Published September 23 (EPO); September 17 (WO); September 23 (GB)

Abbott LabsWO 98/40475

Human matrix metalloprotease

Abbott Park, Ill.

Human matrix metalloprotease 19 proteins, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for therapeutics.

AffymaxEPO 866 136

Phage display libraries

Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

DNA libraries expressed on bacteriophage coat proteins; for screening and affinity purification of desired proteins.

Agricultural Victoria ServicesWO 98/40099

Leptospira vaccines

Melbourne, Australia

Immunoreactive molecules derived from Leptospira bacteria; for diagnostics and vaccines.

Albert Einstein Coll. Med.WO 98/40394

Open reading frame vector

New York

Vectors containing splice junction sequences and a reporter gene; for identifying open reading frames.

Auburn Univ.WO 98/40089

Black fly vasodilators

Auburn, Ala.

Vasodilating proteins from the black fly with immunomodulating activity, encoding gene sequences; for therapeutics.

Auburn Univ.WO 98/40405

Salivary antithrombin proteins

Auburn, Ala.

Antithrombin proteins from the salivary glands of Simulium, production methods; for therapeutics.

Beth Israel Deaconess Hosp.WO 98/40495

Doublin neuronal protein


Neuronal development protein called doublin, encoding gene; for diagnosis and treatment of neuronal disorders.

Beth Israel Deaconess Hosp.WO 98/40743

Complement activation disorders


Use of SCR-containing proteins that bind Clq; for diagnosis and treatment of complement activation disorders.

Boehringer MannheimWO 98/40506

Inflammatory mediator expression

Mannheim, Germany

Vectors with genes controlled by acute phase amyloid A gene promoters; for inducing inflammatory mediator expression.

Boehringer MannheimWO 98/40744

HIV therapy

Mannheim, Germany

Simultaneous detection of HIV antigens and antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Boehringer MannheimWO 98/40745

Antigen-specific T cells

Mannheim, Germany

Cell populations enriched with antigen-specific T cells; for detecting T cell reactivity and producing therapeutics.

Boston Univ.WO 98/40396

Streptavidin mutants


Streptavidin mutants having changed amino acid residues that result in increased affinities for biotin substitutes.

Boston Univ.WO 98/40519

Exon trans-splicing


Trans-splicing of exons using intron sequences; for generating recombinant genes with ligated exons.

Brigham & Women's Hosp.EPO 866 133

Streptococcus vaccines

Boston, Mass.

Group B Streptococcus antigenic polysaccharides and protein; for production of conjugated vaccines.

Burnham Inst.WO 98/40397

Bax inhibitor proteins

La Jolla, Calif.

Bax inhibitor proteins, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for identifying modulators.

California, Univ. ofWO 98/40403

Prostate cancer diagnosis

Oakland, Calif.

Prostate stem cell antigen that is highly over-expressed in prostate cancer; for diagnosis.

California, Univ. ofWO 98/40477

Fluorescent protein sensors

Oakland, Calif.

Fluorescent indicators that can bind proteins; for detection of analytes and determination of concentrations in samples.

Cardiac CRC NomineesWO 98/40469

Serum albumin antibodies

St. Leonards, Australia

Human serum albumin antibodies that allow albumin to maintain its ability to prevent cell attachment to biomaterials.

ChironEPO 866 128

Recombinant ricin toxin

Emeryville, Calif.

Ricin isotoxin, agglutinin, and linker, encoding gene sequences; for production.

Columbia Univ.WO 98/40484

Beta-amyloid binding protein

New York

Endoplasmic reticulum-associated beta-amyloid peptide binding polypeptide, encoding gene sequences; for therapy.

Cornell Univ.WO 98/40098

Mycobacterium uptake protein

Ithaca, N.Y.

Gene for a protein that allows Mycobacterium tuberculosis to be taken up by cells, encoded protein, antibodies.

Cornell Univ.WO 98/40509

Chimeric viral coats

Ithaca, N.Y.

Chimeric adenoviral hexon protein as part of the viral coat; for modified recognition by neutralizing antibodies.

Davis, H.L., et al.WO 98/40499

Mucosal gene delivery

Ottawa, Ont.

Nucleic acid/cationic lipid complexes for delivery of therapeutic proteins to mucosal epithelium; for immunization.

EppendorfEPO 866 123

Electroporation device

Hamburg, Germany

Method and electrical circuit device for the electroporation or electropermeation of living cells [in German].

Ferrari, A.C., et al.WO 98/40513

Prostate cancer metastases

New York

Detection of prostate cancer metastases in pelvic lymph nodes using PCR to detect prostate-specific antigen mRNA.

GenentechEPO 866 130

CHO sialidase

S. San Francisco

Isolation and cloning of CHO sialidase; for transfection into cells in which the sialidase gene is disrupted.

Genetics Inst.WO 98/40404 & 40486

Secreted protein genes

Cambridge, Mass.

Genes encoding secreted proteins, encoded proteins, vectors; for identifying secreted protein genes.

Genetics Inst.WO 98/40485

Human secreted protein

Cambridge, Mass.

Human secreted protein BA3.1, encoding gene sequences; for therapeutics.

German Hlth. & Welfare Res. Ctr.EPO 866 124

Osteoblast differentiation

Oberschleissheim, Germany

Modifiers of endogenous T1-M protein activity; for affecting osteoblast differentiation [in German].

Hoechst Marion RousselEPO 866 125

Bone morphogenesis protein


HMW human MP52 proteins, encoding gene sequences, production method; for promoting bone morphogenesis.

HSP Res. Inst.EPO 866 132

E. coli production strain

Osaka, Japan

Protease mutant strain of E. coli; for use in large scale production of foreign proteins.

Human Biol. Res. EndowmentWO 98/40487

Angiogenin receptor


Angiogenin receptor, fragments, encoding gene sequences, antibodies, antisense; for drug screening assays.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/40483

28 secreted proteins

Rockville, Md.

28 human secreted proteins, encoding gene sequences, vectors, host cells, antibodies, production methods.

HybridonWO 98/40058

Colorectal antisense

Cambridge, Mass.

Colorectal administration of antisense oligos; for developing therapeutically useful oligo blood concentrations.

HybridonWO 98/40479

Protein kinase A antisense

Cambridge, Mass.

Modified oligos complementary to the nucleic acid encoding protein kinase A subunit RI-alpha; for expression inhibition.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/40481

Proline-rich acidic protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human proline-rich acidic protein, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antisense, antibodies, modulators.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/40494

Growth factor receptor binding protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human growth factor receptor binding protein, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antisense, antibodies, modulators.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/40482

RNA editing enzyme

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human RNA editing enzyme, encoding gene sequences, vectors, antisense, antibodies, modulators.

Japan TobaccoWO 98/40489

Linked antisense


Linked antisense molecules for two or more structural genes or their parts; for inhibiting protein synthesis.

Johns Hopkins Univ.WO 98/40407

Synaptic activation proteins


Synaptic activation proteins that are induced in the CNS after hippocampal neuronal activity, encoding genes.

Life TechnologiesWO 98/40502

Peptide-enhanced transfections

Rockville, Md.

Transfection complexes that include proteins and cationic lipids; for peptide-enhanced gene delivery.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.)GB 2 323 360

Herpes diagnostic


A defined 16 amino acid structure from herpes simplex virus type 2; for an ELISA diagnostic.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.)WO 98/40492

Cancer gene therapy


Vector with a gene for a syncytium-inducing polypeptide; for gene therapy of cancer.

Minnesota, Univ. ofWO 98/40510

Transposon transfection system


DNA-based transposon system for the introduction of nucleic acid into cellular genomic DNA using inverted repeats.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.)WO 98/40498


Bethesda, Md.

Adenoviral vectors encoding immunoadhesins; for gene therapy to treat an inflammatory condition.

Northwestern Univ.WO 98/40514

Circadian rhythm gene

Evanston, Ill.

Purified peptide components of the mammalian circadian clock, encoding gene sequences, production methods.

NovartisWO 98/40478

Stat-6 antisense

Basel, Switzerland

Antisense to at least part of the mRNA encoding human Stat-6; for inhibition of expression.

Ottawa Civic Loeb Res. Inst.WO 98/40100

Unmethylated CpG dinucleotides

Ottawa, Ont.

Oligos having unmethylated CpG dinucleotides; for use as an adjuvant in combination with an antigenic protein.

Pasteur Inst.WO 98/40480

V3 loop HIV receptor


V3 loop HIV receptor which consists of three associated receptors; for preventing binding to gp120.

Perkin-ElmerWO 98/40496

Mutant DNA polymerases

Foster City, Calif.

DNA polymerases having mutations that reduce discrimination between labelled and non-labelled probes; for PCR.

Polytech. Res. Ctr.WO 98/40512

Oligosaccharide synthesis

Trieste, Italy

Transglycolytic enzymes for the synthesis of branched oligo-saccharides in vitro.

Res. Develop. Fdn.WO 98/40105

Photodynamic therapy genes

Carson City, Nev.

Selective and localized temporal expression of heterologous genes using photodynamic therapy inducible promoters.

Samadpour, M.WO 98/40515

Genetic subtype identification

Seattle, Wash.

Identification of genetic subtypes using specific restriction endonucleases and gel electrophoresis separation.

SankyoEPO 866 131

Humanized Fas antibodies


Humanized antibodies to Fas, encoding gene sequences; for apoptosis induction in cells expressing Fas.

Sloan-Kettering Inst.WO 98/40738

PSA substrates

New York

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) substrates; for diagnostics and identifying inhibitors.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 866 126

Human 7-transmembrane receptor


Human 7-transmembrane receptor, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for therapeutics.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 866 127

Steroid receptor homolog

Brentford, U.K.

Steroid receptor homolog, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for therapeutics.

SmithKline BeechamWO 98/40488

Vitronectin alpha,beta-3 receptor antibodies

King of Prussia, Pa.

Humanized vitronectin alpha,beta-3 receptor antibodies, encoding gene sequences; for treating restenosis.

Sosnowski, B.A., et al.WO 98/40508

Gene therapy targeting

Coronado, Calif.

Adenoviral vectors used in virus-antibody-ligand conjugates; for targeting/delivering nucleic acids during gene therapy.

Stichting Inst.WO 98/40497

Intestinal parasite immunity

Lelystad, Netherlands

Ex vivo animal model for measuring protective immunity and identifying vaccine proteins from intestinal parasites.

Sunol Molecular SystemsWO 98/40408

Tissue Factor antibodies


Antibodies to human Tissue Factor (TF); for binding TF and its complexes and inhibiting blood coagulation.

TransgeneWO 98/40507

Foamy virus envelope expression

Strasbourg, France

Vectors for expressing modified foamy virus envelope protein; for treating infections.

TransgenomicWO 98/40395

Band array separations

San Jose, Calif.

Video display of band arrays of double-stranded polynucleotide separations.

Vanderbilt Univ.WO 98/40468

Gene mutation library

Nashville, Tenn.

Construction of a gene mutation library using the insertion of reporter genes to identify functional genes.

VirogeneticsWO 98/40500 & 40501

Translation enhancing vectors

Troy, N.Y.

Viral vectors for the expression of translation factors; for enhancing expression in transfected cells.

Wisconsin, Univ. ofWO 98/40518

Nucleic acid indexing

Madison, Wis.

Restriction site indexing method for selectively amplifying fragments generated by Class II restriction endonucleases.

Yale Univ.WO 98/40516

Potassium channel variants

New Haven, Conn.

Human ATP-sensitive potassium channel variants, encoding gene sequences; for diagnosing ion transport disorders.