Published October 9 & 16 (EPO); October 3 & 10 (WO)

Abbott Labs EPO 736 601

Hepatitis GB virus

Abbott Park, Ill.

Hepatitis GB virus, immunogenic particles, antibodies to them; fordiagnosis and therapy.

Albert Einstein Coll. Med. WO 96/31242

Transplantable a-cells

New York

Recombinant, glucose-regulated, insulin producing a-cells controlledby tetracycline; for transplantation.

Amersham Intl. WO 96/30507

Differential expression vectors

Little Chalfont, U.K.

Vectors and DNA constructs for differential expression of proteins orfusions without transferring coding sequences.

Amgen WO 96/31599

NDF peptides

Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Peptides from the EGF-like domain of NDF/heregulins; forstimulating growth of colon epithelial and Schwann cells.

Amylin Pharma WO 96/31526

Obesity treatment proteins

San Diego, Calif.

Various forms and modifications of the ob gene product, encodinggenes, antibodies; for treating obesity.

Applied Genetics WO 96/30545

Primer extension mutation detection

San Diego, Calif.

Gene mutation detection by differential primer extension of mutantand wild-type target sequences.

Asahi Breweries WO 96/30539

Acarid allergen


Engineered acarid allergen and a process for producing it; for treatingthe allergic reactions.

Aviron WO 96/30387

Cytomegalovirus variants

Mountain View, Calif.

Toledo and Towne variants of cytomegalovirus, encoded proteins;for detecting and treating infections.

Bavarian Nordic Res. Inst. WO 96/30533

Pseudotype retroviral particles

Glostrup, Denmark

Retroviral vector system and packaging cell line for murine leukemiavirus (MLV); for pseudotype retroviral particles.

Baxter Intl. WO 96/30030

Immunization against tumors

Deerfield, Ill.

Fusions of tumor cells and dendritic-like cells; for cancerimmunotherapy.

Behringwerke EPO 737 747

Microbial antibody production

Marburg, Germany

Cytoplasmic expression of antibodies, antibody fragments, andfusions in E. coli [in German].

Behringwerke WO 96/30499

Rabies detection cell line

Marburg, Germany

Modified Vero-M cell line that can be used to grow rabies virus andto detect inhibitors of viral growth.

Beth Israel Hosp. WO 96/30535

Kidney gene therapy

Boston, Mass.

Gene transfer into the kidney by maintaining vector in contact withvasculature while avoiding ischemia.

Boehringer Mannheim EPO 736 543

Nuclear antigen antibodies

Mannheim, Germany

Production method for monoclonal antibodies to growth-associatedantigens of the cell nucleus [in German].

Boehringer Mannheim EPO 736 608 & 736 609

Specific amplification detection

Mannheim, Germany

Method for specific detection and amplification of DNA and RNAusing a proofreading DNA polymerase [in German].

Boehringer Mannheim WO 96/31606

tPA purification

Mannheim, Germany

Mutant of an Erythrina caffra inhibitor; for purification of tissueplasminogen activators (tPA).

California, Univ. of WO 96/31596

Estrogen activity assay

Oakland, Calif.

Vectors having estrogen inducible element linked to a reporter gene;for assaying estrogenic activity.

California, Univ. of WO 96/30505

BH55 hyaluronidase

Oakland, Calif.

BH55 hyaluronidase, encoding gene, antibodies, vectors, host cells;for production.

California, Univ. of WO 96/31604

HLA-G antibodies

Oakland, Calif.

Antibodies for the detection of HLA-G which is specificallyexpressed by invasive cytotrophoblasts.

Camerino Univ. WO 96/31601

EGF receptor immune response

Camerino, Italy

Polynucleotide immunogenic agents that induce an immune responseto members of the EGF receptor family.

Case Western Res. Univ. WO 96/30385

Restenosis treatment vectors

Cleveland, Ohio

Recombinant viral vectors with inserted recombinant protein genes;for treating post-angioplasty restenosis.

Case Western Res. Univ. WO 96/31605

TGF-a receptor mutations

Cleveland, Ohio

Cancer diagnosis and therapy based on mutations detected in TGF-areceptors.

Cell Genesys WO 96/31241

Modified cells for transplantation

Foster City, Calif.

Introduction of genes encoding virus-derived MHC down-regulatoryproteins; for making transplantable cells.

CNRS (Natl. Ctr. Sci. Res.) WO 96/30527

HIV env muteins


Muteins encoded by a mutated env gene from lentiviruses like HIV,peptide fragments, expression vectors.

Cytogen WO 96/31625

Functional domain identification

Princeton, N.J.

Recognition and isolation of therapeutically useful proteins via theirfunctional domains.

Genetic Therapy WO 96/30504

Targeted retroviral particles

Gaithersburg, Md.

Retroviral particles having a modified envelope polypeptide; for celltargeting.

Genzyme WO 96/30534

Safe adenoviral vectors

Cambridge, Mass.

Adenovirus vectors designed for safety in clinical applications; forgene therapy.

German Health Ministry EPO 736 600 & WO 96/31607

Retrovirus inhibiting lymphokine

Bonn, Germany

Immunodeficiency virus suppressing lymphokine; for inhibitingretroviral replication in blood.

Green Cross EPO 736 605

Protein production process

Osaka, Japan

Process for optimizing the growth of host cells and the production ofproteins from them.

Human Genome Sciences WO 96/30406

G-protein coupled receptors

Rockville, Md.

Genes for human G-protein coupled receptors, encoded proteins; foridentifying agonists and antagonists.

Human Genome Sciences WO 96/30524

DNA ligase III

Rockville, Md.

Gene for human DNA ligase III, encoded protein, expression system;for diagnosis and therapy.

Hybridon WO 96/31600

Gene expression modulation

Worcester, Mass.

Modulation of gene expression in an animal without depletingcomplement; for gene therapy.

Immuno WO 96/30521

Encephalitis virus sequence

Vienna, Austria

Complete nucleic acid sequence of the tick-borne encephalitis virus;for vaccine and therapeutic.

Immunogenetics Res. Fdn. WO 96/30511

MHC family genes

Perth, Australia

Polymorphic and multicopy members of the MHC gene family,derivatives, mutations, fragments.

Imp. Coll. Sci. Technol. Med. WO 96/30408

Prevention of miscarriage


Antibodies to a syncytiotrophoblast antigen that also binds to naturalkiller cells; for miscarriage prevention.

Inst. Phys. & Chem. Res. EPO 736 602


Wako, Japan

Gene for a sialyltransferase, encoded protein; for producingextracellularly releasable product.

Isis Innovation WO 96/31602

Targeted retroviral particles

Oxford, U.K.

Retroviral vector particles containing murine leukemia virus andhaving a targeting protein on their surfaces.

Japan Tobacco WO 96/30510

Enhanced expression vector


DNA sequences that greatly enhance the expression of the foreigngene inserted into the vector.

Korean Green Cross WO 96/30513

Apoptosis regulating gene

Yongin, S. Korea

Bcl-2 related gene, its encoded protein, expression vector,transformed host; for cancer detection.

Ligand Pharma WO 96/30515

Transcriptional modifiers

San Diego, Calif.

Transcriptional regulatory element sequences linked to a promoterand a structural gene; for finding modifiers.

Eli Lilly WO 96/31122

Amyloid precursor protein protease

Indianapolis, Ind.

Gene for amyloid precursor protein protease, encoded protein,fragments of it.

Merck WO 96/30520

Papillomavirus L1 protein

Rahway, N.J.

Gene for human papillomavirus type 11 L1 protein and derivatives,encoded protein.

Michigan, Univ. of WO 96/31603

Apoptosis-associated protein

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Apoptosis-associated protein, fragments, antibodies, encoding gene;for diagnosis and therapy.

NIH (Natl. Inst. Hlth.) WO 96/30516

T lymphocyte receptors

Bethesda, Md.

Genes for T lymphocyte receptors that recognize tumor associatedantigens, T cells expressing the receptors.

New Jersey, Univ. Hlth. Sci. WO 96/30052

Neuronal connection stimulant

Piscataway, N.J.

Gene for limbic system-associated membrane protein, encodedprotein; for stimulating neuronal connections.

N. Carolina, Univ. of WO 96/31618

Gonorrhea vaccination

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Gene for an antigenic proteins from gonorrhea pathogens, encodedprotein; for vaccination.

Pasteur Inst. EPO 736 542

HIV infection prevention


Mycoplasma-derived proteins homologous to HIV glycoproteins,antibodies; for prevention of HIV infection [in French].

Pharming EPO 737 746

Transgenic protein production

Leiden, Netherlands

Production of recombinant proteins in transgenic bovine species andtheir secretion into milk.

Regeneron Pharma WO 96/31598

TIE-2 ligand

Tarrytown, N.Y.

Gene for the TIE-2 ligand, encoded protein, its receptor, antibodies,antagonists; for blocking neovascularization.

Res. Corp. Technol. WO 96/30384

Single-stranded circular oligos

Tucson, Ariz.

Single-stranded circular oligonucleotides; for binding to other single-stranded or double-stranded oligos.

Res. & Diag. Systems WO 96/30528

Transfected cell screen

Minneapolis, Minn.

Vector system with marker protein gene; for rapid and effectivescreening of transfected cell lines.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer WO 96/30512

Conditional expression system

Antony, France

Expression system that creates and expresses bispecific chimericproteins with DNA and transactivator domains.

Sandoz WO 96/30532

Thrombosis gene therapy

Basel, Switzerland

Insertion of the gene encoding ATP diphosphohyrdolase intoendothelial cells; for treating thrombotic conditions.

Scripps Res. Inst. WO 96/30546

Factor V mutation

La Jolla, Calif.

Identification of a Factor V gene mutation that results in activatedprotein C resistance.

Shionogi WO 96/30522

HTLV transcription suppression

Osaka, Japan

Gene that suppresses transcription in human T cell lymphoma virus(HTLV)-1, expressed protein, vector.

Singapore, Natl. Univ. of WO 96/30531

Heavy metal-inducible vector


Vector system with a heavy metal-inducible expression; forrecombinant protein production.

Sloan-Kettering Inst. WO 96/31534

p57 gene

New York

Gene for p57, encoded protein, vectors, antibodies, probes, andtransgenic animals containing the gene.

Stichting EPO 736 302

Gelatinase B

Leuven, Belgium

Gene for a metalloprotease, gelatinase B, encoded protein; formeasuring proteases and inhibitors.

Takeda EPO 736 599

Rat obese gene

Osaka, Japan

Rat obese gene, its product, antibodies to it, production methods.

Takeda WO 96/30506

Betacellulin antibodies

Osaka, Japan

Antibodies to human betacellulin that do not react with other growthfactors; for arterial sclerosis and cancer.

Tanox Biosystems WO 96/30400

Induction of HIV antibodies

Houston, Tex.

Immunogens and other peptides based on the binding site ofcomplement factors to HIV; for antibody induction.

Texas, Univ. of WO 96/30536

Targeted gene delivery

Austin, Tex.

Epidermal growth factor receptor binding protein complexed torecombinant protein and reporter genes; for delivery.

Texas, Univ. of WO 96/31613

Expression library immunization

Austin, Tex.

Expression library constructed from the fragmented genome of aselected pathogen; for immunization.

Transgene WO 96/31611

Yeast commercial production

Strasbourg, France

Nucleic acid fragments from yeast genomic DNA, expressionvectors, host strains; for commercial production.

Tularik WO 96/30404

Intracellular signalling proteins

S. San Francisco

Gene for intracellular signalling proteins that can induce apoptosis,encoded proteins; for growth inhibition.

Vical EPO 737 750

Nucleic acid delivery

San Diego, Calif.

Method of interstitial delivering of an isolated poly-nucleotide; fortherapeutic and antisense expression.

Washington Univ. WO 96/30519

Haemophilus adhesion proteins

St. Louis, Mo.

Genes for Haemophilus adhesion proteins, encoded proteins,antibodies; for diagnosis and therapy.

Washington, Univ. of WO 96/30514

HER-2/neu intracellular domain

Seattle, Wash.

Gene for the intracellular domain of the HER-2/neu oncogeneprotein; for treatment of cancer.

Wolf, H. WO 96/30523

Retroviral antigen presentation

Sternberg, Germany

Antigen presentation via DNA sequences encoding a protein capableof self-assembly into retrovirus-like particles.

Xenotech WO 96/30498

Recombined antibody genes

Foster City, Calif.

Modification of expressed antibodies using Cre-mediated site-specific homologous recombination.

Yale Univ. WO 96/30402

Large tumor suppressor protein

New Haven, Conn.

Gene for large tumor suppressor protein, encoded protein, fragments,analogs, antibodies; for diagnosis and therapy.

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