Published Dec. 3 & 10 (EPO); Nov. 27 & Dec. 4 (WO)

Akzo Nobel EPO 810 283 Pasteurella vaccines Arnhem, Netherlands Live attenuated Pasteurellaceae bacteria that produce inactivated RTX-toxin; for vaccines.

American Red Cross WO 97/45143 Endothelial cell migration inhibitors Washington Genes for Jagged/Notch proteins, encoded proteins; for modulating endothelial cell migration.

Baxter WO 97/45550 Mini-adenoviral vectors Deerfield, Ill. Mini-adenoviral vectors that require complementation with a packaging-attenuated, replication-defective helper virus.

Baylor Coll. Med. WO 97/45136 Lactoferrin Houston Lactoferrin and variants, encoding genes, vectors, production methods.

Biogen WO 97/44356 Ret ligand Cambridge, Mass. Gene for Ret ligand, encoded protein; for stimulating neural and renal growth.

Biogen WO 97/44460 Tissue regeneration genes Cambridge, Mass. Genes that are upregulated in injured or regenerating tissues, encoded proteins; for tissue regeneration.

California, Univ. of EPO 811 685 & 811 686 Intracellular PDGF domain Oakland, Calif. Gene for the intracellular region of human platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), encoded protein, PDGF assay.

California, Univ. of WO 97/44487 Identifying virulence genes Oakland, Calif. Microbial coding sequences transcribed upon host infection; for identifying virulence genes and making vaccines.

CNRS (Natl. Ctr. Sci. Res.) WO 97/44474 Masking peptides Paris Peptides designed for targeting cell receptors; for masking and unmasking viral particles.

Chiron WO 97/44459 Gamma II adaptin Emeryville, Calif. Gamma II adaptin, a molecule involved in receptor-mediated endocytosis; for inhibiting cell division.

Chiron WO 97/44469 Multiple epitope fusion protein Emeryville, Calif. Fusion proteins containing multiple epitopes that are more soluble than the whole protein; for assay development.

Columbia Univ. WO 97/45439 & 45536 Hyperlipidemia treatment New York Gene for acylcoenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase, encoded protein, yeast expression system; for hyperlipidemia.

Endorecherche WO 97/44466 Uridine diphosphoglucuronosyltransferase Ste. Foy, Quebec Uridine diphosphoglucuronosyltransferase, encoding gene, antisense; for identifying inhibitors.

Genentech WO 97/44453 Chimeric VEGF S. San Francisco Chimeric vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF), encoding genes; for inhibiting angiogenesis.

Genentech WO 97/44458 Protein tyrosine phosphatases S. San Francisco Kappa/mu-like protein tyrosine phosphatases, encoding genes, analogs, antibodies, production methods.

Genetic Therapy WO 97/45142 T cell elimination Gaithersburg, Md. Genetically engineered T cells with a negative selective marker gene; for elimination after transplantation.

Genzyme WO 97/44457 Polycystic kidney disease gene Cambridge, Mass. Polycystic kidney disease gene, encoded protein; for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Gist-Brocades EPO 810 285 Mutant IL-3 Delft, Netherlands Mutants of human interleukin (IL)-3 covering the entire coding region, antibodies; for making antagonists.

Glaxo WO 97/44440 -interferon production cells Greenford, U.K. Namalwa cell line that is free of squirrel monkey retrovirus; for production of -interferon.

Hart, D. WO 97/45449 Dendritic cell receptor Christchurch, New Zealand Extracellular domain of a dendritic cell receptor, encoding gene, production methods; for toxin/antigen linkage.

Harvard Univ. WO 97/43900 In vivo cell selection Cambridge, Mass. In vivo selection of resistant cells using a selection system at non-toxic levels.

Harvard Univ. WO 97/44447 Transcriptional activation systems Cambridge, Mass. Transcriptional activators having a DNA binding moiety linked to a peptide; for transcriptional activation.

Harvard Univ. WO 97/44456 Tumor virus susceptibility gene Cambridge, Mass. Gene for a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family protein involved in tumor virus susceptibility and apoptosis.

Hayashibara Seibutsu EPO 811 687 L-asparaginase Okayama, Japan Gene for mammalian L-asparaginase, encoded protein; for treating cancer cells dependent on asparagine.

Health Res. WO 97/45450 Endoglin antibodies Buffalo, N.Y. Monoclonal antibodies to endoglin, fragments; therapy using linked angiogenesis or antitumor agents.

Hexagen Technology WO 97/44485 Mutation identification Cambridge, U.K. Methods for identifying gene mutations in nucleic acid and cell samples without the need for phenotypic alteration.

Hong, G.F., et al. EPO 810 288 Proofreading DNA polymerase Shanghai, China Bacillus DNA polymerase with exonuclease activity that removes mismatches faster than correct matches.

Human Genome Sciences WO 97/44359 & 44360 G-protein coupled receptor Rockville, Md. Human G-protein coupled receptor, encoding gene, mutation, agonists, antagonists.

Incyte Pharma WO 97/44454 Human phospholipase inhibitor Palo Alto, Calif. Gene for a human phospholipase inhibitor, encoded protein, antisense; for treating Alzheimer's disease.

Isis Pharma WO 97/45437 Protein translation inhibition Carlsbad, Calif. Inhibition of protein translation by antisense molecules directed against the 5' cap region of target mRNAs.

Johns Hopkins Univ. WO 97/44491 Ligand receptor assay Baltimore Bacteriophages expressing protein ligands on their surfaces; for identifying the receptors for the ligands.

Kubista, M., et al. WO 97/45539 Two-part DNA probe N. Solstensvagen, Sweden Two-part probe for detecting specific nucleic acid sequences that has binding and reporter domains.

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo EPO 811 691 IL-5 receptor chain antibodies Tokyo Monoclonal antibodies to human interleukin (IL)-5 receptor chain, humanized antibodies; for treating bronchial asthma.

Eli Lilly EPO 810 286 & WO 97/45438 Bacterial stem peptides Indianapolis Genes for Streptococcus murE stem peptidoglycan biosynthesis, vectors, host cells; for inhibition.

Maryland, Univ. of WO 97/44446 Mucosal DNA vaccines Baltimore DNA encoding an antigenic epitope to a mucosal inductor; for making DNA vaccines eliciting mucosal immune responses.

McGill Univ. WO 97/44346 DNA methyltransferase inhibitors Montreal Inhibitors of DNA methyltransferase that form stable, non-covalent complexes without S-adenosylmethionine.

Med. & Biol. Labs WO 97/45451 Human LECT2 antibodies Nagoya, Japan Antibodies to human LECT2, hybridoma production cell line, assay method.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) WO 97/45544 Fibronectin domain antibodies London Antibodies to the ED-B oncogenesis-related domain of fibronectin, production methods.

Medigene WO 97/45538 Ligand libraries Martinsreid, Germany Production of libraries of peptides that are ligands for specific protein structural templates.

Merck WO 97/44357 Glucagon binding proteins Rahway, N.J. Synthetic glucagon binding proteins, encoding genes; for identifying binding ligands.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 97/45543 CC chemokine receptor 5 Bethesda, Md. CC chemokine receptor 5, encoding gene, transgenic animals and cells; for studying cellular entry of HIV.

New York Univ. WO 97/44055 HIV receptors New York Methods for identifying G-coupled receptors associated with macrophage-trophic HIV; for diagnostics.

Nippon Meat Packers WO 97/44449 Pig complement inhibitor promoters Osaka, Japan Pig complement inhibitors promoters; for expressing human complement inhibitor genes in transplanted pig tissues.

Novartis WO 97/45535 RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase Basel, Switzerland Gene for RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase, encoded protein, vectors, host cells, production method.

Novo Nordisk WO 97/44470 Yeast production system Bagsvaerd, Denmark Promoters that are suitable for expression of heterologous proteins in yeast.

Novopharm Biotech WO 97/44461 Cancer antibodies San Diego Monoclonal antibodies and antigen binding fragments that specifically detect cancer cells; for therapeutics.

Ohio St. Univ. WO 97/44439 Doxorubicin production Columbus, Ohio Introduction of the doxA gene into Streptomyces; for producing doxorubicin.

Onyx Pharma WO 97/45556 Tumor suppressor status assay Richmond, Calif. Assay of the cellular p53 gene by using a linked reporter gene; for determining tumor suppressor status.

Oxford Vacs WO 97/44451 Vasoactive amine binding proteins London Vasoactive amine binding proteins that specifically and avidly bind to vasoactive amines.

Pasteur Inst. WO 97/44462 Antiviral chemokine antagonists Paris Methods for using antagonists of chemokines against HIV; for antiviral therapeutics and infection prevention.

Pasteur Inst. WO 97/44463 Mycobacterial vaccine Lille, France Gene for a mycobacterial heparin-binding hemagglutinin antigen, encoded protein; for diagnostics and vaccines.

Pasteur Inst. WO 97/44667 Antigen-specific T cells Paris Solid phase purification of antigen-specific T cells using attached MHC/peptide complexes.

Pharmagenics WO 97/45542 p53-related genes Allendale, N.J. Isolation of transcriptionally regulated, growth-response genes related to the p53 gene.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer WO 97/44050 Calcium sensor protein Antony, France Human calcium sensor protein, encoding gene; for assaying calcium binding activity.

Rohto Pharma EPO 811 684 Oxytocin receptor variant Osaka, Japan DNA sequences for a portion of a variant of the oxytocin receptor, encoded protein, production methods.

St. Elizabeth's Hosp. WO 97/44464 Helicobacter Acid Inhibitory Factor Boston Helicobacter pylori Acid Inhibitory Factor 1, encoding gene, antibodies; for diagnostic assays.

Schering WO 97/44452 B cell antigens Kenilworth, N.J. Genes for human B cell antigens, encoded antigens, antibodies; for modulating lymphoid cell development.

Schering WO 97/44468 IL-1gamma Kenilworth, N.J. Gene for human interleukin (IL)-1gamma, encoded protein, antibodies, receptors, antagonists.

Signal Pharma WO 97/44467 Mitogen-activated protein kinase San Diego Mitogen-activated protein kinase p38-2, encoding gene; for identifying signal transduction inhibitors.

SmithKline Beecham EPO 811 688 Staphylococcus antibacterials Philadelphia Staphylococcus aureus RNase P and components of the bacterial ribonucleoprotein complex; for antibacterials.

SmithKline Beecham WO 97/44347 Cytokine-inducible SH2-containing protein King of Prussia, Pa. Gene for human cytokine-inducible SH2-containing protein, encoded protein, host cells.

S. California, Univ. of WO 97/45144 Autoimmune disease antigens Los Angeles Encephalitogenic epitope of self-antigens, encoding gene; for the treatment of autoimmune disease.

Stanford Univ. WO 97/45541 Mammalian patched genes Palo Alto, Calif. Mammalian patched genes, encoded proteins; for use in detecting genetic predisposition to cancer.

Texas, Univ. of WO 97/45540 Ehrlichia immunodominant antigen Austin, Tex. Gene for the 120 kDa immunodominant surface-exposed adhesion protein antigen of Ehrlichia chaffeensis; for therapy.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. WO 97/44348 Ribozyme-mediated gene replacement Philadelphia Vector with ribozyme gene and a ribozyme-resistant therapeutic gene; for gene replacement.

Transgene WO 97/44475 Modified adenoviral vectors Strasbourg, France Modified adenoviral vectors that minimize the formation of replication-competent viral particles.

Trophix Pharma WO 97/45446 Glycine transport modulators Plainfield, N.J. Transfection of the glycine transporter gene, modified cells; for identifying transport modulators.

Vanderbilt Univ. WO 97/43901 Helicobacter pylori diagnostic Nashville Gene for the IceA protein of Helicobacter pylori, encoded protein, antibodies; for diagnostics.

Washington Univ. EPO 811 695 Variant presenilin genes St. Louis Variant presenilin genes associated with Alzheimer's disease; for diagnostic detection.

Wisconsin, Univ. of WO 97/44490 Androgen receptor co-activator Madison, Wis. Gene for a co-activator ligand of the androgen receptor, encoded protein; for monitoring androgenic effects.

Wisconsin, Univ. of WO 97/45528 BMP-related gene Madison, Wis. Mammalian tolloid-like gene, encoded protein; for identifying inhibitors of bone morphogenic protein (BMP).

Yale Univ. WO 97/44450 Transcription suppressors New Haven, Conn. RNA containing promoter regulatory motifs, DNA analogs; for suppressing transcription in gene therapy.

Yamaguchi, K., et al. EPO 811 683 GRP precursor antibodies Tokyo Antibodies to gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) precursor; for diagnosing lung cancer.

Zymogenetics WO 97/44455 Hematopoietic cytokine receptor Seattle Extracellular ligand binding domain of a hematopoietic cytokine receptor; for stimulating hematopoiesis.