Company** Location Products/Disease Focus Development Stage
AltaRex Corp. Edmonton, Ovarian, breast and Phase II/III
(TSE:AXO) Alberta colorectal cancer
BioChem Laval, Quebec Influenza Phase I
Vaccines Inc.
(subsidiary of
BioChem Pharma
Inc.; TSE:BCH)
Biomira Inc. Edmonton, Breast cancer Phase III
(TSE:BRA) Alberta Ovarian/colorectal cancer Phase II
ID Biomedical Vancouver, Group A streptococci Phase I
Corp. (TSE:IDB) British Columbia HIV/AIDS Research
Intellivax Inter- Montreal, Quebec Shigella Phase I
national Inc.*
Microbix Bio- Toronto, Ontario Rabies Research
systems Inc.
Novopharm Biotech Winnipeg, Brain cancer Phase I
Inc. (TSE:NVO) Manitoba
Procyon Bio- London, Ontario Colorectal cancer Research
Pharma Inc.
StressGen Bio- Victoria, British Melanoma Research
technologies Corp. Columbia
ASE = Alberta Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.