Published May 27 (EPO); May 22 (WO); May 27 (GB)

Albert Einstein Coll. Med.WO 98/20898

Mycobacteria drug screen

New York

Mycobacteria that are auxotrophic for diaminopimelate; for delivering vaccines and screening drugs.

AmgenWO 98/21343

Telomerase complex genes

Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Gene sequences encoding polypeptides of the telomerase complex; encoded peptides, preparation methods.

Angstrom PharmaWO 98/21230

Cancer inhibiting cyclic peptides

San Diego

Cyclic peptides, joined with a linker, that bind urokinase-type plasminogen activator; for inhibiting cancer growth.

Barcelona, Free Univ. ofWO 98/20906

Diabetes gene therapy

Bellaterra, Spain

Treatment of diabetes with a vector encoding a transcription factor controlled by a pancreatic-specific promoter.

Battelle Mem. Inst.WO 98/21348

EGF from plants

Richland, Wash.

Production of human epithelial growth factor (EGF) in whole plants, non-edible portions, and plant cell cultures.

Boehringer IngelheimWO 98/21326

Cell growth inhibitors

Ingelheim, Germany

Assay for elements of the anaphase promoting complex; for screening agents that inhibit rapidly growing cells.

Boehringer MannheimWO 98/21245

Neurotrophic factor antibodies

Mannheim, Germany

High affinity antibody against human BDNF; for inhibiting the survival of afferent ganglia neurons.

California, Univ. ofWO 98/21227

Sonic hedgehog cancer therapy

Oakland, Calif.

Mutant sonic hedgehog gene, encoded protein, antibodies; for drug screening and cancer treatment.

Cambridge Antibody Technol.EPO 844 306

Specific binding pair assays

Royston, U.K.

Detection of specific binding pairs using surface membrane expression technology coupled with binding assays.

CanjiWO 98/21228

Cell growth control

San Diego

Fusions of transcription factor E2F and retinoblastoma RB protein, encoding gene; for treating aberrant cell growth.

Cedars-Sinai Med. Ctr.WO 98/21333

Schwannomin-binding proteins

Los Angeles

Schwannomin-binding proteins, encoding gene sequences, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

ChironWO 98/21232

Fas ligand mutants

Emeryville, Calif.

Mutant forms of Fas ligand, derivatives, and fusions, encoding genes; for treating autoimmune disease.

City of HopeWO 98/21233

Cytomegalovirus immunotherapy

Duarte, Calif.

Immunogenic cytomegalovirus peptides recognized by CD8+ class I MHC restricted cytotoxic T cells; for therapy.

Columbia Univ.WO 98/21352

Recombinant fusion nucleic acids

New York

Generation of directed, recombinant fusion nucleic acids by PCR using appended 5' priming sequences that enhance fusion.

Cornell Univ.WO 98/21585

Activated ras ligand assay

Ithaca, N.Y.

Immobilized proteins treated with cell lysates containing activated ras protein; for finding binding partners.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.WO 98/21240

Human BY55 protein


Gene for the human BY55 protein, encoded protein, fragments; for recombinant expression.

Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.WO 98/21314

B cell activation


Methods for activation of B cells and subsequent expansion; for antigen presentation.

Ehrenberg, M.WO 98/21353

In vitro protein translation

Uppsala, Sweden

Translation of solid phase bound mRNAs; for selective labelling and ease of purification using release factors.

Electrophoretics Intl.GB 2 319 607

Prion protein assay

Surrey, U.K.

Methods for detection and measurement of prion proteins in mononuclear cells.

Genetics Inst.WO 98/21332

Secreted protein genes

Cambridge, Mass.

Genes encoding secreted proteins, encoded proteins, vectors; for identifying secreted protein genes.

Genetics Inst.WO 98/21335


Cambridge, Mass.

Gene for chordin, encoded protein, purification methods; for treating wounds and connective tissue defects.

Georgia St. Univ.WO 98/20901

Attenuated Rubella strains

Atlanta, Ga.

Complete genome of Rubella virus RA27/3 strain, attenuating mutations, methods of developing attenuated strains.

Human Genome SciencesWO 98/21242

Calcitonin receptor

Rockville, Md.

Gene for human calcitonin receptor, encoded protein, fragments; for modulator screens and diagnostics.

HybridonWO 98/21323

Inhibiting malarial drug resistance

Cambridge, Mass.

Down-regulation of drug resistance gene expression in Plasmodium falciparum using specific antisense oligos.

Illinois, Univ. ofWO 98/21325

Multidrug resistance therapeutics

Urbana, Ill.

Immunological agents effective against the multidrug resistance transmembrane P-glycoprotein; for cancer therapy.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/21241

Glutamate-binding protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human glutamate-binding protein, encoding gene sequences, modulators, antibodies; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/21318

Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme

Palo Alto, Calif.

Gene for a human ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, encoded protein, antibodies, modulators; for therapeutics.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/21329

Parotid secretory protein

Palo Alto, Calif.

Human parotid secretory protein, encoding gene sequences, antisense, antibodies, modulators.

Incyte PharmaWO 98/21331

Steroid binding proteins

Palo Alto, Calif.

Gene sequences encoding human steroid binding proteins, encoded proteins, antibodies, modulators.

Indiana Univ.WO 98/21330

Exodus chemokine

Bloomington, Ind.

Gene sequences encoding a human macrophage-derived C-C chemokine named Exodus, encoded protein, fragments, analogs.

KokenEPO 844 004

Gene delivery preparation


Gene preparations containing vectors and inserted genes combined with carriers.

Life TechnologiesWO 98/21355

Mutated reporter protein

Rockville, Md.

Mutants of Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein, encoding genes; for fluorescent and visible light assays.

Massachusetts, Univ. ofWO 98/21358

Huntington's disease therapeutics assay


Cells expressing mutated huntingtin proteins; for identifying agents that effect clathrin-mediated endocytosis.

Mass. Gen. Hosp.WO 98/21345

Hybrid gene therapy vectors


Gene therapy vectors having both herpes and adeno-associated virus elements; for making highly infectious virions.

Mayo Fdn.WO 98/21365

Prostate cancer diagnosis

Rochester, Minn.

Assay for prostate-specific glandular kallikrein hK2 polypeptide or its mRNA; for diagnosing prostate cancer.

Michigan St. Univ.WO 98/21344

Fusion immunogenic vaccines

E. Lansing, Mich.

Small peptide antigens fused into the B subunit of E. coli heat-labile enterotoxin; for immunogenic vaccines.

Millennium PharmaWO 98/21363

HNF diabetes treatment

Cambridge, Mass.

Agonists of functional HNF bioactivity, mutant HNF, antibodies; for treating diabetes.

Minnesota, Univ. ofWO 98/21337

Streptococcus C3 binding protein


Human complement C3 binding protein from Streptococcus pneumoniae, purification; for therapeutics.

MorphogenesisWO 98/21334

Hematopoietic stem cell antibodies

Alachua, Fla.

Antibodies against an antigen on hematopoietic mononuclear stem cells; for facilitating bone marrow transplants.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.)WO 98/21338

Virus-like particles

Bethesda, Md.

Insect baculovirus expression of viral particles containing hepatitis C and E1/E2 proteins; for antibody production.

New York Blood Ctr.WO 98/21224

Duffy blood group antigen

New York

Gene for the Duffy blood group antigen, encoded protein, fragments, antibodies; for expression detection.

New York Blood Ctr.WO 98/21235

Malarial binding site

New York

Malarial binding site peptide from the Duffy blood group antigen, encoding gene sequence; for malaria treatment.

New York Blood Ctr.WO 98/21316

Transgenic blood group antibodies

New York

Methods for making monoclonal antibodies that are specific for polymorphic blood group antigens using transgenics.

Onyx PharmaWO 98/21342

Cell growth regulators

Richmond, Calif.

Gene sequences encoding cell growth regulatory proteins that phosphorylate cell cycle targets, encoded proteins.

Osiris TherapeuticsWO 98/20731

Mesenchymal stem cell isolation

Baltimore, Md.

Methods for isolating, purifying, and growing megakaryocyte-associated mesenchymal stem cells.

Pasteur MerieuxEPO 844 483

Cytotoxic activity assay

Lyon, France

Method for detecting cellular cytotoxic activity using suspect and sensitive cells, gene isolation [in French].

Pasteur MerieuxWO 98/21225

Ulcer vaccine

Lyon, France

Helicobacter polypeptides, encoding gene sequences; for vaccines to prevent infection and associated ulcers.

QBI EnterprisesWO 98/21321

Translationally regulated genes

Nes-Ziona, Israel

Selective stimulation of mRNAs with a stress inducing element; for finding internal ribosome entry sites.

QBI EnterprisesWO 98/21366

Subtraction gene identification

Nes-Ziona, Israel

Gene inactivation and determination of effect on cell phenotype; for subtraction analysis of affected gene.

Queen's Univ.WO 9821346

Plastid membrane transport protein

Kingston, Ont.

Plastid membrane transport protein, encoding gene constructs; for enhanced cellular translocation.

Rhone-Poulenc RorerWO 98/21327

APP endocytosis inhibitors

Antony, France

Peptides that interfere with the endocytosis of amyloid precursor protein (APP), encoding gene sequences.

Rhone-Poulenc RorerWO 98/21349

Liver cell-specific expression

Antony, France

Gene constructs, associated vectors, and hybrid promoters for liver cell-specific expression of proteins.

Sagami Chem. Res. Ctr.WO 98/21328

Transmembrane proteins

Sagamihara, Japan

Human proteins having transmembrane domains, encoding genes, recombinant versions of these proteins.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 844 253

Tubby 2 polpeptides

Brentford, U.K.

Tubby 2 polypeptides and encoding gene sequences; for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and obesity.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 844 305

hRAD54 polypeptides


hRAD54 polypeptides and encoding gene sequences; for diagnosis and treatment of syndromes prone to cancer conversion.

SmithKline BeechamEPO 844 307

Yeast caYAE1 polypeptides


caYAE1 polypeptides from Candida albicans yeast and encoding gene sequences; for infection diagnosis and treatment.

Soft GeneWO 98/21322

Safer gene therapy vectors

Berlin, Germany

Gene therapy constructs having only the sequences necessary for expression; for safer gene vaccines.

Southern California, Univ. ofWO 98/20907

Bone marrow cell transfection

Los Angeles

Isolation of TGF-beta-responsive cells from bone marrow; for transfection and therapeutic reintroduction.

Takeda ChemicalWO 98/21315

Presenilin variant cells

Osaka, Japan

Transformed cells that secrete a presenilin 2 variant; for screening inhibitors for Alzheimer's therapeutics.

Texas, Univ. ofWO 98/21350

Viral vector production

Austin, Texas

Inducible viral vector synthetic promoter that works in helper cells but not in target cells; for production.

Texas, Univ. ofWO 98/21359

Glutathione S-transferase variants

Austin, Texas

Genomic clones/cDNAs for glutathione S-transferase variants, encoded proteins, antibodies; for diagnosing gliomas.

Tufts Univ.WO 98/20903

Hemolytic uremia antibodies

Medford, Mass.

Humanized neutralizing antibodies specific for Shiga-like toxins; for treating hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Visible GeneticsWO 98/21361

Isothermal sequencing

Toronto, Ont.

Method and kit for direct isothermal sequencing of nucleic acids.