Agribusiness Technology Type Of Deal Amount Terms (Date Announced)
Company Partner
Novartis AG None Investment in new facility $600M 10 years; $55M/year plus $50M
(Novartis Agricultural construction (7/98)
Discovery Institute)
Hoechst Schering Gene Logic Inc. Research collaboration $45M 3 years; also milestones, royalties
AgrEvo GmbH (7/98)
DuPont Agricul- CuraGen Corp. Research collaboration ND Contract research fees (7/98)
tural Enterprise
(unit of DuPont Co.)
Zeneca Agro- Alanex Corp. (sub- Zeneca to screen ND 3 years; license fees (6/98)
chemicals (divi- sidiary of Agouron Alanex library
sion of Zeneca Ltd.) Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
Xyris Inc. Axys Start-up (Xyris) $10M Axys has 50% stake and will
Pharmaceuticals (from Bay provide administration, receive
Inc. City Capital) fees (5/98)
Monsanto Co. Incyte "Broad" access to gene ND 3 years (5/98)
Pharmaceuticals expression technology
GeneTrace Option to license $17M Equity, research funding,
Systems Inc. technology supplies, license fees (4/98)
Millennium Technology transfer $218M 5 years; $38M up front plus
Pharmaceuticals plus assistance to set $16M/year technology transfer
Inc. up MTC subsidiary fee and $20M/year in milestones
(Cereon Genomics) (10/97)
DuPont Agricul- Pioneer Hi-Bred Research alliance and $1.7B 20% equity stake in Pioneer; 50/50
tural Enterprise International Inc. joint venture (Optimum joint venture (9/97)
(unit of DuPont Co.) Quality Grains)