Published July 31 & Aug. 7 (EPO); July 25 & Aug. 1 (WO); July 31(GB)

Alabama, Univ. of Fas gene WO 96/22370

Birmingham, Ala. control regions

5'-flanking control regions of the fas gene, transgenic mice with thesecontrol regions; for studying T cell senescence.

Allergan Psoriasis gene WO 96/23080

Waco, Tex. sequence

Gene sequence induced by an anti-psoriatic synthetic retinoid; forstudying psoriasis.

Amgen FGF analogues WO 96/22369

Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Analogues of proteins of the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) familythat show enhanced stability and activity.

Amgen EPH-like WO 96/23000

Thousand Oaks, Calif. receptor ligands

Polypeptides that bind to EPH-like receptors, encoding genes; formodulating cell growth and differentiation.

Armitage, I.M. Antigenic WO 96/22377

London immunoglobulins

Activation of T cells by modified, antigenic immunoglobulins; forimmune system stimulation.

Bayer Prostate-specific EPO 715 139

Pittsburgh antigen kits

Recombinant prostate-specific antigen and immunologically cross-reactive fragments; for commercial kits.

Baylor Coll. Med. Cell growth WO 96/22688

Houston determinants

Gene sequences for genetic determinants that control cell growthcapacity; for cancer and viral infection treatment.

Bio Merieux Toxoplasma EPO 724 016

Marcy l'Etoile, France gondii detection

Peptide specifically reacting with antibodies against Toxoplasmagondii P30 protein; for viral detection (in French).

Bioinvent Intl. Colorectal WO 96/22310

Lund, Sweden cancer antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies against various cancer cells, especially thosefrom colorectal cancer; for diagnosis.

Bioinvent Intl. Phage coat WO 96/22393

Lund, Sweden protein selection

Method of detecting and selecting bacteriophages expressing specificproteins on their coats.

Bioprogress Mammary gland EPO 725 141

Moscow transfection

Method of introducing genetic material into mammary gland ducts;for genetic transformation of mammary gland cells.

Biotechnology General Carboxypeptidase WO 96/23064

Iselin, N.J. B purification

Expression, refolding, and purification of enzymatically activerecombinant carboxypeptidase B.

Boehringer Mannheim Hodgkin's WO 96/22384

Mannheim, Germany cells antibodies

Antibodies to CD30 antigen that releases the antigen from Hodgkin'sdisease cells; for treatment.

Bristol-Myers Squibb gp39 WO 96/23071

New York antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies and binding fragments against human gp39;for inhibiting B cell activation.

British Secretary of Defense Mutant WO 96/22376

Farnborough, U.K. luciferases

Luciferases modified to have greater heat stability, genes encodingthese mutants; for luminescence assays.

Cell Genesys Fused cell WO 96/22380

Foster City, Calif. screening

Improved screen of fused cells for desired gene presence by taggingthe expressed protein of interest with a marker.

Clontech Labs Amplification WO 96/23079

Palo Alto, Calif. suppressing adaptors

Ligation adaptors for suppressing DNA fragment amplificationduring PCR cycles.

Columbia Univ. RNA intron WO 96/22689

New York catalysts

RNA catalysts with conserved group II intron catalytic regions; fortherapy development.

Cor Therapeutics C140 cell WO 96/23225

S. San Francisco surface receptor

Gene for the C140 cell surface receptor, encoded protein, antibodies;for identifying agonists and antagonists.

Cornell Univ. Recombinase- WO 96/22364

Ithaca, N.Y. mediated recombination

Genes for recombinases, variants, encoded proteins; for assistinghomologous recombination in cells.

Dedhar et al. Hormonal WO 96/23001

Richmond Hill, Ont. responsiveness modulators

Proteins that modulate hormonal responsiveness by binding to theDNA-binding domains of receptor gene sequences.

Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. Stress-responsive WO 96/22367

Philadelphia polymerase subunit

Gene for stress-responsive subunit of human RNA polymerase II,encoded protein, antibodies; for designing therapeutics.

Gene Shears Anti-retroviral WO 96/22368

Neutral Bay, Australia ribozymes

Ribozymes targeted to retroviral packaging sequence expressionconstructs, recombinant vectors containing them.

Genetic Therapy Brain gene WO 96/22112

Gaithersburg, Md. therapy

Transfection of endothelial cells by intravascular administration; fortherapeutic delivery to the brain.

Glaxo RANTES WO 96/23068

Greenford, U.K. chemokine binder

Chemokine receptor that binds to RANTES; for screeningantagonists and treating allergies and graft rejection.

Hirano, T. Pre-B cell EPO 725 135

Osaka, Japan growth

Gene for protein supporting pre-B cell growth and adhesion, encodedprotein; for arthritis and myeloma diagnosis.

Hoffmann-La Roche IL-1 receptor WO 96/23067

Basel, Switzerland accessory protein

Gene for interleukin (IL)-1 receptor accessory protein, encodedprotein, antibodies; for preventing inflammation.

Human Genome Sciences Prostate- WO 96/22360

Rockville, Md. specific reductase

Gene for human prostate-specific reductase, encoded protein,antibodies; for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Hybridon Oligos inhibiting WO 96/23065

Worcester, Mass. neovascularization

Oligos specific for vascular endothelial cell growth factor; forinhibiting neovascularization.

Incyte Pharma Fetal spleen WO 96/22374

Palo Alto, Calif. chemokine

Gene for a chemokine expressed in fetal spleen, encoded protein,antibodies.

Kentucky, Univ. of Antibody WO 96/22373

Lexington, Ky. melanoma treatment

Anti-idiotype antibody against ganglioside GD2 antibodies; fordetection and treatment of melanoma.

Keygene Sequence repeat WO 96/22388

Wageningen, amplification

the Netherlands

Process for selective amplification of simple sequence repeatrestriction fragments; for forensic analysis.

Kirin Beer Modified EPO 725 137

Tokyo carotenoid production

Gene for a keto group introducing enzyme, encoded protein; formaking ketocarotenoids.

Kirin Beer Thrombopoietin WO 96/22309

Tokyo antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies against human thrombopoietins (TPOs); fordetection and purification of TPOs.

Kyowa Virus detection EPO 725 081

Tokyo antibodies

Monoclonal antibody against specific human Mx protein Mxepitopes; for viral infection diagnosis.

Leukosite C-C chemokine WO 96/22371

Cambridge, Mass. receptor 3

Gene for C-C chemokine receptor 3, encoded protein, antibodies; fordiagnosis and therapy of immune disorders.

Ligand Pharma Retinoid X WO 96/23070

San Diego receptor gamma

Gene for human retinoid X receptor gamma, encoded protein; forscreening ligands that bind the receptor.

Massachusetts, Nonsense-mediated WO 96/22301

Univ. Med. Ctr. mRNA decay

Worcester, Mass.

Gene for a protein in the nonsense-mediated mRNA decay pathway,encoded protein, fragments; for pathway inhibition.

Merck Frosst Prostaglandin WO 96/23066

Kirkland, Ont. receptor

Gene for a prostaglandin receptor, encoded protein, expression cellhost; for identifying modulators.

Nexia Biotech Mammary WO 96/22379

Ste. Anne de gland transfection

Bellevue, Quebec

Infusion of solution containing transfecting DNA into the ruminantmammary gland; for direct gene transfer.

NeXstar Pharma Spectroscopic WO 96/22383

Boulder, Colo. DNA detection

Methods of detecting spectroscopically labeled nucleic acids andreceptors to determine presence of biological targets.

N. Carolina, Univ. of DNA ligation WO 96/22365

Chapel Hill, N.C. enzymes

Genes for enzymes that cleave and ligate DNA, encoded enzymes;for use in vivo and in vitro.

Novo Nordisk Multicopy genes WO 96/23073

Bagsvaerd, Denmark in bacteria

Gram positive bacteria with multiple copies of a DNA sequence andsubsequent deletion of a marker gene.

Pasteur Inst. Deafness-associated EPO 725 136

Paris gene

Gene for USHER-1B, a myosin variant involved in deafnesssyndromes, encoded protein; for diagnosis

Pharmacia Biotech Thermococcus WO 96/22389

Milwaukee, Wis. barossii polymerase

Purified DNA polymerase from Thermococcus barossii; for increasedheat stability.

Pittsburgh, Univ. of Connective WO 96/22793

Pittsburgh tissue gene transfer

Gene transfer into connective tissue cells; for disease treatment anddeveloping animal models.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Adenovirus WO 96/22378

Antony, France production cells

Cells for the production of modified adenoviruses to be used for genetherapy.

Salk Inst. Xenopus vitamin WO 96/22390

La Jolla, Calif. D-like receptor

Gene for a vitamin D-like receptor from Xenopus, encoded protein.

Sanofi Periplasmic protein EPO 725 140

Paris extraction

Extraction of periplasmic proteins expressed in microorganisms usingarginine; for purification (in French).

Scripps Res. Inst. Chemical WO 96/22391

La Jolla, Calif. bonding detection

Reaction cassette for highly sensitive detection of chemical bondformation and creation.

Sheffield, Univ. of H2 receptor GB 2 297 328

Balm Green, U.K. region

Nucleotide sequences encoding the human H2 receptor region,primers for amplification; for diagnosis.

Snow Brand Milk Products Osteoblast EPO 725 080

Sapporo, Japan growth factor

Gene for a protein with osteoblast proliferating activity derived fromfibroblasts, encoded protein; for therapy.

Texas, Univ. of Hematopoietic WO 96/22693

Austin, Tex. stem cells

Undifferentiated pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells and methods ofproduction; for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Vessel Res. Lab Angioplasty WO 96/23069

Tokyo reconstriction therapy

Gene for smooth muscle myosin heavy-chain isoform protein, theprotein; for treating post-angioplasty reconstriction.

Wakunaga Complementary WO 96/23077

Osaka, Japan DNA chain replacement

Nucleic acid amplification and discrimination by replacement ofcomplementary chains by competitive hybridization.

Wisconsin, Univ. of Primate WO 96/22362

Madison, Wis. embryonic stem cells

Purified primate embryonic stem cells, method of preparation; for usein transfection and transgenic production.

Zymogenetics Appetite WO 96/22308

Seattle suppression factors

N-terminally modified ob protein, its purification from yeast; foridentification of appetite suppression factors.

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