* T Cell Sciences Inc., of Needham, Mass., received notices of allowance for three patents covering the company's complement inhibitor, TP10, including its pharmaceutical compositions, the methods of TP10 purification, and methods of using certain forms of TP10 (glycoforms) for treating disorders resulting from inappropriate complement activation. Inappropriate complement activation is involved in a wide range of diseases, including heart attack, stroke, transplantation and chronic autoimmune diseases.

* Techniclone Corp., of Tustin, Calif., received a patent for diagnostic use of Tumor Necrosis Therapy (TNT). TNT agents bind to intracellular components of dead and dying cells at the core of most solid tumors, killing the cancerous tissue from the inside out.

* The Bioscience Corp., of Toronto, received patent No. 5,770,365, titled "Nucleic acid capture moieties." The patent involves use of bound "hairpin" capture probes in a wide range of DNA-based assays, including microplate, magnetic bead and biochip formats.

* Variagenics Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., received two patents and two notices of allowance on patents, all covering the company's high-throughput methods for discovery of genetic variances. The patented technologies broadly enable Variagenics to identify sequence variances in genes that affect drug action.

* Zonagen Inc., of The Woodlands, Texas, received a notice of allowance for a patent directed to one of its chitosan-based adjuvants and immunogens, known as the ImmuMax system.

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