Company** Location Technologies Products/Disease Focus Development Stage
Aeterna Labor- Ste-Foy, Angiogenesis Psoriasis Phase II
atories Inc. Quebec Lung cancer Phase I
Allelix Bio- Mississauga, Protein therapeutics; Osteoporosis Phase II
pharmaceuticals Ontario neuropharmaceuticals Migraine Phase I
Inc. (TSE:AXB) Gastrointestinal disorders Phase I
AnorMED Inc.* Vancouver, Metal-based therapeutics Radiopharmaceuticals Phase III
British Cancer therapies Phase I
Bioniche Inc. London; Immunostimulation; Bladder cancer Phase III
(TSE:BNE) Ontario hyaluronic acid
Cangene Corp. Winnipeg, Plasma products (hyper- AIDS Phase II
(TSE:CNJ) Manitoba immune); recombinant GM-CSF Phase III
therapeutics Oral iron chelator Phase III
GlycoDesign Inc.* Toronto, Glycoprotein-based Renal cell carcinoma Phase II
Ontario therapeutics Colorectal cancer Phase II
Hemosol Inc. Etobicoke, Human therapeutics Blood substitute Phase II
(TSE:HML) Ontario
IBEX Technologies Montreal, Neutralase for Cardiovascular disease Phase III
Inc. (TSE:IBT) Quebec heparin reversal
Inex Technologies Vancouver, Lipid-based drug Chemotherapy Phase II
Inc. (TSE:IEX) British delivery system Gene therapy/antisense Pre-clinical
Nortran Pharma- Vancouver, Small molecule thera- Anesthesia Phase II
ceuticals Inc. British peutics for cardio- Antiarrhythmia Phase I
(VSE:NRT) Columbia vascular drugs; pain
QLT Photo- Vancouver, Photodynamic therapy Lung and esophageal On market
Therapeutics Inc. British cancers
(TSE:QLT) Columbia
Synsorb Biotech Calgary, Carbohydrate-based Hemolytic uremic Phase III
Inc. (TSE:SYB) Alberta gastroenteric products syndrome
Vasogen Inc. Toronto, Patient-specific cell Peripheral vascular Approved
(ME:VAS) Ontario therapies disease (Europe)
ME = Montreal Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange; VSE= Vancouver Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.