Published February 12 & 19 (EPO); February 6 & 13 (WO)

Adir WO 97/04094 Melatonin receptors Courbevoie, France Genes for melatonin receptor, encoded protein; for agonist screening.

Advanced Therapies WO 97/04748 Enhanced cellular delivery Novato, Calif. Positively charged peptides for enhanced encapsulation of materials in artificial viral envelopes.

Amrad WO 97/04091 Receptor ligand agonist assay Kew, Australia Genes for receptor ligands, encoded proteins; for identifying receptors and their agonists.

Becton Dickinson WO 97/04132 Hydrophobic amplification detection Franklin Lakes, N.J. Target sequence amplification detection by labelling with a hydrophobic ligand and extracting into an organic phase.

Behrens et al. WO 97/05156 Oligo reporter groups Copenhagen, Denmark Functionalized achiral linker for incorporating reporter groups into oligonucleotides.

Behringwerke WO 97/05262 CMV protein gene transfection Marburg, Germany Cytomegalovirus (CMV) UL84 protein or its fragments; for introduction into target cells by transfection vectors.

Bio Merieux WO 97/04126 Cyclic isothermal amplification Marcy l'Etoile, France Cyclic isothermal amplification of DNA or RNA using DNA polymerase and RNase H activities.

Biocem WO 97/04115 Transgenic plant hemin Aubiere, France Transformation and regeneration of chimeric or transgenic plants; for hemin protein production.

Biosignal WO 97/04124 G-protein receptor antagonists Montreal, Que. Membrane preparations of G-protein coupled receptors; for efficient screening of antagonists.

California, Univ. of WO 97/04810 DAX-1 protein Oakland, Calif. Gene for a DAX-1 protein, genomic sequence, encoded protein, production methods.

California, Univ. of WO 97/04814 Prion detection assay Alameda, Calif. An artificial prion gene, transgenics with this gene and with it ablated; for prion detection.

California, Univ. of WO 97/05242 Infectious HIV clone Oakland, Calif. Full-length infectious clone of HIV that causes persistent, but attenuated infection in macaques; for diagnostics.

CNRS (Natl. Ctr. Sci. Res.) WO 97/04092 Myasthenia treatment Paris Gene for antibodies to the T-cell receptor complex, encoded protein; for treating autoimmune myasthenia.

Children's Hosp. WO 97/05263 Herpesvirus packaging system Boston Helper virus-free herpesvirus packaging system; for introducing desired genes into an empty herpesvirus particle.

Chiron WO 97/05257 Urokinase receptor inhibitors Emeryville, Calif. Effective peptide analog inhibitors of urokinase receptor activity, fragments.

Chomczynski, P. WO 97/05248 Chaotropic macromolecular isolation Cincinnati, Ohio Rapid nucleic acid and protein isolation methods using a chaotropic agent.

Commonwealth Serum Labs WO 97/05164 Papillomavirus treatment Parkville, Australia Papillomavirus constructs made from immunogenic proteins or fragments; for treatment.

Creative Biomolecules WO 97/05241 Morphogen assay Hopkinton, Mass. Cells with reporter genes controlled by morphogen-responsive transcription elements; for identifying morphogen analogs.

Curie, Univ. Pierre & Marie WO 97/04109 -ß C4BP-type fusion proteins Paris -ß C4BP-type recombinant heteromultimeric proteins constructed as fusions.

Curie, Univ. Pierre & Marie WO 97/04118 T cell maturation vector Paris Expression vector with CD4 regulatory sequences; for transducing hematopoietic stem cells and making mature T cells.

Duke Univ. WO 97/05247 Apolipoprotein E knock out Durham, N.C. Transgenic knock out mice expressing human apolipoprotein E; for studying nervous system ageing.

Forsyth Dental Infirm. WO 97/04131 Hairpin structure amplification Boston Exponential amplification of nucleic acid hairpin structures using a single primer; for hairpin detection.

Fuji Yakuhin WO 97/04080 Cancer cell metalloprotease Takaoka, Japan Gene for a matrix metalloprotease, encoded protein, antibodies; for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Gel Tech Group WO 97/04123 Transgenic plant collagen Miami, Fla. Transgenic plant construction for the production of collagen as the isolated protein or in gelatin form.

Genetics Inst. WO 97/04097 CTLA-8 genes Cambridge, Mass. Genes for CTLA-8, encoded proteins, production methods, therapeutics based on CTLA-8.

Helsinki Univ. WO 97/05250 Flt4 receptor ligands Helsinki, Finland Genes for Flt4 receptor tyrosine kinase ligands, encoded proteins, vectors; for diagnostics.

Hoechst WO 97/03555 Transgenic osteopenia model Tokyo Transgenic animals with osteopontin genes; for inhibiting bone growth and modeling osteopenia.

Hoechst WO 97/04095 Bone induction Tokyo Gene for bone growth induction protein, encoded growth factor; for treating bone diseases.

Icos WO 97/04096 PKA-binding polypeptides Bothell, Wash. Genes for PKA-binding polypeptides, encoded peptides, immunoreactive antibodies.

Imp. Coll. Sci. & Tech. WO 97/05234 Friedreich's ataxia gene London Gene for a phosphatidylinositol isoform responsible for Friedreich's ataxia, encoded protein, antibodies.

INRA (Natl. Agron. Res. Inst.) WO 97/05259 Intracytoplasmic domain-mediated secretion Paris Prolactin or growth hormone receptor intracytoplasmic domains or fragments; for secretion of heterologous proteins.

Introgene WO 97/05266 Targeted viral gene delivery vehicles Rijswijk, Netherlands Viral gene delivery vehicles that are targeted to specific cells by cell type-specific ligands.

Johns Hopkins Univ. WO 97/04104 Hexokinase promoters Baltimore, Md. Type II hexokinase promoters; for foreign gene expression and cancer therapy.

Krebs Res. Inst. WO 97/04099 Papillomavirus therapy Heidelberg, Germany Gene for main papillomavirus capsid peptide, encoded protein, antibodies; for diagnosis, therapy, and vaccines.

Krupp et al. WO 97/04087 MHC antigen targeted ribozymes Kiel, Germany Ribozymes targeted to the MHC antigen alleles; for inhibiting organ rejection and treating autoimmune disease.

Mass. Gen. Hosp. WO 97/04000 Hepatitis virus cellular receptor Boston Gene for a hepadnavirus family cellular receptor; for controlling the binding of hepatitis virus.

Mass. Inst. Tech. EPO 758 681 Tumor metastasis inhibition Cambridge, Mass. Inhibition of transformation of epithelial cells having elevated purine metabolic enzyme activity.

Max Planck Inst. EPO 758 019 Autocatalytic oligos Munich, Germany A method of producing oligonucleotides that are amplified autocatalytically using high polymerase concentrations.

Max Planck Inst. WO 97/04117 Liver-specific gene therapy Munich, Germany Liver-specific adenoviral expression vector with hepatitis B enhancer elements; for liver gene therapy.

Maxim Pharma WO 97/05267 Mucosal delivery of genes San Diego, Calif. Delivery of polynucleotides to mucosal cells using a GN1-binding protein; for inducing mucosal immunity.

MRC (Med. Res. Counc.) WO 97/05264 Cell transfection method London Nucleic acid compositions containing a calcium salt and another component; for transfecting target cells.

Mitsubishi Chemical EPO 758 682 HGF protease activity inhibitor Tokyo Gene for an inhibitor of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) protease activity, encoded protein, antibodies.

Montreal Res. Clin. Inst. WO 97/05256 HIV gp160 maturation inhibition Montreal, Que. Mammalian pro-hormone convertase, encoding gene; for inhibiting maturation of HIV gp160 protein.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 97/04111 RecA-assisted cloning of DNA Bethesda, Md. Cloned and labelled DNA with 3' recessed ends protected from elongation using E. coli RecA protein.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 97/05249 Protein structure extension Bethesda, Md. Extension of protein structures at the amino terminal end using acidic amino acids; for inactivating transactivators.

Norwegian Inst. Hlth. WO 97/04128 Quantitative ligase chain reaction Oslo, Norway Use of an internal control sequence in the gap filling ligase chain reaction for quantitative amplification.

NPS Pharma WO 97/05252 Chimeric receptors for CNS disease Salt Lake City, Utah Chimeric proteins made from metabotropic glutamate and calcium receptors; for treating neurological diseases.

O'Hare et al. WO 97/05265 Transport protein targeted genes Oxford, U.K. Transport proteins and associated molecules; for high efficiency targeted delivery in gene therapy.

Onyx Pharma WO 97/04805 Killing virus-infected cells Richmond, Calif. Chimeric viruses whose replication is controlled by transactivators; for killing HIV-infected cells.

Perlin, M.W. WO 97/04130 Genome sequencing method Pittsburgh, Penn. Genome sequencing method that uses rough maps to place sequenced clones in order.

Pharmacia Biosensor WO 97/04129 Rapid hybridization detection Uppsala, Sweden Nucleic acid sequencing by rapid detection of hybridization to a probe immobilized on a solid support.

Queensland, Univ. of WO 97/04090 Muscle cell transcription factor St. Lucia, Australia Gene for a transcription factor designated Sox-18, encoded protein; for regulating muscle cell growth.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer WO 97/04092 p53 variants Antony, France Genes for p53 variants, encoded proteins; for tumor suppression in gene therapy.

Roitt et al. WO 97/04098 HCG-based contraceptives London Modified human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) peptides; for contraceptive therapeutics.

St. Justine Hosp. WO 97/05254 Gene therapy selectable marker Montreal, Que. Gene for cytidine deaminase, expression vector, host cells; for use as positive selectable marker in gene therapy.

Setratech WO 97/05268 Introduced homologous recombination Paris Homologous recombination by introduced genes in cells that have inactivated endogenous mismatch repair genes.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. WO 97/05157 Mitotic spindle inhibition New York Gene for MAD2, a protein involved in mitotic spindle inhibition, encoded protein; for detection and cancer therapy.

Snow Brand Milk EPO 757 994 TCF for hepatocytes Sapporo, Japan Gene for a mutated TCF, encoded mutein; for hepatocyte growth and antitumor activity.

Somatogen WO 97/04110 High level protein production Boulder, Colo. Chromosomally-located regulator of recombinant protein expression by a strong promoter in multicopy plasmids.

Syntex WO 97/04010 T-cell antigen signal peptide Palo Alto, Calif. Signal peptide encoded by the antisense strand of the mammalian T-cell receptor gene locus; for antigen signalling.

Temple Univ. WO 97/04001 Antiendotoxin assay gene Philadelphia, Penn. Murine lipopolysaccharide endotoxin response gene, transgenic animals having this gene; for antiendotoxin assay.

Texas, Univ. of WO 97/03635 p16 regulatory elements Austin, Tex. Genetic constructs with the regulatory elements of the p16 gene; for transformation and inhibition of cancer growth.

Thomas Jefferson Univ. WO 97/04647 Fibrillin gene knock out Philadelphia, Penn. Fibroblast cells with a duplicated fibrillin gene, transgenic animals; for preventing gene expression.

Transgene WO 97/04119 Gene therapy viral vectors Strasbourg, France Viral vectors that have express genes only in complementation cells; for gene therapy.

Transgene WO 97/05255 Helper gene therapy viruses Strasbourg, France Helper viruses containing sequences recognized by recombinase; for preparing recombinant viral vectors.

Unisearch WO 97/05240 Production host cells Kensington, Australia Mammalian cells whose protein expression can be induced by inhibitors of autocrine growth factors; for production.

Washington Univ. WO 97/03999 Alzheimer's gene mutation St. Louis, Mo. Mutant S182 genes; for diagnosing Alzheimer's and identifying mutations in homologous genes.

Washington, Univ. of WO 97/04105 Kaposi's sarcoma screen Seattle, Wash. Gene for herpes viruses DNA polymerase, encoded protein, antibodies; for screening Kaposi's sarcoma therapeutics.

Yeda Res. & Develop. WO 97/03998 FAS receptor ligand modulators Rehovot, Israel Modulators of the FAS receptor ligand or TNF effect on cells having the FAS or p55 receptor.