Biotech Company** Product Pharma Partner Type Arrangement/Geographic Area/
(Country) (Country) Details (Date)
Affymetrix Inc. Selected GeneChip Amersham Pharmacia 3-year non-exclusive worldwide sales and
probe arrays, reagents, Biotech (Sweden) marketing agreement; details ND (12/97)
systems and software
Anika Therapeutics Orthovisc (hyaluronic Grupo Ferrer Inter- Long-term exclusive agreement for Ferrer
Inc. acid) for treating nacional SA (Spain) to distribute product in Spain and Portugal
osteoarthritis of the (10/97)
knee (PMA filed 12/97)
Orthovisc (hyaluronic Zimmer Inc. (subsid- Long-term exclusive marketing and distri-
acid) for treating iary of Bristol-Myers bution agreement in U.S., Canada and select
osteoarthritis of the Squibb Co.; NYSE: Asia-Pacific markets; Anika got $2.5M on
knee (PMA filed 12/97) BMY) signing and will get $20.5M on milestones;
Anika will manufacture product for Zimmer;
companies will share revenues(11/97)
Chiron Diagnostics Critical care and routine Shanghai Long March- Shanghai Long March will manufacture
(unit of Chiron Corp.) chemistry reagents Trace Medical Science and distribute products in People's Repub-
Co. Ltd. (People's lic of China; Chiron Diagnostics will also
Republic of China) acquire 22% equity stake in Shanghai
Long March (10/97)
Connetics Corp. Ridaura (oral formu- Pharmascience Inc. Connetics sold Canadian marketing rights
lation of gold salt) for (Canada) as well as signed supply agreement with
2nd-line therapy of Pharmascience; Connetics already sold init-
rheumatoid arthritis ial quantity for $1.4M (12/97)
Ridaura (oral formu- SmithKline Beecham Connetics acquired marketing rights to the
lation of gold salt) for plc (NYSE:SBH; U.K.) drug from SmithKline in 12/96; Connetics
2nd-line therapy of amended the terms of its payment obliga-
rheumatoid arthritis tions, cutting the payment due 1/98 from
$6M to $1M with the remaining $5M to
come later in 1998 and 1999 (12/97)
Immunomedics Infectious disease Eli Lilly & Co. Lilly's German division will distribute pro-
Inc. imaging agent Leuko- (NYSE:LLY) duct in European countries where it is
Scan (antibody frag- approved for sale; Lilly may distribute
ment that binds to white other Immunomedics products in future
blood cells, labeled (12/97)
with technetium-99m;
approved in Europe 2/97)
Lidak Lidakol (long-chain fatty Bristol-Myers Squibb Bristol-Myers cancelled its marketing
Pharmaceuticals alcohol that interferes Co. (NYSE:BMY) rights to Lidakol in North America but
with viral entry into did not cite a reason (12/97)
target cells) as topical
treatment for oral herpes
The Liposome Abelcet (amphotericin B Wyeth-Ayerst Inter- Wyeth-Ayerst will market product in Den-
Co. Inc. lipid complex) for treat- national Inc. (division of mark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Swe-
ing severe systemic American Home Pro- den (12/97)
fungal infections ducts Corp.; NYSE:AHP)
MedImmune Inc. Synagis (a.k.a. MEDI- Abbott Laboratories Exclusive worldwide marketing alliance con-
493; humanized mono- (NYSE:ABT) sists of 2 agreements: distribution outside
clonal antibody to respi- the U.S. (where Abbott has right to market
ratory syncytial virus, and distribute product, which MedImmune
RSV) for preventing will manufacture and sell to Abbott) and a
serious RSV disease in threshold-based co-promotion agreement
infants and children within U.S. (where companies will copromote
(BLA submitted 12/97) product and MedImmune gets credited with
all sales and Abbott gets commission on sales
above certain threshold); MedImmune has
received $15M payment, will get $30M when
product is approved in U.S. and Europe and
gets $15M on achievement of certain sales
levels by Abbott (total $60M) (12/97)
Synagis (see above) Dr. Karl Thomae Manufacturing and supply agreement;
GmbH (subsidiary of Thomae will supplement MedImmune's
Boehringer Ingelheim own product capacity for product and will
GmbH; Germany) receive periodic payments in exchange;
details ND (12/97)
Pacific Periodontal Tissue Steri-Oss Inc. 5-year renewable agreement on product
Pharmaceuticals Inc. Monitor kit (disposable distribution; Steri-Oss will be exclusive
(formerly Xytronyx Inc.) biochemical test that distributor in Europe and market to perio-
detects elevated levels of dontists and general dental practitioners
aspartate aminotransfer- (12/97)
ase associated with
tissue necrosis; FDA
approved 6/97)
Sequus Amphocil (a.k.a. CritiCare Laboratories Marketing, sales and distribution in India,
Pharmaceuticals Inc. Amphotec; lipid-based Pvt. Ltd. (India) Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka; Criti-
colloidal dispersion of Care gets exclusive rights for 5 years, after
amphotericin B) for which Sequus has option to comarket
treating systemic (11/97)
fungal infections SuperGen Inc. Nipent (pentostatin) Warner-Lambert Co. SuperGen acquired Nipent from Warner- for treating hairy cell (NYSE:WLA) Lambert in 9/96 and now will supply it leukemia (FDA- exclusively back to Warner-Lambert for approved) worldwide distribution (excluding North America) (10/97) Therapeutic 3 emergency products Altana Inc. (subsidiary Altana will pay $23M for U.S. distribution Antibodies Inc. (all polyclonal anti- of Altana AG; rights; Therapeutic Antibodies gets $4.5M bodies): CroTAb (anti- Germany) in milestones in 1998 and 1999; $5.5M in dote to snake bites), other milestones tied to FDA approvals; DigiTAb (antidote to bonus payment of $13M tied to 1st 3 years digoxin poisoning) and of each product's sales; Therapeutic Anti- TriTAb (antidote to bodies gets 50% of revenues; Therapeutic overdose of tricyclic Antibodies responsible for clinical develop- antidepressants) ment, regulatory submissions, manufactur- ing and packaging (10/97) TheraTech Inc. Transdermal patch con- Meiji Milk Products Companies agreed to jointly develop and taining oxybutynin (for Co. Ltd. and Sankyo market product in Japan; TheraTech and treating urinary urge Co. Ltd. (both Japan) Meiji Milk will develop, Sankyo gets ex- incontinence; currently clusive distribution rights (10/97) in Phase I trials in Japan) Transdermal patch Schwarz Pharma AG Schwarz Pharma gets exclusive distribution containing testosterone (Germany) and marketing rights in 13 European and (Androderm; for treat- East European countries; TheraTech gets ing male hypogonadism) signing fee, milestones and royalties; TheraTech retains manufacturing rights and option to comarket (12/97) Zonagen Inc. Vasomax (immediate- Schering-Plough Corp. Schering-Plough gets exclusive worldwide release oral formula- (NYSE:SGP) marketing rights; Zonagen gets $10M up- tion of phentolamine front with subsequent milestones up to mesylate) for treating $47.5M; Zonagen also gets escalating roy- male erectile dysfunction alties and has right to co-promote in U.S. to (Phase III trials complete) urologists (total value $57.5M) (11/97) NOTES: # This chart does not include any marketing and/or distribution agreements that involve agricultural product development. The information in the chart covers the time period between 10/1//97 and 12/31/97. ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available ** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 13-14.