* Aradigm Corp., of Hayward, Calif., was issued U.S. patent No.5,558,085 covering methods of delivering peptide drugs byinhalation.

* Human Genome Sciences Inc., of Rockville, Md., was issued U.S.patent 5,556,767 titled inflammatory protein gamma, renamedmacrophage colony inhibition factor. The patent claims the geneencoding the protein and use of the gene for production of the factor.

* Immunex Corp., of Seattle, was issued U.S. patent No. 5,554,512covering the blood stem cell factor FLT-3 ligand and U.S. patent No.5,552,302 covering IL-15, a molecule that stimulates T cells.

* Inex Pharmaceuticals Corp., of Vancouver, B.C., was issued U.S.patent No. 5,543,152 for its core Transmembrane Carrier Systemtechnology comprised of two specialized lipids. It has application fordelivery of drugs to a number of sites.

* La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co., of San Diego, was issued a third U.S.composition of matter patent on its lupus drug candidate, LJP 394.

* Metatron Inc., of New York, said it was issued a patent coveringthe use of cimitidine, an anti-ulcer drug, as a method to control HIVinfection.

* Neose Technologies Inc., of Horsham, Pa., said U.S. patent No.5,545,553 covering bacterial genes that encode enzymes useful forthe manufacture of high value carbohydrates was issued to TheRockefeller University in New York. Neose licensed the technology.

* Neuromedica Inc., of Conshohocken, Pa., said it was issued a U.S.patent covering peptides that have the potential to protect againstnerve cell damage in the brain and to repair that damage.

* Neuromedical Systems Inc., of Suffern, N.Y., said it was awarded aU.S. patent that broadly protects the use of interactive screening toclassify a medical specimen so as to detect abnormal cells andevaluate abnormal tissues.

* Sonus Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Bothell, Wash., was issued fourutility patents broadly directed to fluorocarbon-containing ultrasoundcontrast agents and methods of their use.

* Sparta Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Horsham, Pa., said U.S. patent No.5,550,139 covering two novel classes of serine protease inhibitorswas issued. Sparta has a license to the compounds.

* Torrey Pines Institute for Molecule Studies was issued U.S. patentNo. 5,556,762 for drug discovery screening technology calledPositionalScan. The technology has been licensed to HoughtenPharmaceuticals Inc., of San Diego.

* Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., was issued U.S.patent No. 5,543,423 covering VX-853 and related compounds. Thecompound is being developed for treating cancer multidrugresistance.

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