Published July 8 (EPO); July 2 (WO)

Abbott LabsWO 98/28331

Variant acetylcholine receptor

Abbott Park, Ill.

Variant human alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, encoding gene sequences, vectors, production methods.

AmgenWO 98/28427

Obesity protein fusions

Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Genetic and chemical fusions of the N-terminal obese protein and Fc immunoglobulin regions; for treating obesity.

Bertling, W.WO 98/28415

Cloning vector system

Erlangen, Germany

Vector system containing a fusion sequence and restriction enzyme recognition sites; for cloning foreign proteins.

Boehringer IngelheimWO 98/28625

Hodgkin's disease therapy

Ingelheim, Germany

Measuring variant CD44 gene exon 10, antibodies to encoded exon fragment; for treating Hodgkin's disease.

Cobra TherapeuticsWO 98/28626

Cell transfection enhancement

Keele, U.K.

Method of screening for peptides bind to nucleic acids and enhance cell transfection.

Creative BiomoleculesWO 98/27995

Cardiac morphogens

Hopkinton, Mass.

Cardiac administration of morphogens of the TGF-beta family; for treating heart attacks.

Dade BehringWO 98/28443

Amplification method

Marburg, Germany

Method for polynucleotide amplification using modified oligos that are not extendable.

DiatechWO 98/28438

Point mutation detection

Brisbane, Australia

Process for detecting point mutations using primer bound to solid supports and mismatch mediated extension inhibition.

Emory Univ.WO 98/28325

Eukaryotic initiation factor 4E


Eukaryotic initiation factor 4E, encoding gene sequences, binding property mutants; for altering expression.

Gene-CellWO 98/28417

Non-adherent cell transfection


Microinjection needle with an adhesion molecule; for transfecting non-adherent cells for gene therapy.

GeneSystemsWO 98/28406

Non-adherent cell transfection


Microinjection needle with an adhesion molecule; for transfecting non-adherent cells for gene therapy.

GensetWO 98/28439

Specific sequence elimination


Eliminating specific gene sequences from libraries by selective binding and enzyme degradation of the sequences.

GeronWO 98/28442

Telomerase RNA component

Menlo Park, Calif.

Inhibition of the RNA component of telomerase by nucleotide binding; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/27932

Cerebellum specific protein

Rockville, Md.

Cerebellum and embryo specific protein, peptide fragments, encoding gene sequences, vectors, production methods.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/28420

Parotid secretory protein

Rockville, Md.

Human parotid secretory protein, encoding gene sequences, production system; for screening modulators.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/28421

Oncogene-induced secreted protein

Rockville, Md.

Human oncogene-induced secreted protein I, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for diagnosis and therapy.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/28422

Apoptosis-related protein

Rockville, Md.

Human apoptosis-associated RAIDD protein, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for screening modulators.

ImmunexWO 98/28424 & 28426

NF-Kappa B ligands


NF-Kappa B and its ligands, encoding gene sequences; for screening inhibitors and designing therapeutics.

Johns Hopkins Univ.WO 98/28445

Neutral sphingomyelinase


Genes for human neutral sphingomyelinase and fragments; for identifying modulators to treat related diseases.

LillyWO 98/28335 & 28414

Anti-obesity proteins


Anti-obesity proteins; for patient administration and treatment of diabetes.

LillyWO 98/28413

Staphylococcus antibacterials


Staphylococcus aureus monofunctional glycosyltransferase gene; for identifying inhibitors.

Magainin PharmaWO 98/27997

Inflammatory bowel disease

Plymouth Meeting, Penn.

Asthma-associated factor; for upregulating the Th2-mediated immune response involved in inflammatory bowel disease.

MerckWO 98/28003

Papillomavirus vaccines

Rahway, N.J.

Vaccine formulations containing recombinant early and late papillomavirus proteins combined with oxidized mannan.

Novo NordiskWO 98/28416

In vivo recombination

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Forced artificial evolution by in vivo recombination between homologous sequences on two different DNA structures.

Novo NordiskWO 98/28429

Yeast production system

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

N-terminally proteins expressed in a yeast secretory expression system.

PepsynWO 98/28432

Transfection rate enhancement

Cambridge, U.K.

Stimulation of cells with growth factor regulating agents; for enhancing the rate of transfection.

Pharmacia & UpjohnWO 98/28412

Modified Factor Xa

Stockholm, Sweden

Modified coagulation Factor Xa with improved crystallization properties; for structural studies.

ProlifixWO 98/28334

Transcription factor antagonists

Abigdon, U.K.

Peptide antagonists derived from transcription factors; for activity inhibition and apoptosis induction.

PyroSequencingWO 98/28440

Pyrophosphate release sequencing

Uppsala, Sweden

Method of identifying a nucleotide base at a target position by detecting pyrophosphate release.

Queensland Dept. Hlth.WO 98/28004

Immunotherapy fusion protein

Brisbane, Austra-lia

Virus-like particle with hepatitis delta antigen fragment fusion immunotoxin enveloped by hepatitis B surface antigen.

ScheringWO 98/28425

IL-10 related cytokine

Kenilworth, N.J.

Mammalian cytokine related to interleukin (IL)-10, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for therapeutics.

SmithKline BeechamWO 98/28005

Chlamydia vaccine

Rixensart, Belgium

Vaccines having the outer membrane protein from Chlamydia and a mucosal adjuvant; for preventing infertility.

SmithKline BeechamWO 98/28418

Tailless nuclear hormone receptors

Brentford, U.K.

Tailless nuclear hormone receptors, encoding gene sequences, production methods; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Stanford Univ.WO 98/28419

Modulating vesicular release

Stanford, Calif.

Identification of binding antagonists of secretion-associated and syntaxin complexes; for modulating vesicular release.

Texas, Univ. ofWO 98/27994

Mitosis modulator

Austin, Tex.

Leucine heptad repeat protein, encoding gene; for modulating mitosis.

Texas, Univ. ofWO 98/28332

Dendritic cell expressed genes

Austin, Tex.

Genes expressed in long-term dendritic cell lines, encoded proteins, histidine fusion proteins, antibodies.

Texas, Univ. ofWO 98/28333

Moraxella antigens

Austin, Tex.

Moraxella catarrhaus antigens that form a high molecular weight complexes; for diagnostics and treatment.

Texas, Univ. ofWO 98/28423

Osteoclast inhibitory factors

Austin, Tex.

Osteoclast inhibitory factors; for inhibiting osteoclast formation and treating osteoporosis.

Vanderbilt Univ.WO 98/27819

Helicobacter ulcer vaccines

Nashville, Tenn.

Nucleic acid sequences from Helicobacter pylori, probes, mutant species; for making vaccines.

Wakunaga SeiyakuEPO 852 263

Mutated DNA analysis

Osaka, Japan

Solid phase method of binding nucleic acids to their complementary sequences; for analyzing mutant sequences.