New Agreements October 1997 - December 1997#
Biotech Pharma Type/Product Area Amount Terms/Details (Month)
Company** Company
(Country) (Symbol/Country)
Abgenix Inc. Pfizer Inc. Research collaboration $30M Abgenix gets license fee, equity
(subsidiary of (NYSE:PFE) and license agreement (equity; investment, research funds and
Cell Genesys Inc.) on use of Abgenix's % ND) milestones totaling $30M; Pfizer
transgenic XenoMouse responsible for product develop-
technology to make fully ment, manufacturing and market-
human antibodies to 3 ing worldwide; Abgenix gets
of Pfizer's antigen targets royalties (12/97)
Affymetrix Inc. Novartis Pharma Affymetrix will supply ND Affymetrix gets undisclosed pay-
AG (Switzerland) Novartis with its Gene- ments based on per-data-point
Chip instrumentation, pricing model; payments will
software and DNA probe reflect number and nature of genes
arrays (certain human analyzed; further details ND
and mouse genes) to (12/97)
monitor gene expression
ArQule Inc. Sankyo Co. Ltd. Broad collaboration to $35M Sankyo gets 3-year subscription to
(Japan) discover and optimize ArQule's programs to discover
drug candidates for new lead compounds and then
various therapeutic areas optimize them; ArQule gets pay-
via ArQule's Mapping ments for delivery of programs,
Array and Directed Array milestones and royalties (11/97)
Arris Bristol-Myers Agreement to develop ND Bristol-Myers gets exclusive rights
Pharmaceutical Squibb Co. protease inhibitors for to any HCV protease inhibitors
Corp. (since merged (NYSE:BMY) hepatitis C virus (HCV), produced in collaboration; Arris
with Sequana via Arris's Delta tech- gets research funding, up-front and
Therapeutics Inc. nology milestone payments and royalties
to form Axys (12/97)
Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
Aurora Merck & Co. Inc. Collaborative research $100M Merck will share in development
Biosciences Corp. (NYSE:MRK) and license agreement cost of UHTSS and gets co-exclu-
on Aurora's fluorescent sive access; Aurora gets $33M in
assay technologies and committed research funding, lic-
its ultra-high-throughput ense fees and delivery payments;
screening system Aurora could get more than $100M
(UHTSS) as well as its if Merck exercises certain options
screen development and for additional systems; Aurora
screening services, which also gets royalties on eventual
Merck will use in drug product sales (12/97)
Axiom Zaiya Inc. and Joint collaboration to ND Axiom gets research funding for
Biotechnologies Nippon Kayaku identify small-molecule 3 years as well as license fees,
Inc.* Co. Ltd. (both anticancer agents; use of milestones and royalties; Axiom
Japan) Axiom's drug discovery will develop cell-based and bio-
technologies to evaluate chemical assays coupled to its
compound libraries for high-throughput pharmacology
lead agents that induce system (HT-PS) to accelerate func-
apoptosis in certain tional profiling of hits; Nippon
cancers (proprietary gets exclusive license for Asia and
molecular target licens- option to territories outside North
ed by Zaiya) America; Zaiya retains product
rights in North America and will
join with Axiom to find U.S. develop-
ment and marketing partner (11/97)
Biogen Inc. Merck & Co. Inc. Collaborative research, $145M Biogen gets up-front payment of
(NYSE:MRK) development and license $15M plus $130M in milestones;
agreement on drugs for Merck gets worldwide rights for
treating asthma and other certain indications, including
inflammatory diseases; asthma, and Biogen gets worldwide
based on inhibiting VLA4 rights for other indications, includ-
receptor molecules (found ing multiple sclerosis and inflam-
on most types of white matory bowel disease; Biogen will
blood cells); in particular, pay $21M in milestones to Merck
an aerosolized anti-VLA4 for any of Biogen's indications;
small-molecule drug and Merck's Japanese affiliate, Banyu
oral VLA4 inhibitors Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., will
manage clinical development and
approvals in Japan of a Biogen com-
pound (not yet selected) on which
Biogen will retain Japanese market-
ing rights; final agreement subject
to antitrust considerations (12/97)
Biorex Research Abbott Laboratories Agreement for joint $28M Abbott gets license to bimoclomal
and Development (NYSE:ABT) development of Biorex's (equity; and related compounds; Abbott
Co. (Hungary; bimoclomol product % ND) also gets option on right of 1st
wholly owned sub- (synthetic small mole- refusal on other future Biorex
sidiary of BRX Ltd.; cule that activates compounds; Abbott bought
U.K.) expression of heat shock 26,200 non-voting convertible
proteins) for treating shares at $1,068.75 each in BRX
complications of Ltd.; Abbott will commercialize
diabetes (completed product; Biorex gets 10% royalty
Phase II trials in U.K. (letter of intent 10/97; definitive
and Hungary for treating agreement 12/97)
microalbuminuria and
diabetic neuropathy)
Chiron Corp. Bristol-Myers Licenses to Chiron's ND Bristol-Myers and Arris entered a
Squibb Co. hepatitis C virus (HCV) collaboration to develop HCV
(NYSE:BMY) patent portfolio for pro- protease inhibitors (see separate
and Arris Pharma- tease inhibitor research entry above); Chiron granted the
ceutical Corp. (especially use of HCV partners the 1st nonexclusive
NS3 protease) licenses to its patents (12/97)
Cima Labs Inc. Novartis Consumer Development and ND ND (12/97)
Health Inc. license option agreement
(division of Novartis on use of Cima's Ora-
AG; Switzerland) Solv drug delivery tech-
nology (microencapsu-
lated drug formulated
into fast-dissolving oral
tablet) with Novartis
consumer products
CollaGenex Heska Corp. Collaboration to develop ND ND (11/97)
Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:HSKA) certain of CollaGenex's
Inc. chemically modified
tetracyclines (inhibit
matrix metalloprotein-
ases) for use in compan-
ion animal health appli-
cations (osteoarthritis,
Cubist Eli Lilly and Co. Cubist acquired rights ND Cubist licensed rights to develop,
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:LLY) to Lilly's Daptomycin manufacture and market product;
Inc. antibiotic to treat infec- Cubist will conduct clinical trials;
tions caused by drug- terms include up-front license fee,
resistant strains of milestones and royalties (11/97)
Staphylococcus aureus
and Enterococci
Dyax Corp.* Merck & Co. Inc. Collaborative study ND Dyax will develop affinity ligands;
(NYSE:MRK) agreement to discover Merck will fund research and pay
and evaluate affinity milestones and royalties to Dyax
ligands for vaccine (10/97)
purification via Dyax's
phage display technology
Emisphere Novartis Pharma Collaboration on oral $35M Novartis gets exclusive worldwide
Technologies Inc. AG (Switzerland) drug delivery of two (equity; rights to oral versions of drugs;
selected large-molecule % ND) Emisphere gets initial fees, equity
compounds of Novartis investment (made in 4 tranches,
(already on market) with maximum aggregate purchase
price of $16M), research funding
and milestones totaling $35M in
all; Emisphere also gets royalties
FibroGen Inc.* Zeneca Ltd. Licensing agreement on ND FibroGen gets exclusive license to
(NYSE:ZEN; U.K.) Zeneca compounds (not develop and market these com-
identified) as potential pounds outside of Europe and
therapeutics for treating Japan, where Zeneca retains rights;
fibrotic disorders and other terms ND (10/97)
Genetics Institute Chugai Pharma- Functional genomics ND Chugai gets access to Genetics
Inc. (wholly owned ceutical Co. Ltd. agreement; subscription Institute's library of expressed
subsidiary of (Japan) to Genetics Institute's human secreted proteins, their
American Home DiscoverEase protein corresponding cDNAs and a com-
Products Corp.; development platform panion database; futher details
NYSE:AHP) (library of human ND, but similar terms to other
secreted proteins and subscriptions (Chugai is 6th sub-
related database) scriber) (10/97)
Genzyme Corp. Bayer AG Drug discovery agree- $35M Bayer will pay undisclosed up-front
(Germany) ment; use of Genzyme's fee to access Genzyme's library;
library of more than 1 million Bayer will analyze small-molecule
small molecules to iden- leads with its high-speed robotic
tify new drug candidates screens; when it selects develop-
for undisclosed disease ment candidates, Genzyme gets
targets milestones as compounds proceed
through clinical trials (12/97)
Genzyme Parke-Davis Genomics collaboration; $9M If Parke-Davis exercises option to
Molecular (division of service and license take nonexclusive license on
Oncology Warner-Lambert option agreement on use SAGE technology for use in its
(division of Co.; NYSE:WLA) of Genzyme Molecular's internal genomics research pro-
Genzyme Corp.) SAGE technology grams, it will pay Genzyme Mole-
(serial analysis of gene cular $9M in service and license
expression) in pharmaco- fees (11/97)
genomic profiling
(changes in gene expres-
sion in tissues following
exposure to drug can-
Geron Corp. Boehringer Collaboration on in ND Geron gets funding and mile-
Mannheim GmbH vitro cancer diagnostics; stones; Boehringer Mannheim is
(Germany) use of Geron's tech- responsible for all preclinical and
nologies for detecting clinical product development;
and measuring telomer- Boehringer Mannheim gets exclu-
ase expression and level sive worldwide marketing rights;
of activity (correlates Geron gets royalties; Geron retains
with presence and copromotion rights in U.S.
severity of many cancers) (12/97)
ICAgen Inc.* Abbott Laboratories Research collaboration $12M 3-year collaboration with
(NYSE:ABT) on small-molecule drugs options for renewal; ICAgen gets
for treating selected $12M up front plus milestones and
central nervous system royalties; Abbott will screen com-
and urological disorders; pounds, optimize lead candidates
use of ICAgen's ion and perform all phases of product
channel molecular tar- development (12/97)
gets and its gene family
chemical libraries to
generate selected ion
channel targets
Idec Kirin Brewery License on Idec's $6.3M Idec gets up-front licensing fee of
Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. (Japan) vector technology for $6.3M plus royalties; Kirin is 4th
Corp. high expression of and final licensee for this particular
recombinant proteins in platform technology (12/97)
mammalian cells
ImmuCell Corp. Murray Goulburn Licensing agreement on $0.3M License excludes rights to produce
Co-Operative Co. ImmuCell's milk puri- lactoferrin or immunoglobulins;
Ltd. (Australia) fication technology for ImmuCell gets royalties (11/97)
use in manufacturing of
whey protein isolate
(food additive)
Incyte NV Organon (unit Genomic database ND Multiyear agreement; Organon
Pharmaceuticals of Akzo Nobel; agreement for access to gets nonexclusive access to data-
Inc. the Netherlands) Incyte's LifeSeq gene base in exchange for annual fees;
sequence and expression Incyte could get royalties on prod-
database and LifeSeq ucts that Organon develops
GeneAlbum reagent set (10/97)
Rhone-Poulenc SA Genomic database ND Multiyear agreement; Rhone-Pou-
(NYSE:RP; France) agreement for access to lenc gets nonexclusive access to
Incyte's LifeSeq gene database; Incyte gets annual fees
sequence and expression and could get milestones and
database and PathoSeq royalties on products that result
microbial database (12/97)
Innogenetics NV Solvay SA Research collaboration $49.5M Solvay will buy 8.3% equity stake
(EASDAQ:INNX; (Belgium) to discover genes for (8.3% for $35.5M (2M shares at $17.75
Belgium) human diseases, espe- equity) each); Solvay also will pay $4M
cially heart disease and up front and pay $1.5M-$2M for
central nervous system R&D support annually for 5
disorders, and to use them years; Innogenetics also gets mile-
as drug development targets stones and royalties (11/97)
IntraBiotics Pharmacia & Collaboration on topical $35M Companies will codevelop and
Pharmaceuticals Upjohn Inc. antimicrobial com- (equity; promote product in U.S.; they will
Inc.* (NYSE:PNU; pound IB-367 (synthetic % ND) also share profits; Pharmacia gets
U.K.) peptide based on natural exclusive license in all other terri-
host defense peptide tories; IntraBiotics gets royalties;
protegrin); drug is cur- IntraBiotics gets reimbursed for
rently in Phase I trials half of all development expenses
for oral mucositis and also gets $35M in license fees,
(complication of chemo- milestones and equity; IntraBiotics
and radiation therapy) will manufacture product (10/97)
Karo Bio AB* Bristol-Myers Collaboration on drugs $40M 3-year collaboration; Karo
(Sweden) Squibb Co. for treating metabolic Bio could get $40M if two thera-
(NYSE:BMY) disorders (i.e., obesity, pies developed and approved for
hypercholesterolemia) marketing; companies will jointly
based on thyroid hormone manage research and preclinical
receptor beta (TR beta) development; Bristol-Myers gets world-
agonists (based on Karo wide rights to products; Karo Bio
Bio's 3-D structural data) gets milestones and royalties (10/97)
Karo Bio AB* Merck & Co. Inc. Strategic alliance on $80M Agreement valued at US$80M if
(Sweden) (NYSE:MRK) drugs and diagnostics Merck develops and gets regula-
for diseases and con- tory approval for 2 compounds as
ditions that are affected distinct therapies; companies will
by estrogen receptors jointly manage research and pre-
(especially via Karo Bio's clinical development; Merck gets
structural data on estrogen exclusive worldwide rights to com-
receptors alpha and beta) pounds; Karo Bio gets up-front and
milestone payments and R&D
funding as well as royalties (11/97)
Ligand Eli Lilly and Co. Strategic alliance on $194M Ligand gets $49M in research
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:LLY) products for treating (equity; funding over 5 years plus possible
Inc. diabetes and additional % ND) extra 3 years of research funding,
metabolic diseases; $37.5M in equity investment (at
based on Ligand's premium to market), $12.5M in
intracellular receptor up-front milestones, $75M in addi-
technology, i.e., retinoid tional milestones over 8 years for
X receptor (RXR) successful development of oral
agonists including oral Targretin and 5 other compounds,
Targretin (currently in and royalties; Ligand gets its
Phase II European trials choice of either rights to one of
for treating Type II Lilly's niche cancer products or
diabetes) an additional $20M equity invest-
ment; Ligand also gets milestones,
royalties and options to certain co-
development rights for a Lilly-
selected RXR compound in combi-
nation with a selective estrogen
receptor modulator (SERM); Lilly
gets rights to oral Targretin, exclu-
sive rights to 2nd-generation oral
diabetes compounds and exclusive
rights to Ligand's metabolic dis-
ease technology; additional rights
to use technology to develop a
compound in combination with an
SERM for treating cancer; closing
subject to completion of Ligand's
buyback of Allergan Ligand Ret-
inoid Therapeutics (ALRT) shares
and restructured rights to ALRT
compounds as well as antitrust
considerations (deal announced
10/97; finalized 11/97)
LeukoSite Inc. Becton Dickinson License on chemokines ND Becton Dickinson and its units get
and Co. (and its and receptors for use as exclusive worldwide license to
units Becton Dickin- research and diagnostic commercialize antibodies to sever-
son Immunocyto- reagents al chemokines and chemokine
metry Systems and receptors (including CCR5, the co-
PharMingen; receptor for HIV) for research use;
NYSE:BDX) companies have option to develop
in vitro diagnostics (10/97)
MediGene AG* Hoechst Marion Collaboration on viral $5.8M 3-year collaboration; MediGene
(Germany) Roussel Inc. (sub- vectors for gene ther- will conduct Phase I and II
sidiary of Hoechst apy, especially Medi- trials in melanoma; companies
AG; Germany) Gene's recombinant have option of extending collabor-
adeno-associated virus ation to include other indications;
(AAV) vector technol- Hoechst Marion will fund research
ogy for ex vivo tumor and make GMP-quality vectors;
vaccination in melanoma collaboration is cosponsored by
the Bavarian Science Foundation;
total value $5.8M (DM10M; con-
verted at ratio of DM1.73/US$1)
MedImmune Inc. SmithKline Strategic alliance to $85M MedImmune gets up-front payment,
Beecham plc develop human research funding and milestones
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) papillomavirus (HPV) totaling $85M; SmithKline gets
vaccines for preventing exclusive worldwide rights to vac-
cervical cancer and cine technology; companies will
genital warts; vaccines collaborate on R&D; MedIm-
based on MedImmune's mune will conduct Phase I and II
virus-like particle tech- trials and manufacture clinical
nology for making non- material; SmithKline will then
infectious form of virus; take over final product develop-
1st candidate MEDI-501 ment, manufacturing, regulatory
(HPV-11) currently in submissions and marketing; Med-
Phase I trials Immune gets royalties; agreement
subject to clearance under anti-
trust law (12/97)
Millennium Monsanto Co. Broad collaboration $218M 5-year agreement; Monsanto
Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:MTC) in genomics; use of will form wholly owned subsidiary
Inc. Millennium's technol- in Cambridge, Mass., as part of
ogies to discover and deal; Millennium will nonexclu-
develop genomics-based sively license and transfer to Mon-
plant and agricultural santo genomics technologies for
products use in R&D of life sciences prod-
ucts (including pharmaceuticals);
Millennium gets $118M in up-front
licensing and technology transfer
fees ($38M in 1997 and $20M
annually for 4 more years); Millen-
nium also gets $100M over 5
years for milestones; Monsanto
will fund R&D at its new subsid-
iary; Millennium gets royalties on
certain plant and animal products;
Millennium has rights to use cer-
tain technologies developed by
new company for nonexclusive
use outside plant and agricultural
areas; collaboration subject to
antitrust clearance (10/97)
Molecular DuPont Agricul- Technology access ND DuPont will use microarray system
Dynamics Inc. tural Products agreement; to further to study gene expression levels in
and Amersham (division of E.I. develop high-throughput agricultural seed and plant species
International plc DuPont de Ne- DNA microarray tech- and to accelerate development of
(U.K.) mours and Co.; nologies products with greater plant health
NYSE:DD) and disease resistance; DuPont will
provide funding and collaborative
expertise in exchange for early
access to latest microarray tech-
nologies (10/97)
Molecular Monsanto Co. Monsanto (including ND ND (12/97)
Simulations Inc.* (NYSE:MTC) its G.D. Searle & Co.
unit) has become member
of Molecular Simulations'
Combinatorial Chemistry
Myriad Genetics Bayer Corp. Research collaboration $54M Bayer is 1st pharmaceutical
Inc. (subsidiary to discover gene targets company to license ProNet
of Bayer AG; and develop drugs for database; Myriad gets $54M in
Germany) treating dementia and research and milestone payments;
depression via Myriad's Myriad will use its database of
positional cloning and Utah families to identify genes of
ProNet technology interest; 5-year collaboration;
(protein interaction net- Bayer gets worldwide therapeutic
work; database of human rights for discoveries in dementia
proteins and their bio- and depression; Myriad retains
chemical pathways) rights to diagnostics in those areas
and all rights outside those fields
NanoSystems Rhone-Poulenc Feasibility study to ND Rhone-Poulenc Rorer has exclu-
LLC* Rorer Inc. evaluate new formula- sive option to license technology;
(subsidiary of tions of RPR's asthma further details ND (12/97)
Rhone-Poulenc SA; drug triamcinolone
NYSE:RP; France) acetonide (respiratory
steroid), made via
NanoCrystal technology
(for delivery of poorly
water-soluble drugs)
NaviCyte Inc.* SmithKline Collaboration on use ND SmithKline will provide data and
Beecham plc of NaviCyte's compu- make initial and milestone pay-
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) tational biology tools to ments; SmithKline gets license to
identify new candidates software and computational
for drug development models for use with its compound
(IDEA simulation soft- libraries (11/97)
ware enables prediction
of drug's pharmaco-
kinetic outcome in
Neose McNeil Specialty Joint program to devel- ND ND (11/97)
Technologies Inc. Products Co. op commercially prac-
(subsidiary of tical, large-scale enzy-
Johnson & John- matic manufacturing
son; NYSE:JNJ) process for certain
naturally occurring
oligosaccharides for
human health care
NetGenics Inc.* Abbott Laboratories Use of NetGenics' ND Renewable 3-year agreement;
(NYSE:ABT) Synergy software and NetGenics will tailor Synergy for
services to manage data use with Abbott's data; financial
generated by Abbott's terms ND (12/97)
genomics research
Nova Molecular Amersham Option agreement on ND Amersham Pharmacia will make
Inc.* (Canada) Pharmacia Biotech sequencing project to (includes undisclosed equity investment in
Ltd. (Sweden) identify unique gene equity) Nova Molecular; Amersham
variants in 4 specific Pharmacia gets right to research
central nervous system- market applications of DNA
related genes (pharma- analysis-related discoveries from
cogenomics study to this project (10/97)
identify responders and
non-responders to
certain drugs)
Pharmacopeia Bristol-Myers Research collaboration $40M 3-year agreement; Bristol-
Inc. Squibb Co. to identify and optimize Myers gets combinatorial librar-
(NYSE:BMY) small-molecule drug ies of chemical structures for
candidates for two testing in its own internal research
chemokine receptors programs; Pharmacopeia gets up-
related to inflammatory front payment, annual research
and immunological funding and milestones for total
diseases; use of Pharma- of $40M; Pharmacopeia could get
copeia's ECLiPS and additional milestones from results
high-throughput screen- of Bristol-Myers' screening of its
ing technologies libraries; Pharmacopeia gets
royalties (12/97)
Pharmacyclics Alcon Pharma- Assignment of rights to ND Alcon gets worldwide rights to
Inc. ceuticals Ltd. Lu-Tex photosensitizer compound for ophthalmic indica-
(affiliate of Alcon (lutetium texaphyrin, a tions; Alcon will conduct and fund
Laboratories Inc., synthetic molecule that all costs for development and
a subsidiary of captures and focuses product registration worldwide;
Nestle SA; France) light energy) for oph- Pharmacyclics gets up-front pay-
thalmic indications, ment and milestones as well as
including age-related royalties (12/97)
macular degeneration
Pharmacyclics Nycomed ASA Licensing agreement on $28M Nycomed gets exclusive rights to
Inc. (NYSE:NYD; Lu-Tex photosensitizer develop and market product in
Norway; in process (lutetium texaphyrin, a Europe, Asia, and Central and
of merging with synthetic molecule that South America; Pharmacyclics
Amersham Inter- captures and focuses gets $14M in license fees, mile-
national plc to light energy) for photo- stones and development costs for
form Nycomed- dynamic treatment of initial indication and $14M for subse-
Amersham plc) cancer (currently in quent cancer indication; Pharmacyclics
Phase II trials for breast gets royalties and retains rights in
cancer) U.S., Canada and Japan; companies
will share costs for product develop-
ment and approval in U.S., but each
will make regulatory submissions in
own territories; Pharmacyclics will
supply bulk drug substance; Nycomed
will make finished product (10/97)
Qiagen NV Organon Teknika Licensing agreement on ND Qiagen gets worldwide nonexclu-
(the Netherlands) BV (unit of Akzo Organon's "boom" sive license to develop, manufac-
Nobel NV; the patents (nucleic acid ture and market products using
Netherlands) purification technology) technology in all markets and for
all applications, with no field-of-
use limitations (11/97)
Ribozyme Parke-Davis Letter of intent on ND Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals will
Pharmaceuticals (division of collaboration to evaluate design and synthesize ribozymes
Inc. Warner-Lambert specific disease-related against target genes designated by
Co.; NYSE:WLA) genes for drug inter- Parke-Davis; collaboration subject
vention using Ribo- to negotiation of definitive agree-
zyme's target validation ment; financial terms ND (12/97)
technology (involves
use of ribozymes to dis-
cover gene function and
validate gene targets)
Scios Inc. The DuPont Merck Research collaboration $3M DuPont Merck will fund research
Pharmaceutical Co. on drugs that prevent (equity; and be responsible for developing
or retard disease pro- % ND) and commercializing products;
gression in Alzheimer's; DuPont Merck will make $3M
initial focus on use of equity investment in Scios and pay
Scios' high-throughput milestones and royalties on sales
screens on DuPont Merck (11/97)
compounds to identify leads
Scriptgen Hoechst Marion Collaboration to iden- $9M Scriptgen gets $6M in technology
Pharmaceuticals Roussel Inc. (sub- tify fungal targets and (equity; access fees (through 1/98) plus
Inc. (IPO pending) sidiary of Hoechst develop antifungal drugs % ND) $3M equity investment concurrent
AG; Germany) via Scriptgen's high- with Scriptgen's IPO; Scriptgen
throughput target also gets R&D funding, mile-
identification and stones and royalties; Hoechst
validation systems as Marion will actively participate in
well as affinity screens research; Hoechst Marion will be
responsible for global product
development and marketing (10/97)
Sepracor Inc. Schering-Plough License agreement on $5M Schering-Plough gets exclusive
Corp. (NYSE:SGP) Sepracor's patent on worldwide rights to DCL; Sepra-
DCL (descarboethocy- cor gets up-front license fee of $5M
loratadine, a metabolite and royalties that escalate over
of the active agent in time (12/97)
Claritin nonsedating
Sequana Parke-Davis Broad-based genomics $103M Sequana gets $103M in combina-
Therapeutics Inc. (division of alliance to develop tion of up-front licensing fees,
(since merged Warner-Lambert therapeutics for treat- research funding and milestones;
with Arris Pharma- Co.; NYSE:WLA) ing schizophrenia and Sequana also gets royalties on
ceutical Corp. to bipolar disorder via sales of any small-molecule thera-
form Axys Pharma- Sequana's capabilities in peutics; 5-year alliance is extend-
ceuticals Inc.) gene discovery, function- able in 1-year increments to 8
al genomics, bioinformatics years, with concomitant increases
and high-throughput in research funding; Parke-Davis
screening gets exclusive worldwide rights to
any small-molecule therapeutics;
Sequana retains worldwide rights
to recombinant protein, antisense,
gene therapy, vaccine, diagnostic,
prognostic and pharmacogenetic
products and services; Parke-
Davis gets nonexclusive license
to use certain of Sequana's bio-
informatics software tools (11/97)
Signal Ares-Serono Collaboration to identify $59M Signal gets $8M equity investment
Pharmaceuticals Group small-molecule modu- (equity; and $9M over 3 years to fund
Inc.* (Switzerland) lators in the NF-kB gene % ND) research plus about $42M in mile-
regulation pathway stones (at least $10M for each
(includes broad set of product resulting from research);
genes for inflammatory Signal also gets royalties; Ares-
molecules); key targets Serono gets worldwide rights to all
are proteins IKK-1, IKK-2 products; Signal retains option to
and a 3rd regulatory copromote in U.S.; Signal respon-
protein as well as NF-kB sible for target identification and
inducing kinase validation, high-throughput screen-
ing and lead optimization; Ares-
Serono will conduct all further
product development, approvals
and marketing for all indications
except in Asia (12/97)
T Cell Sciences Novartis Pharma Option agreement on $25M T Cell gets $5M in annual option
Inc. AG (Switzerland) TP10 (soluble comple- (equity; fees and cost of clinical supplies
ment receptor 1; inhibits % ND) of TP10 in return for granting
complement activation) Novartis a 2-year option to license
for use in xeno- and allo- worldwide exclusive rights (except
transplantation Japan) to TP10 in fields of xeno-
and allotransplantation; if Novar-
tis exercises option, T Cell gets
$20M in equity investment, licens-
ing fees and milestones; T Cell
could also get additional research
funding and royalties; T Cell
retains rights to all other indica-
tions except those already assign-
ed to other partners in Japan
TheraTech Inc. The Procter and Agreement to develop $35M Companies will work together on
Gamble Co. transdermal testosterone clinical development of products;
(NYSE:PG) and combination estra- Procter and Gamble will fund all
diol/testosterone hormone development; TheraTech gets R&D
replacement patches for payments and milestones of
women (testosterone $35M as well as royalties; Thera-
patch currently in Phase Tech will manufacture products
II trials for treating and retains certain copromotion
diminished libido in rights; Procter and Gamble gets
surgically menopausal worldwide rights (except Asia)
women) (12/97)
Titan Novartis Pharma Agreement on Titan's $38M Titan gets up-front payment of
Pharmaceuticals AG (Switzerland) antipsychotic small- (equity; $18M in license fees and reimburse-
Inc. molecule drug Iloper- % ND) ment of R&D costs plus a $5M
idone (blocks serotonin equity investment; Titan will get
and dopamine); in clin- $5M milestone when it submits an
ical development for NDA in U.S. or Europe and $10M
treating schizophrenia on product approval; Novartis will
and related disorders fund Phase III trials and product
registration costs worldwide
(except Japan); Titan gets royalties
on sales (11/97)
Vanguard Medica Abbott Laboratories Licensing agreement on $3M Abbott has option to develop and
Group plc (U.K.) (NYSE:ABT) VML 530 (oral dose, (equity; commercialize product after Van-
inhibitor of 5-lipoxygen- % ND) guard completes Phase II trials
ase activating protein) (now in preclinical stage); if it
for treating asthma exercises option, Abbott will buy
US$3M in new common stock of
Vanguard (at market price) and
Vanguard gets royalties on sales
Vanguard Medica Sankyo Co. Ltd. Licensing agreement on ND Sankyo gets exclusive rights to
Group plc (U.K.) (Japan) VML 252 (oral dose, develop and market product in
calcium-free phosphate Japan and Far East; Sankyo will
binding agent) for treat- make series of payments for rights
ing hyperphosphatemia and will cover part of development
(elevated blood phosphate) costs; Vanguard will continue clin-
(currently in U.S. Phase ical development in U.S. and
II trial in patients with Europe; Vanguard will provide
chronic kidney failure) bulk compound to Sankyo for its
own trials; Vanguard gets royalties
on Sankyo's sales (10/97)
Verigen Inc.* Italchimici SpA Licensing agreement ND Italchimici will develop and mar-
(Italy) on Verigen's PASSTNF- ket product in Italy; Verigen gets
alpha product (porcine- up-front license fee and royalties;
derived polyclonal anti- Verigen retains manufacturing
body to tumor necrosis rights (10/97)
factor-alpha) for use in
treating rheumatoid
arthritis and Crohn's
Vical Inc. Rhone-Poulenc License on use of $1M Rhone-Poulenc Rorer gets exclu-
Rorer Inc. Vical's "naked" DNA sive worldwide license to technol-
(subsidiary of gene delivery technol- ogy (which will be used by its
Rhone-Poulenc SA; ogy to develop certain RPR Gencell division); Vical gets
NYSE:RP; France) gene therapy products initial fee of $1M plus milestones
for treating neuro- and royalties (10/97)
degenerative diseases
Vion Boehringer Licensing agreement $50M Boehringer Ingelheim gets exclu-
Pharmaceuticals Ingelheim GmbH on Vion's Promycin (equity; sive rights to product outside
Inc. (Germany) anticancer agent (a % ND) North America; Vion gets exclu-
bioreductive alkylating sive copromotion rights in North
agent; currently in America; Vion gets up-front
Phase III trials as adjunct license fee, milestones and royal-
to radiation therapy for ties; companies will share develop-
treating head and neck ment costs worldwide; Boehringer
cancer) Ingelheim will buy $3M equity in
Vion (at premium to market); Vion
will manufacture and supply prod-
uct for all territories (11/97)
Virus Research SmithKline Collaboration on Virus ND Virus Research gets license fees,
Institute Inc. Beecham plc Research's live oral milestones and royalties; Smith-
(NYSE:SBH; U.K.) rotavirus vaccine (virus Kline gets exclusive worldwide
causes acute diarrhea rights; Virus Research will contin-
and dehydration in ue to conduct U.S. Phase II clinical
infants) trials, after which SmithKline has
right to assume responsibility for
all subsequent development;
SmithKline Biologicals will manu-
facture product (12/97)
Xenova Discovery EG&G Wallac Formation of joint ND Partners will each license certain
Ltd. (subsidiary of (Finland) venture, to be called proprietary technologies to the
Xenova Group plc; Advant; to provide joint venture; partners will share
U.K.) customized products profits (12/97)
and services (e.g., high-
throughput screens) for
identification of new
drug leads
# This chart contains information on new agreements only, covering the time between 10/1/97 and 12/31/97. It does not include arrangements that are classified strictly as production, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution and supply agreements; a chart covering these arrangements will appear in the 1/26/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
A chart covering modified agreements and terminated agreements between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (10/1/97 - 12/31/97) will also appear in the 1/26/98 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 17-18.