Published Sept. 9 (EPO); Sept. 3 (WO)

AutoimmuneEPO 863 155

Myelin basic protein fragments

Lexington, Mass.

Peptide fragments from myelin basic protein; for suppression of T cell proliferation.

BayerWO 98/38313

Acarbose biosynthesis genes

Leverkusen, Germany

Biosynthesis genes from the acarbose gene cluster from Actinoplanes; for transfer to heterologous host strains.

Baylor Coll. Med.WO 98/37764

Macular degeneration detection


ATP binding cassette transporter, encoding gene sequences, mutations; for detecting macular degeneration.

Bernofsky, C.WO 98/38282

Monocytic leukemia cells

New Orleans

Human monocytic leukemia cell line; for inducing immunoresponse and making hybridomas.

Boehringer MannheimWO 98/38324

Antigen-induced receptors


Chimeric cell surface receptors that undergo antigen-induced association; for titrating cellular processes.

California, Univ. ofWO 98/38309

Microbial clavaspirins

Oakland, Calif.

Clavaspirin peptides derived from microbial hosts, modified versions.

CortecsWO 98/38319 & 38320

Bromelain component

Isleworth, U.K.

Bromelain component useful as an immunostimulatory adjuvant for treating cancer and pathogens.

DaniscoWO 98/38321

Transcription activator

Copenhagen, Denmark

Control DNA element for activating transcription, homologs, variants; for activating heterologous gene transcription.

DNAVec Res.EPO 863 202

Sendai virus vector

Ibaraki, Japan

Expression vector based on Sendai virus; for gene transfection.

Eberhard Karls Univ.EPO 863 157

Megakaryocyte antibodies

Tubingen, Germany

Anti-megakaryocyte monoclonal antibodies, producing hybridoma cell line [in German].

Freiburg Univ.WO 98/38322

Constitutive transgenes

Freiburg, Germany

Transgenes having promoters that are constitutively active in host cells; for long-term stable gene expression.

GeneLabs TechnologiesWO 98/38306

Immunomodulatory polypeptides

Redwood City, Calif.

Transcripts encoding immunomodulatory polypeptides; for detecting the presence of activated T cells.

Genetics Inst.WO 98/38209

Secreted protein genes

Cambridge, Mass.

Genes encoding secreted proteins, encoded proteins, vectors; for identifying secreted protein genes.

Gesher-Israel Advanced BiotecsWO 98/38296-38299

Simultaneous ligation

Bet Neqofa, Israel

Methods for simultaneously ligating multiple DNA fragments to form a single and stable DNA construct.

Guelph, Univ. ofWO 98/38283

Chimeric chickens

Guelph, Ont.

Methods for selecting germ-line competent cells in chicken embryos; for making chimeric chicken embryos.

Hoffmann-La RocheEPO 863 213

In situ PCR

Basel, Switzerland

Thermal cycler equipment for in situ PCR of nucleic acids within cells.

Hoffmann-La RocheWO 98/38302

Tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channel

Basel, Switzerland

Gene for tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channel alpha-subunit, encoded protein, antibodies, expression vectors.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/38311

IL-1 receptor ligand family protein

Rockville, Md.

Interleukin (IL)-1 receptor ligand family protein, encoding gene sequences; for treating immune system disorders.

ImmunoWO 98/38317 & 38318

Factor X analogs


Factor X analogs having modification at the Factor Xa activating cleavage site, Factor X deletion mutants.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/38307

Integral membrane protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human integral membrane protein, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antisense, antibodies, modulators.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/38310

Tumor-associated antigen

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human tumor-associated antigen, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antibodies, modulators.

Japan TobaccoWO 98/38289 & 38315

Beta-galactoside alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase


Beta-galactoside alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase, mutants; for secretion into culture medium and purification.

Japan TobaccoWO 98/38305

Arteriosclerosis-related protein


Protein expressed during arteriosclerosis or coronary restenosis, encoding gene sequences, antibodies.

LG ChemicalWO 9838290

Recombinant production method

Seoul, S. Korea

Methionine residue removal from protein N-terminal ends; for microbial production of recombinant proteins.

Life TechnologiesWO 98/38205

Positive selection cloning

Rockville, Md.

Vector with a cloning cassette linked to a gene encoding a toxic protein; for deactivation of the toxin during cloning.

Mass. Gen. Hosp.WO 98/38204

Alzheimer's transgenics


Transgenics expressing proteins associated with Alzheimer's, antisense, ribozymes; for therapeutics for neural diseases.

Medeva HoldingsEPO 863 211

Tetanus toxin fusions

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Expression of recombinant tetanus toxin fusion proteins in attenuated bacteria.

Millennium PharmaWO 98/38200

Caspase-8 versions

Cambridge, Mass.

Two versions of caspase-8, encoding gene sequences; for therapeutics.

Nature Technol.WO 98/38326

Self-assembling gene libraries

Omaha, Neb.

Self-assembly of genes in expression vectors; for creating combinatorial libraries.

Neuromed Technol.WO 98/38301

Calcium channel subunits

Vancouver, B.C.

Human calcium channel subunits, related probes, transfected cell lines; for identifying modulators.

Novo NordiskWO 98/38286 & 38287

Laccase mutants

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Laccase mutants having increased oxidation potential and/or changed pH optimum, designing laccases using 3D structure.

Novo NordiskWO 98/38288

Xyloglucan endotransglycosylase

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Microbial xyloglucan endotransglycosylase; production methods using microorganisms.

Ono PharmaWO 98/38304

Stromal cell peptide

Osaka, Japan

Human stromal cell line polypeptide, encoding gene sequences, vector, host cells, antibodies.

Oriental YeastEPO 863 210

Immunoglobulin binding protein


Artificial protein containing immunoglobulin-binding domains of protein A; for binding immunoglobulin G.

Paul Ehrlich Inst.WO 98/38325

CD4+ cell vectors

Langen, Germany

Retroviral vectors with murine leukemia virus capsid and HIV envelope protein genes; for CD4+ cell-specific transfection.

Rochester, Univ. ofWO 98/38300

Circular DNA/RNA synthesis vectors

Rochester, N.Y.

Small, circular DNA vectors for the synthesis of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides and their analogs.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 863 152 & 863 205

Streptococcus antibacterials


Streptococcus pneumoniae def1 polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; for screening antibacterials.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 863 207

Staphylococcus antibacterials


Staphylococcus aureus RNA-dependent amidotransferase A polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; for antibacterials.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 863 208

Antibacterial screen


Histidine kinase polypeptides; encoding gene sequences, production methods; for screening antibacterials.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 863 214

G protein coupled receptor activation


Reporter gene construct and transfected cells for measuring G protein coupled receptor activation.

SmithKline BeechamWO 98/37918

Staphylococcus antibacterials


Staphylococcus 3-dehydroquinate synthase polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; for screening antibacterials.

Sumitomo ElectricEPO 863 204

Cyclin-like protein

Osaka, Japan

Human cyclin-like protein, encoding gene, antisense, expression vector; for use as a cancer cell probe.

SuntoryWO 98/38314

Microbial delta9-desaturase

Osaka, Japan

Genomic DNA and cDNA encoding microbial delta9-desaturase; for improved production of unsaturated fatty acids.

TaiseiEPO 863 209

Decomposing polyesters


Polyhydroxyalkanoate depolymerase; for decomposing copolymerized polyesters.

Tanaka, T.EPO 863 203

Protein kinase substrate protein

Mie, Japan

Gene for protein kinase substrate protein identified by expression cloning, encoded protein.

Victoria Univ.WO 98/38303

Procollagen coexpression

Manchester, U.K.

Methods for assembling desired procollagens or their derivatives in a coexpression system.

Vision PharmaWO 98/38308

Tazarotene-induced gene

Irvine, Calif.

Tazarotene-induced gene that is induced by retinoids and structurally related to a tumor suppressor gene.

Washington Univ.WO 98/38312

Bacterial elastin-binding protein

St. Louis

Bacterial elastin-binding protein, encoding gene sequences; for identifying modulators, diagnostics, and therapeutics.