device Inc.* of device for use with STC's lab-based tests for
drugs of abuse for sale in U.S. and Europe (exclud-
ing U.K. and Ireland); STC will be exclusive distrib-
utor in same territories; Epitope will sell devices to
STC and gets a percentage of gross revenues (11/98)
Genelabs Vaccine for hepatitis SmithKline Beecham Expansion of SmithKline's marketing rights to
Technologies Inc. E virus infection plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) product (from 9/92 agreement); SmithKline gets
exclusive (rather than co-exclusive) rights in Asia;
Genelabs gets $1M payment; other terms remain
unchanged (9/98)
Guilford Gliadel wafer (biode- Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Amendment of 6/96 marketing, sales and distribu-
Pharmaceuticals gradable polymer con- Inc. (subsidiary of tion agreement; companies will now share costs of
Inc. taining carmustine) for Rhone-Poulenc SA; single multinational Phase III trial of product for use
treating brain cancer NYSE:RP; France) in 1st-line therapy for brain cancer (originally, each
firm was to conduct and pay for its own Phase III
trial); Guilford will not pay more than $3M aggre-
gate; Japanese rights have reverted back to Guil-
ford; companies have also redefined international
regulatory milestones (9/98)
Hyal Solarase (topical 3% Fujisawa Healthcare Letter of intent to license exclusive rights in U.S.,
Pharmaceutical diclofenac gel) for Inc. (U.S.; subsidiary Canada and Mexico to Fujisawa; Fujisawa paid
Corp. treating actinic kera- of Fujisawa Pharma- $0.25M for 90-day period of exclusivity on option;
(TSE:HPC; Canada) tosis (precancerous ceutical Co. Ltd.; if deal is finalized, Hyal gets milestones and royal-
skin lesions) Japan) ties (12/98)
Integra Absorbable collagen- Sulzer Calcitek Inc. Expansion of product alliance; Sulzer has been
LifeSciences Corp. based matrices for use (unit of Sulzer exclusive distributor of Integra's dental surgery prod-
in periodontics and Medica; NYSE:SM) uct line since 1992; alliance extended for 5 years
dental surgery and expanded to include development of Integra's
Biomend collagen matrix for guided tissue regenera-
tion in periodontal surgery; Sulzer will fund devel-
opment work (11/98)
Megabios Corp. DNA plasmids and DSM Biologics Companies will work together to create facility for
lipid:DNA complexes (Gist-Brocades/ contract manufacturing of DNA plasmids and lipid:
Bio-Intermediair; DNA complexes for the gene therapy industry;
the Netherlands) Megabios licensed its manufacturing technology to
DSM; Megabios gets license fee and milestones;
3-year exclusive partnership (9/98)
Neoprobe Corp. Neoprobe's gamma CEI Ltda. (Brazil) Partners get rights to distribute products in South
detection products for and Evergreen America and China, respectively; both distributors
use in intraoperative Enterprises Ltd. will register products in respective territories (10/98)
lymphatic mapping (People's Republic
of China)
Qiagen NV Nucleic acid sample Abbott Laboratories 5-year supply agreement; Qiagen will supply Abbott
(the Netherlands) purification and prep- (NYSE:ABT) with its products, which Abbott will adapt for use in
aration products (for its LCx probe-based diagnostic system; Qiagen
use in Abbott's molec- retains rights to market products in all other formats
ular diagnostics) (10/98)
Repligen Corp. Amersham's recombi- Amersham Pharma- Repligen will be primary supplier of recombinant
nant Protein A (binds cia Biotech (joint Protein A to Amersham Pharmacia Biotech for 10
antibodies with high venture of Nycomed years; Repligen remains exclusive source of product
specificity) for use in Amersham plc and worldwide and retains all rights to commercialize
purification and manu- Pharmacia & Upjohn product for human therapeutics (12/98)
facturing of thera- Inc.)
peutic monoclonal
antibodies and proteins
Unimed Cryptaz (NTZ; nita- Romark Unimed transferred development and marketing
Pharmaceuticals zoxanide) for treating Laboratories rights, plus associated know-how, to Romark, which
Inc. Cryptosporidiosis in now has worldwide marketing rights; Unimed gets
AIDS up-front payment and royalties on U.S. sales (11/98)
Viragen Inc. Omniferon (2nd-gen- Southern Health Southern Health obtained option to acquire exclu-
eration, multi-species SDN.BHD (Malaysia sive private-label license to Viragen's production
natural alpha interferon and Australia) process for interferon in 4/98; it has now extended
derived from human that option until 12/31/98 (10/98)
white blood cells)
Viragen Europe Omniferon (2nd-gen- AGC (Pakistan) AGC will be exclusive supplier and distributor in
Ltd. (NASDAQ:VERP; eration, multi-species Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, United Arab
subsidiary of natural alpha interferon) Republic, Brunei and other Middle Eastern countries
Viragen Inc.) for treating hepatitis B as well as India and Pakistan; AGC will purchase
and C virus infections minimum of $20M in product over 5 years, subject
to regulatory approvals in its territories, where it
is responsible for clinical and regulatory costs
# This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between 9/23/98 and 12/24/98.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 12-13.