Company** Product Description Indication Status/Date
Avax Technologies O-Vax Therapeutic vaccine; Advanced ovarian Presented results of small
Inc. tumor cells removed cancer clinical study at the Soc-
from patient, modified iety of Gynecologic On-
with hapten (DNP; di- cologists meeting in Or-
nitrophenyl), then lando (2/18)
reinjected into patient
(along with cyclophos-
phamide) to stimulate
patient's immune system
CellPro Inc. Ceprate B- Device intended to To be used with the FDA granted company an
Cell Depletion reduce number of B Ceprate SC Stem Cell investigational device
System cells in peripheral blood Collection System to exemption to initiate
stem cell graft purge lymphoma cells clinical trial (2/19)
from blood used for
autologous hematopo-
ietic transplantation in
patients with relapsed
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Human Genome MPF-1 Human myeloid pro- Protection of hemato- Initiated Phase I trial
Sciences Inc. genitor inhibitory factor poietic progenitor cells (12/18)#
(genomics-derived; in human bone marrow
member of chemokine/ from toxic effects of
interleukin family) chemotherapy
Idec Rituxan Rituxan is genetically Relpased or refractory Initiated Phase III pivotal
Pharmaceuticals (FDA- engineered chimeric B cell non-Hodgkin's trial (2/24)
Corp. approved) pan-B monoclonal anti- lymphoma
and body that targets CD20
IDEC-Y2B8 antigen on B cell sur-
face; IDEC-Y2B8 is
murine monoclonal
antibody (that also
targets CD20 antigen),
conjugated to radio-
isotope yttrium-90
Ilex Oncology Inc. Aminopterin Anti-folate; inhibits Persistent or recur- Initiated Phase II trial
cancer cell replication rent endometrial (2/24)
cancer in patients who
have failed prior
Ligand Panretin Chemically synthesized Kaposi's sarcoma in Analyses of 2 open-label
Pharmaceuticals Capsules version of 9-cis-retinoic AIDS patients (oral) Phase II trials showed
Inc. acid (natural hormone patient response rates of
derived from vitamin A) 38% and 37% (2/10)
Maxim Maxamine H2 receptor agonist that Combination therapy Initiated international
Pharmaceuticals blocks phagocyte signal with interleukin-2 for Phase III trial (U.S.,
Inc that leads to death of improving relapse- Europe and Australia)
natural killer T cells remission in acute (2/19)
myelogenous leukemia
SunPharm Corp. DEHOP Diethyl-homospermine Non-Hodgkin's lymph- FDA cleared protocol
(polyamine analogue) oma in AIDS patients for Phase I trial (2/2)
Icos Corp. Hu23F2G Humanized monoclonal Hemorrhagic shock Initiated Phase II trial
antibody that blocks (2/17)
cell adhesion (inhibits
movement of neutro-
phils from blood into
Texas Biotech- TBC 11251 Small molecule drug; Congestive heart Terminated Phase IIa
nology Corp. endothelin-A receptor failure trial ahead of schedule
antagonist (oral dosage) due to achievement of
statistical significance
after enrolling 24 patients
CoCensys Inc. Ganaxolone Synthetic version of Acute treatment of Reported results of Phase
naturally occurring migraine headaches II trial at conference
neuroactive steroids sponsored by the Dia-
(epalons) that bind to mond Headache Clinic
GABA-A receptors in Research and Educational
brain Foundation (2/19)
Discovery Thera- N-0923 Transdermal patch Mild-to-severe Park- Reported preliminary re-
peutics Inc.* Patch formulated with dopa- inson's disease sults of North American
mine D2 agonist N-0923 Phase IIb trial (2/11)
NeoTherapeutics AIT-082 Small molecule com- Neurodegenerative Initiated Phase I trial in
Inc. pound designed to cross diseases (i.e., Alz- elderly volunteers (2/25)
blood-brain barrier and heimer's disease)
enhance nerve cell func-
tion by increasing levels
of neurotrophic factors
PowderJect Pharma- Lidocaine Use of dermal Powder- Management of pain FDA cleared clinical
ceuticals plc and Ject needleless drug trial protocol (2/10)
Chiroscience Group delivery system with
plc (both U.K.) local anesthetic lidocaine
Agouron Pharma- Viracept Nelfinavir mesylate; HIV infection and AIDS; Results of combination
ceuticals Inc. (FDA- HIV protease inhibitor (in combination with trials presented at 5th
approved) (synthetic small other protease inhibitors Conference on Retro-
molecule) and other HIV drugs) viruses and Opportunistic
Infections (ROI) in Chi-
cago (2/3)
Aviron Nasal spray Attenuated, cold-adapted Prevention of influenza Announced positive re-
formulation live virus vaccine con- infection in young sults of trial intended to
of influenza taining strains likely to children demonstrate manufactur-
vaccine be circulating during ing consistency of vac-
the current flu season cine (2/24)
Cell Genesys Inc. Gene therapy Procedure by which HIV infection and AIDS Reported interim results
patient's own T cells are (in combination with of ongoing Phase II
collected, genetically antiretroviral drugs) trials at ROI conference
modified to recognize (2/5)
and destroy HIV-infect-
ed cells, then returned
to same patient
Chiron Corp. HCV Vaccine consisting of HCV infection Completed enrollment in
Vaccine recombinant hepatitis Phase I trial (2/16)
C virus (HCV) antigen
combined with MF 59
Gilead Sciences Inc. PMPA Oral prodrug of nuc- Monotherapy for HIV Results of Phase I/II trial
leotide analogue known infection and AIDS presented at ROI confer-
to inhibit reverse ence (2/5)
The Immune Remune Envelope-depleted, HIV infection and AIDS Clinical study (showing
Response Corp. inactivated AIDS virus treatment decreased levels
(emulsified with of tumor necrosis factor
adjuvant) alpha) published in 2/2/98
issue of Journal of
Human Virology (2/10)
Interferon Sciences Alferon N Highly purified, multi- HIV infection and AIDS Completed preliminary
Inc. Injection species, natural-source analysis of data from
(FDA- human alpha interferon Phase III trial (2/24)
Isis Pharmaceuticals Fomivirsen Antisense inhibitor of CMV retinitis in AIDS Reported results of inter-
Inc. and Ciba Vision (ISIS 2922) cytomegalovirus (CMV) patients (intravitreal national Phase III trial
Corp. (unit of Novartis replication injection) at ROI conference; pro-
AG; Switzerland) duct demonstrated statis-
tical significance in delay-
ing disease progression
Pharmacia & Upjohn Rescriptor Delavirdine mesylate; HIV infection and AIDS Terminated North Ameri-
Inc. (NYSE:PNU) Tablets non-nucleoside analogue (combination therapy can trial ahead of sched-
reverse transcriptase with ZDV and 3TC) ule (interim analysis
inhibitor showed statistical signi-
ficance over double ther-
apy) (2/2); also, presented
preliminary analysis of data
at ROI conference (2/4)
Sarawak MediChem Canolide A Non-nucleoside reverse HIV infection and AIDS Reported results of
Pharmaceuticals Inc.* transcriptase inhibitor Phase Ia trial at ROI con-
(joint venture between (originally isolated from ference (2/5)
MediChem Research tree found in Sarawak
Inc. and the state of rain forest)
Sarawak, Malaysia)
U.S. Bioscience Inc. Lodenosine FddA; acid-stable HIV infection and AIDS Presented results of
purine-based reverse Phase I trial at ROI con-
transcriptase inhibitor ference (2/5)
Vertex Pharma- Amprenavir HIV protease inhibitor HIV infection and AIDS; Presented preliminary
ceuticals Inc. and (formerly (2nd generation; oral combination therapy results of 2 open-label
Glaxo Wellcome plc VX-478 or dosage) with various other pro- Phase II trials at ROI
(NYSE:GLX; U.K.) 141W94) tease inhibitors as well conference (2/2)
as with Glaxo's exper-
imental nucleoside
analogue reverse trans-
scriptase inhibitor abacavir
(formerly 1592)
Acute Therapeutics Surfaxin Sinapultide; lung surf- Acute respiratory Announced results of
Inc. (majority-owned actant containing the distress syndrome in Phase Ib trial (2/9)
subsidiary of Discov- peptide KL4 (a 21- adults
ery Laboratories Inc.) amino acid peptide
modeled after the SP-B
protein in the human
surfactant system)
Bio-Technology OxSODrol Recombinant human Prevention of broncho- Data Safety and Monitor-
General Corp. superoxide dismutase pulmonary dysplasia in ing Committee requested
premature neonates additional data for inter-
im analysis; further enrol-
ment of patients tempor-
arily stopped (2/18)
Cell Therapeutics Lisofylline Compound designed to Acute lung injury in Initiated pivotal trial (in
Inc. inhibit production of patients requiring collaboration with Nat-
phosphatidic acid and mechanical venti- ional Institutes of Health)
reduce oxidative damage lation (2/18)
(protects epithelial
cells from damage by
free radicals)
Human Genome KGF-2 Keratinocyte growth Two wound-healing Initiated 2 separate Phase
Sciences Inc. (HGO3400) factor-2 (genomics- indications (not dis- I trials (2/10)
derived; member of closed); both topical
fibroblast growth and systemic admin-
factor family) istration
Icos Corp. rPAF-AH Human recombinant Acute respiratory Completed patient enrol-
platelet-activating distress syndrome; lment in 2 separate Phase
factor (PAF) acetyl- also asthma II trials (2/17)
hydrolase; regulates
levels of PAF by con-
verting it to inactive
Idec Pharma- IDEC-131 Humanized mono- Systemic lupus Initiated Phase I trial
ceuticals Corp. clonal antibody that erythematosus (2/10)
targets GP39 mole-
cules (a.k.a. CD40
ligand) on helper
T cells (to regulate
antibody production)
LifeCell Corp. Alloderm Acellular dermal Repair of nasal Clinical results published
graft derived from septal perforation in 2/98 issue of Archives
human dermis of Otolaryngology, Head
and Neck Surgery (2/5)
Protein Design Zenapax Daclizumab; human- Combination therapy Preliminary results of
Labs Inc. and (FDA- ized monoclonal anti- with other anti-rejection this 'cyclosporine elim-
Hoffmann-La Roche approved) body (SMART Anti- drugs (CellCept and ination trial' were presen-
Inc. TAC) that binds to the prednisone, but not ted at New Dimensions
interleukin-2 receptor cyclosporine) for reduc- in Transplantation Con-
on activated T cells ing acute rejection epi- ference in Florence,
sodes in kidney trans- Italy (2/18)
Protein Design Zenapax Daclizumab; human- Autoimmune uveitis Results of Phase I/II trial
Labs Inc. and (FDA- ized monoclonal anti- (sight-threatening reported at 3rd Internat-
Hoffmann-La Roche approved) body (SMART Anti- disease of eye) ional Conference on New
Inc. TAC) that binds to the Trends in Clinical and
interleukin-2 receptor Experimental Immuno-
on activated T cells suppression in Geneva,
Switzerland (2/17)
# Human Genomes Sciences Inc. announced simultaneously that it had filed an IND and initiated a Phase I trial on MPF-1 in 12/97.
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
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