* Cortecs plc, of London, released six-month data from its ongoing European Phase III trial of Macritonin, an oral formulation of salmon calcitonin for the treatment of osteoporosis. The findings from four trial sites showed a continuing reduction of bone resorption markers in urine, as reported at the three-month clinical endpoint. As reported in the three-month analysis, there was no statistically significant difference in urinary markers of bone resorption between patients with established postmenopausal osteoporosis given the oral formulation and those given the currently marketed nasal formulation. Cortecs has filed registration applications in seven European companies on the basis of the three-month data. The company said the six-month data will help in the design of a forthcoming U.S. Phase III trial.

* Polymasc Pharmaceuticals plc, of London, last week released results for the year ending Dec.31, 1997, showing losses down to £975,000 from £1.07 million the year before. Turnover for 1997 was up to £528,000 from £117,000. This was the company's second year of operation. Shares in Polymasc, which is quoted on London's Alternative Investment Market, rose by 16 pence to £1.22 on the results, and on the announcement that in November 1997 monthly income exceeded expenditure for the first time since the formation of the company. Polymasc, which specializes in drug delivery, had almost £2 million in cash at the end of 1997, compared with £3 million a year earlier.

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