Company** Company# Type/Product Area Terms/Details (Month)
(Country) (Country)
Abgenix Inc. Genentech Inc. Research collaboration; use Genentech gets right to use Xeno-
(IPO pending) of Abgenix's XenoMouse Mouse technology and has option
technology to generate fully on license; if it exercises option,
human monoclonal antibodies Abgenix gets license fees, mile-
to undisclosed antigen in area of stones and royalties; Genentech
growth factor modulation responsible for product develop-
ment, manufacturing and market-
ing (4/98)
Acadia ArQule Inc. Collaboration to discover and If joint research efforts identify
Pharmaceuticals develop drug candidates for lead compounds, companies will
Inc.* undisclosed disease indications; use ArQule's Directed Array pro-
combined use of ArQule's Mapping gram to optimize them and
Array program with Acadia's cell- Acadia's R-SAT technology to
based screening technology R-SAT define structure-activity relation-
(Receptor Selection and Ampli- ships; companies will share owner-
fication Technology; cell-based ship rights to lead compounds as
functional analysis of genes) well as product revenues (4/98)
Affymetrix Inc. Genetics Institute Expanded GeneChip supply and 3-year, nonexclusive agreement;
Inc. (wholly owned database agreement (dates from Affymetrix gets $4M/year plus
subsidiary of Amer- 11/94) on use of DNA chips for high- custom design fees and fixed per-
ican Home Products throughput gene expression moni- chip fees; Genetics Institute will
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) toring; now, participants in Genetics also build and sell access to data-
Institute's DiscoverEase program base of gene expression patterns
will be able to access Affymetrix's to its DiscoverEase subscribers
GeneChip technology for expression (1/98)
analysis related to DiscoverEase
library of secreted proteins
Progenitor Inc. Collaboration to identify genetic Progenitor has option for exclusive
variations (polymorphisms) rights to therapeutic and prophy-
associated with asthma; development lactic applications of products;
of custom GeneChip DNA probe Affymetrix has option for diag-
arrays based on Progenitor's nostics; polymorphisms identified
database of full-length function- through collaboration will be
ally characterized genes derived added to Affymetrix's database;
from asthma patient DNA as well financial terms ND (1/98)
as single-cell cDNA libraries from
bronchial and inflammatory cells
Agouron Igen International Expansion of 10/97 high-through- The expansion will double the size
Pharmaceuticals Inc. put screening agreement to include of the original screening project;
Inc. the screening of particular drug further details ND (4/98)
candidates of Agouron with Igen's
Origen technology (electrochemi-
luminescent method for screening
chemical libraries)
AlphaGene Inc.* Genetics Institute Licensing agreement on AlphaGene's Genetics Institute gets exclusive
Inc. (wholly owned full-length human genes encoding license to genes and proteins,
subsidiary of Amer- secreted proteins for expression and which it will integrate into its
ican Home Products inclusion in Genetics Institute's DiscoverEase program and make
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) DiscoverEase protein development available to participants under
platform standard terms; AlphaGene gets
payments based on number and
timing of genes delivered to Gen-
etics Institute; AlphaGene will
share in milestones and royalties
from products developed using
its genes; further details ND (4/98)
Alza Corp. Alkermes Inc. Licensing agreement for Alza's Alkermes gets exclusive world-
oral drug delivery technologies wide license to technologies;
RingCap and Dose Sipping Alkermes responsible for continu-
Technology ed R&D of products that use the
technologies; Alza gets up-front
payments and part of product
revenues; Alza has option to
acquire exclusive worldwide
rights to certain products in thera-
peutic areas of interest to Alza
American Trevigen Inc.* Agreement to use American American Biogenetic will produce
Biogenetic Biogenetics' antigen-free tech- 4 monoclonal antibodies for
Sciences Inc. nology to produce monoclonal Trevigen; American Biogenetic
antibodies for Trevigen's screen- gets payments and 5% royalty on
ing assays to detect DNA mutations; all product sales; American Bio-
screening of American Biogenetics' genetics retains manufacturing
neurological compounds for rights for monoclonals (4/98)
ability to induce apoptosis
ArQule Inc. Immunex Corp. Collaboration on drugs for ArQule will use Immunex assays
treating inflammatory disorders; to identify compounds with bio-
use of ArQule's Mapping Array logical activity from its Mapping
program to identify small molecule Array program; once active leads
therapeutics based on new chemo- identified, Immunex will elect
kine gene discovered by Immunex whether to continue preclinical
development with ArQule or to
exclusively license leads to ArQule
for clinical and commercial devel-
opment (in exchange for mile-
stones and royalties); financial
terms ND (3/98)
Biomedical Allelix Biopharma- Genetic microarray collaboration; Allelix will evaluate a pre-produc-
Photometrics ceuticals Inc. use of Biomedical's GENEscope tion version of GENEscope instru-
Inc.* (Canada) (Canada) technology (uses fluorescence to ment; Allelix will fund research
read microarrays and gene chips) project; companies will share
in Allelix's drug discovery program rights to any inventions (3/98)
Cambridge Progenitor Inc. Broad-based gene-to-clinic Progenitor will supply set of molec-
Antibody collaboration; use of Progenitor's ular targets from its gene discov-
Technology genes as targets for Cambridge ery programs; Cambridge Anti-
Group plc (U.K.) Antibody's antibody-based thera- body will develop target-specific
peutics; also use of Cambridge antibodies that companies will use
Antibody's antibody-based to evaluate function and therapeu-
functional genomics tools to tic significance; companies will
characterize gene discoveries from bear own costs for joint research
Progenitor's programs in asthma, program; Cambridge Antibody has
inflammation, hematopoiesis and 1st rights to develop antibody-
angiogenesis based products; Progenitor has 1st
rights for other products; compan-
ies will pay each other milestones
and royalties; companies also
started joint program to develop
and commercialize therapeutics
based on Progenitor's leptin
receptor gene discovery (3/98)
Celtrix Genzyme Tissue Expansion of 6/94 collaboration Genzyme Tissue is developing
Pharmaceuticals Repair on recombinant transforming product as part of comprehensive
Inc. growth factor-beta 2 (TGF-B2) to approach to tissue repair and treat-
include Celtrix's TGF-B2 antibody ment of systemic disease; Gen-
and receptor technology zyme Tissue gets expanded tech-
nology and territory rights
(includes global commercialization
rights); Celtrix gets increased
revenue from future milestones
and royalties (2/98)
ChemDiv Inc.* Amylin Pharma- Agreement to screen ChemDiv's Amylin gets rights to any active
ceuticals Inc. small molecule library (TakeOneSet compounds and will control all
Library) for compounds with future research, development and
biological activity in area of marketing activities for drug can-
metabolic disorders, including didates; Amylin may seek 3rd
obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemia parties for development and/or
commercialization; ChemDiv gets
gets up-front access fees, mile-
stones and royalties (2/98)
Collateral Targeted Genetics Collaboration on use of Targeted Companies will assess feasibility
Therapeutics Inc. Corp. Genetics' recombinant adeno- of this approach and have option
(IPO pending) associated viral vector (rAAV) to collaborate further on use of
for cardiovascular gene transfer rAAV vector to deliver adenyl-
(nonsurgical gene therapy) cyclase gene into heart cells for
treating congestive heart failure;
financial terms ND (2/98)
CombiChem Inc. Athena Neuro- Expansion of 10/97 collaboration Athena is starting work on addi-
(NASDAQ:CCHM) sciences Inc. on small molecule compounds for tional project under collaboration
(wholly owned sub- treating central nervous system dis- and has taken an option on a tar-
sidiary of Elan orders to include more targets get not covered originally; Athena
Corp. plc; Ireland) (undisclosed) will make an undisclosed cash
payment to CombiChem for the
option (3/98)
CombiChem Inc. Icos Corp. Computational drug discovery Icos gets exclusive worldwide
(NASDAQ:CCHM) agreement; use of CombiChem's rights to develop and market any
Discovery Engine and Icos' small products that result; CombiChem
molecule drug library and high- gets up-front payment, research
throughput screens to generate support, milestones and royalties
lead compounds for undisclosed (4/98)
Copernicus Gene LXR Biotech- Collaboration to integrate 1 of LXR's ND (2/98)
Systems Inc.* nology Inc. anticancer genes (related to control
of apoptosis) into Copernicus' in
vivo gene transfer and expression
systems (which employ DNA
compaction technology)
Targeted Genetics Collaboration on nonviral gene Companies will work together to
Inc. therapy vectors; use of Copernicus' evaluate efficiency of gene trans-
DNA compaction technology on fer in preclinical models; com-
plasmid DNAs, which are then panies may further collaborate to
encapsulated in Targeted Genetics' develop gene therapies for cancer
LPD vectors (cationic lipid-based and other indications; they may
gene delivery systems) also seek 3rd parties for commer-
cial product development; finan-
cial terms ND (4/98)
Corixa Corp. CellPro Inc. Termination of 1/96 agreement CellPro terminated agreement as
on developing ex vivo adoptive a result of its need to conserve
immunotherapies for oncology resources for its ongoing patent
via Corixa's cancer antigens, infringement suit with Baxter et
microsphere delivery and adjuvant al.; all rights on Corixa's technol-
technologies ogy in area of adoptive immuno-
therapy revert to Corixa (4/98)
CuraGen Corp. ArQule Inc. Collaboration to discover compounds If leads identified through screen-
for treating cardiovascular disease, ing, companies will use ArQule's
endocrine/metabolic disorders, auto- Directed Array program to opti-
immune disease and cancer; ArQule's mize them; companies will share
Mapping Array libraries will be ownership rights to active lead
screened against thousands of bio- compounds and will share com-
logical targets via CuraGen's mercial revenues (1/98)
genomics-based technologies (multi-
plexed high-throughput screening
assays including CombiGen and
Hit Calling database)
Dyax Corp. Genetics Institute Collaboration to develop highly Genetics Institute will fund ligand
(IPO pending) Inc. (wholly owned selective affinity ligands via Dyax's discovery phase with option for
subsidiary of Amer- phage display technology for use in continued funding of development
ican Home Products purifying one of Genetics Institute's contingent on benchmarks; Genet-
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) biotherapeutic drug candidates ics Institute has option on exclu-
sive rights to resulting purification
reagents and processes; if exer-
cised, Dyax gets milestones and
royalties (1/98)
Dyax Corp. SangStat Medical Research collaboration; use of Dyax's SangStat will fund research and
(IPO pending) Corp. phage display technology to screen pay Dyax milestones and royalties;
for peptides that bind to specific com- SangStat gets exclusive worldwide
ponent of immune cells; for use with rights to products; further details
SangStat's Xenoject technology in ND (3/98)
preventing transplant rejection
Dynavax Vical Inc. Cross-licensing agreement on Royalty-bearing cross-license
Technologies patents for DNA immunization agreement grants each company
Corp.* technology (administration of DNA exclusive worldwide rights to
sequences that encode versions combine respective DNA immuni-
of tumor-associated antigens to zation technologies; each com-
cancer patients through skin; DNA pany retains full rights to its tech-
stimulates immune response by anti- nology in other applications (1/98)
gen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes)
Emisphere Elan Corp. plc Expansion of 11/95 joint venture Elan will exercise all of its war-
Technologies Inc. (Ireland) on oral formulations of heparin to rants (equal to 0.25M shares of
include initiation of clinical develop- Emisphere common stock), which
ment of oral formulation of low- it acquired when the joint venture
molecular-weight heparin (anti- was formed (strike price is $16.25
coagulant, antithrombotic) per share, or $6.5M total), after
which Elan owns 8.6% stake in
Emisphere; companies are seek-
ing 3rd party for product develop-
ment and commercialization;
further details ND (1/98)
Epitope Inc. Analytical Genetic Agreement to jointly develop DNA ND (1/98)
Testing Center Inc.* test kits for forensic DNA testing
market based on Epitope's OraSure
oral specimen collection device
Genaissance Terrapin Tech- Collaboration to validate biological Companies will jointly seek 3rd
Pharmaceuticals nologies Inc.* targets and identify active compounds parties to develop and commer-
Inc.* (name changed for treating estrogen-related problems cialize drug candidates; further
to Telik Inc. in women's health; use of Terrapin's details ND (2/98)
in 5/98) chemoinformatics technologies to
identify drug candidates that modulate
role of estrogen receptor variants
Genometrix Inc.* GeneMedicine Inc. High-throughput multiplex screen- GeneMedicine has nonexclusive
ing agreement; use of Genometrix's option to buy Genometrix's
medium-density DNA microarrays human universal cancer array
for high-throughput analysis of gene product; further details ND (4/98)
expression profiles in mice treated
with GeneMedicine's cancer gene
therapy products
GenQuest Inc.* Introgen Thera- Gene therapy agreement; use of Introgen has exclusive option to
peutics Inc.* tumor suppressor gene mda-7 for license mda-7 gene; GenQuest
gene therapy in cancer gets up-front payment; if Introgen
exercises option, GenQuest also
gets research funds, milestone pay-
ments and royalties (3/98)
Genzyme Hexagen plc* Genomics collaboration; use of Hexagen gets use of SAGE tech-
Molecular (U.K.) Genzyme Molecular's SAGE tech- nology and will pay Genzyme
Oncology nology (serial analysis of gene Molecular undisclosed user fees;
(IPO pending) expression) in Hexagen's Hexagen retains exclusive rights
disease gene discovery programs, to information; Hexagen has
initially for Type II diabetes option to license SAGE for in-
susceptibility genes house use for multiple applica-
tions (3/98)
Ontogeny Inc.* Genomics collaboration; incorpora- Genzyme Molecular will produce
tion of Genzyme Molecular's SAGE SAGE libraries using RNA sup-
technology (serial analysis of gene plied by Ontogeny; Ontogeny will
expression) in Ontogeny's develop- incorporate libraries into its
mental biology discovery system systems; financial terms ND (2/98)
Genzyme Invitrogen Corp.* Distribution agreement on Genzyme Invitrogen will package expression
Transgenics Corp. Transgenic's transgenic expression system as a kit that it will sell for
vectors (consist of beta casein pro- research purposes (uses limited to
moter and additional DNA sequences mouse model systems); Genzyme
for insertion of gene of interest into Transgenics gets royalties (4/98)
fertilized ovum; expression con-
fined to mammary gland in adult)
Progenics Pharma- Collaboration to produce Progenics' Following success of initial devel-
ceuticals Inc. HIV therapeutic PRO 542 (fusion opment phase, companies will
protein; antibody-like molecule) in enter into agreement for commer-
milk of transgenic goats cial production of product (2/98)
Human Genome Transgene SA Gene therapy agreement; combines 10-year program; Transgene has
Sciences Inc. (France) Human Genome's genomics data- right to exclusively license and
base with Transgene's gene delivery sublicense up to 10 genes from
systems Human Genome; Transgene has
rights to develop, manufacture and
commercialize any gene therapy
products worldwide; if companies
decide to codevelop and comar-
ket products, Human Genome gets
rights in North America, Trans-
gene gets Europe and the compan-
ies share the rest of world; Human
Genome bought 10% equity stake
in Transgene's IPO (for $25M);
Human Genome gets initial license
fee; Transgene will fund research
in amount equal to Human Gen-
ome's stock purchase; additional
payments to Human Genome
depend on number of genes licens-
ed and milestones; companies
will pay reciprocal royalties on
comarketed products (3/98)
Immunex Corp. Genetics Institute Immunex will become a participant Immunex gets access to Discover-
Inc. (wholly owned in Genetics Institute's DiscoverEase Ease protein library, correspond-
subsidiary of Amer- protein development program (based ing genes and relational database
ican Home Products on signal sequence trap technology of associated information; Genet-
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) that identifies and isolates fragments ics Institute retains option to co-
of genes coding for secreted proteins); develop and co-commercialize
Immunex intends to search for products; if it chooses not to exer-
immune system proteins with cize this option, benchmarks and
therapeutic potential royalties will apply (4/98)
Imugen Inc.* Corixa Corp. Diagnostics collaboration; licensing Imugen gets exclusive license to
of some of Corixa's recombinant antigens, including right to sub-
antigens for diagnosing the tick- license antigens for reference lab
borne diseases Babesia microti and testing in U.S. and Canada;
human granulocytic Ehrlichiosis Corixa gets share of revenues from
sale of diagnostic kits or blood
screening tests (4/98)
Initiatech Inc.* Inhale Therapeutic Licensing agreement on Initiatech's Inhale gets exclusive license to
Systems protein stability formulation tech- technology for use in area of
nology and patents (for protecting respiratory delivery of pharma-
biologically active compounds in ceuticals and for any delivery form
dry state); Inhale will use technology of insulin; further details ND
as means to stabilize dry powder (4/98)
aerosol formulations of peptides,
proteins and other macromolecules
Inspire NeoGenesis Inc.* Strategic alliance on drugs for Inspire will screen NeoGenesis'
Pharmaceuticals respiratory disease; use of Neo- compounds with its cell-based
Inc.* Genesis' NeoMorph combinatorial assay system (Mucosa) to identify
chemistry libraries to discover drug candidates for lead optimiza-
compounds that act at the P2Y(2) tion; further details ND (3/98)
receptor (regulator of mucociliary
clearance from respiratory tract)
Introgen OncorMed Inc. OncorMed will conduct p53 gene OncorMed will analyze clinical
Therapeutics Inc.* testing for Introgen's Phase I clinical tissue samples to expand knowl-
trials of its adenoviral p53 gene edge of role of p53 in cancer;
therapy further details ND (4/98)
Isis Genelabs Tech- Collaborative agreement under the Research will focus on under-
Pharmaceuticals nologies Inc. auspices of the Defense Advanced standing properties of mole-
Inc. Research Projects Agency; com- cules that bind to nucleic
panies will use respective drug dis- acids (Isis to focus on RNA;
covery technologies to develop Genelabs on DNA); also, Gene-
countermeasures for biological labs will screen Isis' library of
warfare (especially antipathogens) small molecules for DNA-binding
abilities (3/98)
Layton Incyte Pharma- Licensing agreement on Layton's Incyte gets exclusive license to
Bioscience Inc.* ceuticals Inc. fundamental RNA amplification and technology; further details ND
gene expression analysis technology (3/98)
(including a non-PCR-based RNA
amplification technology)
Lemery SA de CV Sequus Pharma- Marketing and distribution of Lemery gets exclusive rights to
(wholly owned sub- ceuticals Inc. Amphocil (lipid-based colloidal market and distribute product in
sidiary of Gensia dispersion of amphotericin B) as Mexico and Central America for
Sicor Inc.; Mexico) 2nd-line therapy for severe 5 years; after that, Sequus has
systemic fungal infections option to comarket drug (2/98)
Lexicon Genetics Genetics Institute Functional genomics research Multiyear agreement; Lexicon
Inc.* Inc. (wholly owned agreement for rapid engineering of will provide up to 30 lines of
subsidiary of Amer- custom knockout mice via homol- knockout mice to Genetics Insti-
ican Home Products ogous recombination (mice engineer- tute's specified gene targets;
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) ed to carry mutant alleles of specific financial details ND (2/98)
genes; for drug target validation)
ZymoGenetics Inc. Functional genomics agreement; use Multiyear agreement; ZymoGenet-
(unit of Novo of Lexicon's gene sequence data- ics gets nonexclusive access to
Nordisk A/S; base (that corresponds to library of Lexicon's OmniBank library; Novo
NYSE:NVO; mutant mouse embryonic stem cell Nordisk also gets access to OmniBank
Denmark) clones) to generate mouse mutants information and mutant mice under
for use in ZymoGenetics' programs the agreement; Lexicon gets annual
in gene functional analysis and fees for database future access as
drug discovery well as fees for developing mutant
mice and royalties on sales (1/98)
Ligand Cytel Corp. Licensing agreement on family of Cytel gets nonexclusive world-
Pharmaceuticals Glycomed patents relating to certain wide license on patents; Glycomed
Inc. and its wholly carbohydrate compounds for treat- gets up-front fee of $0.9M (paid in
owned subsidiary ing acute inflammation (including restricted Cytel stock); Glycomed
Glycomed Inc. Cytel's cell adhesion inhibitor also gets $1.5M milestone on 1st
Cylexin) FDA filing and $3.5M on 1st FDA
approval of each licensed product;
Cytel has option to make payments
in Cytel common stock; Glycomed
also gets royalties on sales of licensed
or sublicensed products (2/98)
Maxim Amgen Inc. Agreement to combine Maxamine ND (2/98)
Pharmaceuticals (H2 receptor agonist) with Infergen
Inc. (concensus alpha interferon) in
planned clinical trial
MDS Panlabs Inc. Tripos Inc. Restructuring of joint collaboration Tripos will retain financial stake
(subsidiary of MDS covering the Optiverse chemical in Optiverse business; sales and
Inc.; TSE:MHG.A; library business (created via computer- distribution responsibilities will
MHG.B; Canada) assisted design; used to find molecular transfer to MDS-Panlabs on
structures that interact with proteins 7/1/98; companies will continue
and other cellular components) to work together on contract
R&D projects with 3rd parties
(see items below) (4/98)
MDS Panlabs Inc. Cell Pathways Inc.* Collaborative drug research Cell Pathways will fund research;
(subsidiary of MDS agreement; use of Optiverse chemi- MDS Panlabs and Tripos get
Inc.; TSE:MHG.A; cal library to screen for compounds royalties on future product sales;
MHG.B; Canada) and that suppress growth of cancer cells further details ND (3/98)
Tripos Inc. via apoptosis, as well as to design
additional compounds and synthesize
custom compounds
MDS Panlabs Inc. Genelabs Tech- Genelabs contracted with all 3 Tripos will design compounds via
(subsidiary of MDS nologies Inc. companies to access their combi- molecular modeling; MDS Panlabs
Inc.; TSE:MHG.A; natorial chemistry libraries for will then synthesize those com-
MHG.B; Canada); designing small molecule compounds pounds; SRI, working indepen-
Tripos Inc. and that bind double-stranded DNA dently, will use solid-phase combi-
SRI International (by displacing transcription factors natorial synthesis to make mole-
from their DNA binding sites, the cules to Genelabs' specifications
goal is to alter gene expression) (3/98)
MedImmune Inc. Siga Pharma- Licensing agreement on Med- Siga signed agreements with Med-
ceuticals Inc. Immune's antibacterial technology Immune, Astra AB and Washing-
(based on 2 key enzymes that are ton University, St. Louis, to acquire
required for assembly of pili on exclusive rights to technology;
Gram-negative bacteria, which MedImmune gets 0.34M shares Siga
allow attachment to human cells) stock (5.3% stake) in exchange for
exclusive rights to technology (2/98)
Mitotix Inc.* Cell Genesys Inc. Collaboration on cardiovascular Cell Genesys gets exclusive world-
gene therapy; use of Cell Genesys' wide license to use 3 genes for
2nd-generation adenoviral vector development of gene therapy pro-
technology with Mitotix's cell ducts for cardiovascular disease
cycle genes p16, p27 and p27-16 and other indications; Cell Gene-
fusion (play key roles in regulation sys will seek 3rd party to commer-
of cell growth); Mitotix will also cialize products; Mitotix will share in
conduct research on cell cycle certain revenues and gets milestone
inhibitors payments from Cell Genesys (4/98)
Molecular Lifecodes Corp.* DNA microarray technology access Lifecodes will provide funding
Dynamics Inc. agreement; for continued develop- and technical expertise, while
and Amersham ment of high-throughput microarray gaining early access to integrated
Pharmacia Biotech system (which compares levels of microarray systems; Molecular
(Sweden) gene expression in normal and Dynamics and Amersham will
diseased cells) supply their integrated hardware,
software and chemistry system;
Lifecodes will use technology to
support development of improved
methods of DNA-based genetic
analysis (2/98)
Phase-1 Molecular DNA microarray technology access Phase-1 will provide funding and
Technology Inc.* agreement; for continued develop- technical expertise while gaining
ment of high-throughput microarray early access to integrated micro-
system (which compares levels of array systems; companies will co-
gene expression in normal and develop pre-arrayed cDNA slides
diseased cells) for toxicology testing; Molecular
Dynamics will manufacture Tox-
Array slides and offer them pref-
erentially to other participants in
microarray technology access
program (1/98)
Mycogen Corp. Axis Genetics plc* Licensing agreement on Mycogen's Axis gets nonexclusive license
(U.K.) technology for genetically altering to technology for human health
plants to produce and deliver applications; Mycogen gets annual
edible vaccines license fees and royalties (3/98)
Neurogen Corp. Cubist Pharma- Collaboration on anti-infective Companies will share equally in
ceuticals Inc. compounds active against drug- revenues resulting from future
resistant microorganisms, especially product sales; further details ND
life-threatening pathogens; screen- (4/98)
ing of Cubist's biochemical and whole
cell-based assays against part of
Neurogen's combinatorial library
(generated with its accelerated
intelligent drug design program)
NeuroVir Inc.* Cephalon Inc. Collaboration to create models of Cephalon will fund research and
(Canada) Huntington's disease (to evaluate pay milestones; under certain con-
potential therapeutics); involves use ditions (undisclosed), Cephalon
of NeuroVir's technologies for delivery may make equity investment in
of genes to central nervous system NeuroVir (2/98)
(vector based on outer shell of
herpes simplex virus)
NovaDx Metra Biosystems Development and joint venture Metra acquired worldwide rights
International Inc. Inc. agreement on NovaDx's Chondrex to technology, including all avail-
(VSE:NVN) immunoassay and proteomics-based able sublicensing rights; Metra
technology (which identifies serum also gets rights to diagnostics
proteins formed by targeted genes) applications of proteomics-based
for osteoporosis and arthritis technologies; Metra will buy
diagnostics equity in NovaDx at premium to
market; NovaDx also gets up-front
and milestone payments, sublicens-
ing fees and royalties (1/98)
Novavax Inc. Cantab Pharma- Collaboration on use of Novasome Cantab gets 6-month option on
ceuticals plc (U.K.) technology (lipid vesicles) as worldwide license to technology;
adjuvant in Cantab's TA-CIN Novavax will supply several
immunotherapeutic vaccine for different Novasome adjuvants for
cervical dysplasia (vaccine composed Cantab to test; Cantab's option is
of selected protein components of extendable for 2nd 6-month period
types 16 and 18 human papilloma- with additional payments to Nova-
virus) vax; if Cantab exercises option,
Novavax gets up-front license fee,
additional fees, milestones and
royalties (1/98)
OncorMed Inc. Affymetrix Inc. Expansion of 9/96 collaboration on OncorMed will supply tissue sam-
GeneChip-based genetic testing ples; Affymetrix will design and
services (for cancer-associated genes); supply custom and standard
companies will codevelop gene expression monitoring GeneChip
expression database as drug probe arrays and related technol-
development tool for 3rd-party ogy; OncorMed will generate
subscribers; initial focus will be high-resoultion gene expression
to profile selected genes against data; Affymetrix will market data-
tissues from various normal and base; companies will share sub-
diseased organ systems scription revenues; OncorMed
may provide GeneChip expression
analysis services to 3rd party
customers (3/98)
Orasomal Elan Corp plc Joint venture on oral and mucosal Joint venture will exclusively
Technologies (Ireland) prophylactic and therapeutic license Elan's oral and mucosal
(majority-owned vaccines for human and veterinary drug delivery technologies; part-
subsidiary of uses; includes Orasomal Tech- ners contributed $10M total to
Endorex Corp.) nologies' Orasome polymerized joint venture (80.1% owned by
liposome technology (licensed Endorex); Elan bought $10M in
exclusively from Massachusetts Endorex equity (0.31M shares of
Institute of Technology) common stock at $6.50 each for
$2M total and $8M in preferred
stock, convertible into common at
$7.50/share); Elan also got war-
rants to buy 0.23M shares Endorex
common stock at $10 each; com-
panies will share R&D funding
equally in 1st year and proportion-
ately thereafter; joint venture paid
Elan $10M initial license fee; Elan may
get milestones and royalties (1/98)
OraVax Inc. Biomerica Inc. Licensing agreement on OraVax's Biomerica gets exclusive royalty-
(NASDAQ:BMRA) Helicobacter pylori antigen CagA bearing sublicense to antigen for
for use in diagnostics for detecting use in diagnostic tests (ELISA and
virulent strains of the bacterium point-of-care); OraVax retains
rights to use of CagA for vaccines
to treat or prevent diseases caused
by H. pylori infection (4/98)
Oxford Incyte Pharma- Joint program in proteomics 4-year collaboration; Oxford
GlycoSciences plc ceuticals Inc. (large-scale high-throughput GlycoSciences gets access to
(LSE:OGS; U.K.) analysis of protein expression); Incyte's LifeSeq and PathoSeq
companies will develop and databases for use in its internal
commercialize proteomics data- drug discovery programs in field
bases for human, animal, plant of glycobiology; Incyte gets
and microbial organisms access to Oxford GlycoScience's
automated high-throughput protein
expression analysis technology;
companies will co-own intellectual
property and share profits; Incyte
will offer proteomics databases
on nonexclusive basis to cus-
tomers; companies will comarket
satellite programs to individual
customers in specific areas of
interest; Incyte will make $5M
equity investment in Oxford
GlycoSciences (1/98)
Oxford Molecular Oxford Glyco- Research agreement; use of 5-year agreement; Oxford Glyco-
Group plc, its divi- Sciences plc Oxford Molecular's research and Sciences will fund research and
sion Collaborative (LSE:OGS; U.K.) consulting services in drug design, pay milestones and royalties;
Discovery and its combinatorial chemistry and high- Oxford GlycoSciences retains
associate companies throughput screening to design and exclusive rights to newly designed
Cambridge Combi- synthesize inhibitors of carbohydrate- and synthesized compounds;
natorial Ltd. and processing enzymes (for treating financial details ND (2/98)
Cambridge Drug fungal infections)
Discovery (all U.K.)
Palatin TheraTech Inc. Strategic collaboration to develop Palatin gets certain licensing
Technologies Inc. oral transmucosal delivery systems rights and will fund development
for several peptide products; initial costs of PT-14 delivery system;
focus is PT-14, Palatin's 7-amino- companies may also collaborate on
acid peptide (melanocortin peptido- alternate dosage forms for other
mimetic) for treating erectile Palatin peptides/peptidomimetics;
dysfunction TheraTech will make equity
investment in Palatin (3/98)
Peptimmune Inc.* Peptide Thera- Collaboration to design and develop Companies will jointly develop
peutics Group plc orally available drugs for inhibiting and own any new products; further
(U.K.) cathepsin S (enzyme that plays key details ND (3/98)
role in initiating immune response
via antigen recognition), initially for
treating asthma; use of Peptide
Therapeutics' RAPiD technology
(rational approach to protease
inhibitor design) to generate
cathepsin S inhibitors
Phogen Ltd. (joint Invitrogen Corp.* Licensing agreement; use of Pho- Invitrogen gets worldwide license
venture company gen's VP22-based reagents (VP22 is to sell reagents to research market;
formed by Cantab herpesvirus structural protein, used Phogen gets up-front license fee,
Pharmaceuticals plc as intracellular delivery vehicle for and royalties on reagent sales
and Marie Curie peptides, proteins and DNA) (4/98)
Cancer Center [both
Scios Inc. Genetics Institute Scios subscribed to Genetics Scios will use the DiscoverEase
Inc. (wholly owned Institute's DiscoverEase protein library for research in cardiorenal
subsidiary of Amer- development platform (based on disorders and Alzheimer's disease;
ican Home Products signal sequence trap technology Scios gets access to library of
Corp.; NYSE:AHP) that identifies and isolates fragments expressed human secreted proteins,
of genes coding for secreted corresponding cDNAs and data-
proteins) base (1/98)
Sepracor Inc. ArQule Inc. Collaboration to develop thera- Companies will share ownership
peutics that target resistant strains rights to any active lead com-
of HIV and hepatitis B virus; use of pounds; they will also share
ArQule's Mapping Array program revenues on commercialization;
to identify lead compounds and further details ND (3/98)
Directed Array program to optimize
them; also employs Sepracor's
Anticipated Evolved Target tech-
nology for identifying resistance
of viruses to drugs before this trait
appears in general population
Seragen Inc. DiagnoCure Inc. Licensing agreement on Seragen's Seragen gets royalties on sales of
(OTC Bulletin Board: (MSE:CUR; fusion protein technology for use in products incorporating its technol-
SRGN) Canada) DiagnoCure's nanovector technology ogy; further details ND (2/98)
(based on nanoerythrosomes, made
from red blood cells) for delivering
genes or drugs to cells; initial focus
on therapies for genito-urinary tract
Systems Aurora Bio- Combinatorial chemistry agreement; Multiyear collaboration; SIDDCO
Integration Drug sciences Inc. SIDDCO will synthesize up to 2.4M gets certain license and synthesis
Discovery Co. discrete compounds for use in payments; Aurora will take equity
(SIDDCO)* Aurora's ultra-high-throughput stake in SIDDCO via purchase of
screening and pharmaco-informatics preferred shares (4/98)
Theratechnologies Genetix Pharma- Strategic alliance; incorporation of Genetix gets exclusive license to
Inc. (MSE:TH; Canada) ceuticals* Theratechnologies' modified Vpr Vpr technology; Theratechnol-
protein into Genetix' therapeutic ogies gets up-front payment, mile-
gene delivery system stones and royalties from sub-
licenses or product sales (4/98)
Tripos Inc. Sepracor Inc. Collaboration to codevelop new Companies will jointly develop
computer-aided research methods technology and products and
for discovering improved HIV share profits from sales; funding
protease inhibitors and therapies comes from Small Business Inno-
for treating drug-resistant strains vation Research grant (2/98)
of HIV
Vical Inc. Centocor Inc. Licensing agreement on Vical's Centocor licensed technology for
"naked DNA" technology for use use with certain antigens; Vical got
in gene-based therapeutic vaccines $2M initial fee and gets additional
for treating certain cancers payments and royalties (2/98)
Xoma Corp. Invitrogen Corp.* Licensing agreement on Xoma's Invitrogen will incorporate tech-
microbial cell expression systems nology into its plasmid vectors for
(AraB promoter system that controls DNA cloning and protein expres-
expression of recombinant proteins sion; Invitrogen will sell vectors
in microbial cells, and pelB secretion and possibly recombinant proteins
system that improves yields) for research purposes; Xoma gets
license fee and royalties (4/98)
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 17-18.
# Indicates funding partner, where applicable.
ND = Not disclosed; LSE = London Stock Exchange; MSE = Montreal Stock Exchange; TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange; VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange
@ This list covers all collaborations announced between 1/1/98 and 4/30/98. It does not, however, include collaborations that concern only agricultural or animal health products.