Biotech Company** Product Pharma Partner Type Arrangement/Geographic Area/
(Country) (Country) Details (Date)
AltaRex Corp. Ovarex therapeutic Medac GmbH AltaRex reacquired marketing rights in
(Canada) vaccine for delaying (Germany) Western Europe from Medac; AltaRex
time to relapse in decided to terminate all European clinical
ovarian cancer patients trials for the present because it is conduct-
and for improving ing 2 parallel trials in North America (1/98)
survival in these patients
(based on anti-idiotype
induction therapy;
2 Phase II/III North
American clinical trials
Anesta Corp. Product line of oral Grupo Ferrer (Spain) Ferrer has exclusive right to market, sell
transmucosal fentanyl and distribute products in Spain and
products, including Portugal (1/98)
Actiq (for treating
breakthrough pain in
cancer patients)
Athena Neurosciences Wyeth-Ayerst's prod- Wyeth-Ayerst Labor- Elan acquired exclusive product distribution
Inc. (wholly owned uct Mysoline (primi- atories (division of rights and trademark in U.S. and Canada;
subsidiary of Elan done; anticonvulsant American Home agreement subject to clearance by Federal
Corp. plc; Ireland) for treating epilepsy Products Corp.; Trade Commission (2/98)
and seizure disorders) NYSE:AHP)
Bio-Technology GrowJect Injectable JCR Pharmaceuticals JCR is Bio-Technology General's Japanese
General Corp. (recombinant human Co. Ltd. and Sumitomo licensee for this product; JCR will supply
growth hormone) Pharmaceuticals Co. Sumitomo with product, which Sumitomo
Ltd. (both Japan) will distribute in Japan beginning in 1/99
(following the termination of its distribu-
tion agreement for Pharmacia & Upjohn
Inc.'s Genotropin at the end of 1998) (1/98)
Biomatrix Inc. Synvisc (elasto- Novartis Pharma AG Novartis gets exclusive marketing and dis-
viscous hylan bio- (Switzerland) tribution rights in Mexico, Central America,
polymer for treating South America and the Caribbean; Bio-
osteoarthritis of knee; matrix gets $3.5M in fees; Novartis respon-
FDA approved 8/97) sible for marketing approvals in its territor-
ies; Novartis also will conduct post-market-
ing clinical trials in Mexico, Argentina and
Brazil (3/98)
BioTime Inc. Hextend (synthetic blood Nihon Pharmaceutical Letter of intent to negotiate licensing agree-
plasma volume expand- Co. Ltd. (Japan) ment for Nihon to manufacture and market
er) to replace blood lost product in Japan (1/98)
in surgery or trauma
(NDA submitted 12/97)
Centocor Inc. Retevase (reteplase; Roche Healthcare Ltd. As part of its purchase of Corange Ltd. (the
recombinant plasmino- (affiliate of Roche parent company of Boehringer Mannheim
gen activator) for Holding Ltd.; GmbH, the manufacturer and marketer of
treating acute myo- Switzerland) Retevase), the Federal Trade Commission
cardial infarction required Roche to divest Retevase; Cento-
(FDA approved 10/96) cor paid $335M cash for the U.S. and
Canadian rights to the product (including
intellectual property and various marketing
assets) (definitive agreement 2/98; finalized
Cephalon Inc. Aguettant's Apokinon Laboratoire Aguettant Cephalon's U.K. subsidiary has 10-year
(apomorphine HCl) for SA (France) agreement to market product in France;
treating Parkinson's further details ND (1/98)
Genentech Inc. Recombinant human Sumitomo Pharma- Sumitomo gets exclusive rights to develop,
growth hormone (hGH) ceuticals Co. Ltd. import and distribute both products in
products Nutropin AQ (Japan) Japan; Genentech got large up-front payment
(FDA-approved) and and also gets milestones; Genentech and
ProLease hGH (sustained- Alkermes will manufacture products for
release formulation of sale to Sumitomo (1/98)
hGH, employs Alkermes
Inc.'s drug delivery
technology; currently
in U.S. Phase III trials
for growth hormone-
deficient children)
Immunomedics Inc. CEA-Scan (radiolabeled Bergen Brunswick Bergen Brunswick will distribute product
monoclonal antibody- Specialty Co. (wholly in U.S. after the Mallinckrodt agreement
based in vivo diagnostic owned subsidiary of terminates in 4/98 (see below) (3/98)
imaging agent for colo- Bergen Brunswick
rectal cancer) Corp.; NYSE:BBC)
CEA-Scan (radiolabeled Mallinckrodt Group Termination of marketing and distribution
monoclonal antibody- Inc. (NYSE:MKG) agreements in Europe (from 3/95) and U.S.
based in vivo diagnostic (from 4/96); Immunomedics said its deci-
imaging agent for colo- sion was strategic; Eli Lilly and Co. (which
rectal cancer) agreed in 12/97 to distribute Immuno-
medics' infectious disease imaging agent
LeukoScan in Europe) will handle distribu-
tion of CEA-Scan, as well (2/98)
Integra LifeSciences Two products used in Century Medical Inc. Century Medical gets rights to distribute
Corp. surgical procedures to (wholly owned sub- products in Japan; further details ND (1/98)
control bleeding (Heli- sidiary of Itochu
stat and Helitene, both Corp.; Japan)
made of absorbable
Integra LifeSciences Two neurosurgery prod- Century Medical Inc. This is 3rd agreement between companies;
Corp. ucts: dural regeneration (wholly owned subsid- Century Medical gets rights to distribute
device (collagen-based iary of Itochu Corp.; products in Japan; Integra gets up-front fee
matrix) and peripheral Japan) of $1M in 1Q:98; Century will buy $4M of
nerve regeneration Integra preferred stock (0.5M shares) in
conduit (thin collagen 2Q:98; Century Medical will fund all costs
tube) of product development and approval in
Japan; 7-year distribution rights begin on
day of product approval in Japan (3/98)
Isis Pharmaceuticals Antisense oligo- Zeneca LifeScience Five-year contract; Zeneca will manufacture
Inc. nucleotides Molecules (division antisense oligonucleotides for use in Isis'
of Zeneca Group plc; clinical trials and for sale to 3rd parties;
NYSE:ZEN; U.K.) financial terms ND (3/98)
Matritech Inc. NMP22 test kit for Curtin Matheson Sci- Curtin Matheson will distribute product in
management of patients entific/Fisher Health- U.S. (3/98)
with bladder cancer Care (division of
(enzyme immunoassay Fisher Scientific Inter-
that measures cancer- national Inc.)
specific nuclear matrix
protein antigens in urine;
FDA-approved 7/96)
Penederm Inc. Alpharma's permethrin Alpharma Inc. Penederm will market product in U.S. under
cream 5% (topical treat- (NYSE:ALO) its Acticin brand name; Alpharma will manu-
ment of scabies infection; facture and supply product to Penederm;
FDA approved 1/98) Alpharma gets milestones and royalties (1/98)
Ribi ImmunoChem Melacine melanoma Schering-Plough Schering-Plough gets exclusive worldwide
Research Inc. vaccine (lysed, purified Corp. (NYSE:SGP) rights (except Canada) to distribute, market
cells from 2 human and sell product; Ribi gets $30M in signing
melanoma cell lines fees and milestones on gaining U.S. and Euro-
combined with Detox pean marketing approvals for Melacine as
adjuvant) monotherapy for Stage IV disease; additional
milestones on gaining U.S. and European ap-
provals for Melacine as either combination
therapy with Intron A for Stage IV disease
or as monotherapy for preventing recurrence
of Stage II disease; Ribi also gets transfer pay-
ments for supplies of Melacine and margins
on sales (3/98)
TheraTech Inc. TheraTech's oral trans- SmithKline Beecham SmithKline gets worldwide marketing
mucosal nicotine product plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) rights (except in South Korea); TheraTech
(for smoking control) gets signing fees, R & D payments, mile-
stones and royalties (2/98)
Vion Pharmaceuticals Vion's Melasyn technology San Mar Laboratories San Mar gets exclusive worldwide license to
Inc. (soluble form of melanin) manufacture, market and sell products con-
for use in skin care prod- taining Melasyn; Vion gets guaranteed annual
ucts and cosmeceuticals royalties over initial 3-year period (2/98)
# This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between 1/1/98 and 3/24/98.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 13-14.