Published June 19 & 26 (EPO); June 13 & 20 (WO)

Abbott Labs HIV-2 synthetic EPO 717 109

Abbott Park, Ill. genes

Synthetic genes encoding HIV-2 envelope proteins and fragments,expression in E. coli; for detection.

Amgen Boulder TGF-a type WO 96/18735

Boulder, Colo. receptor

Gene for a TGF-a superfamily type II receptor that binds osteogenicprotein 1 (OP-1), encoded protein.

Angeletti Res. Inst. IL-6 agonists/ WO 96/18648

Pomezia, Italy antagonists

Identification of agonists and antagonists of human interleukin (IL)-6using a membrane glycoprotein.

Avigen AAV integration WO 96/18727

Alameda, Calif. vectors

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors with sequences providing site-specific integration; for gene delivery.

Behringwerke Pseudomonas EPO 717 106

Marburg, Germany vaccine

Hybrid protein containing fusion of two Pseudomonas aeruginosaouter membrane proteins, antibodies; for therapy.

Bionebraska C-terminal amidated WO 96/17941

Lincoln, Neb. peptides

Production of recombinant peptides having a C-terminal -carboxamide, coding DNA, expression cassettes.

Bionebraska Carbonic WO 96/17942

Lincoln, Neb. anhydrase fusions

Production and purification of recombinant proteins fused tocarbonic anhydrase.

Boehringer Mannheim Collagen I EPO 718 309

Mannheim, Germany antibodies

N-terminal antigenic determinants of collagen I, antibodies againstcollagen I; for detection assay (in German).

Boehringer Mannheim DNA sequence EPO 718 408

Mannheim, Germany detection

Sensitive method for detecting specific nucleic acid sequences usingprimers and amplification (in German).

Boehringer Mannheim Degenerative WO 96/17865

Mannheim, Germany nerve genes

Genes expressed in degenerating and/or regenerating peripheralnerves; for neural disease diagnosis and therapy.

Boehringer Mannheim tPA protease WO 96/17928

Mannheim, Germany domain

Protease domain of human tissue type plasminogen activator (tPA);for reduced side effects during treatment.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Penicillin V EPO 718 402

Princeton, N.J. amidohydrolase

Gene for penicillin V amidohydrolase from Fusarium oxysporum,expression vectors, host cells; for production.

Bruschettini Herpes vaccines WO 96/17938

Genoa, Italy

Glycoproteins from herpes simplex viruses, expression methods; forvaccine formulation.

California, Univ. of Phosphorylated WO 96/17866

Oakland, Calif. protein binding proteins

Protein domains that bind tyrosine phosphorylated proteins, encodinggenes; expression methods.

Chiron Hepatitis C EPO 718 400

Emeryville, Calif. translation control

Methods for controlling translation of hepatitis C virus proteins using5' untranslated region elements.

Chugai IL-6 receptor WO 96/18416

Tokyo antisense

Inhibition of expression of human interleukin (IL)-6 receptor usingantisense oligos.

Ciba-Geigy CHO recombinant WO 96/18734

Basel, Switzerland secretory component

Recombinant secretory component from Chinese Hamster Ovary(CHO) cell lines.

Florida, Univ. of Periodontal disease WO 96/17936

Gainesville, Fla. treatment

DNA fragments coding for hemagglutinin/proteases fromPorphyromonas gingivalis, antibodies; for periodontal disease.

Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. Kinetochore WO 96/17867

Philadelphia protein

Gene for a transiently-expressed kinetochore protein, encodedprotein; for cell growth detection.

French Myopathy Assoc. Muscular disease EPO 717 110

Paris protease

Gene for a calcium-dependent protease involved in muscular disease,encoded protein, mutated genes encoding protease.

Genetic Therapy Less immunogenic WO 96/18418

Gaithersburg, Md. adenoviral vectors

Adenoviral vectors modified to reduce host immune responses,producer cell lines.

Genzyme Cationic delivery WO 96/18372

Cambridge, Mass. amphiphiles

Cationic amphiphiles containing lipophilic groups and vectors forintracellular delivery of therapeutics.

Glaxo Modified RANTES WO 96/17935

Greenford, U.K. peptides

Modified RANTES peptides and fragments; for use as antagonists intherapy to reduce inflammation.

Harvard Univ. Single chain WO 96/18105

Cambridge, Mass. T cell receptor

Single chain T cell receptor that binds specifically to an MHC ligand.

Hayes et al. Liposome-mediated WO 96/18741

Houston CNS transfection

Methods for liposome-mediated transfer of genes to central nervoussystem (CNS) cells; for disease treatment.

Hitachi DNA preparation EPO 718 409

Tokyo method

Preparation of DNA by digesting double-stranded DNA, attaching tooligomers, and amplifying the ligated material.

Hoffmann-La Roche Immunosuppressant WO 96/17874

Basel, Switzerland antibody fragments

Monovalent monoclonal antibody fragments; for down-regulatingHLA-DR expression on antigen presenting cells.

Human Genome Sciences Vascular growth WO 96/17931

Rockville, Md. factor

Gene for human vascular IBP-like growth factor, encoded protein,production methods; for wound healing.

Human Genome Sciences TIMP-4 WO 96/18725

Rockville, Md.

Gene for human tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP)-4,encoded protein; for identifying antagonists.

Human Genome Sciences Prostatic growth WO 96/18730

Rockville, Md. factor

Gene for prostatic growth factor, encoded protein, antibodies; foridentifying antagonists and agonists.

Illinois, Univ. of Triplex forming WO 96/18732

Urbana, Ill. oligos

Oligos specifically designed for forming triplexes in single- ordouble-stranded DNA.

Immunex LERK-7 cytokine WO 96/17925


Gene for the cytokine, LERK-7, encoded protein, antibodies, hostcells transformed with the gene.

Immunex Herpes MHC-II WO 96/17939

Seattle binding proteins

Isolated proteins from herpes virus that bind to the class II majorhistocompatibility complex (MHC-II) antigen.

Incyte Pharma Adenoid-derived WO 96/17868

Palo Alto, Calif. chemokine

Chemokine derived from inflamed adenoids, encoding gene,antisense molecules, antibodies to the protein.

Innovir Labs Leukemia-associated WO 96/18733

New York RNA inactivation

Ribozymes and antisense oligos for cleavage or transcriptionblockage of leukemia-associated RNA.

Intl. Fdn. Thrombosis Res. Anti-thrombin WO 96/17622

Silver Spring, Md. binding antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies to glycoprotein Ib; for inhibiting thrombinbinding to platelets.

Johns Hopkins Univ. Hedgehog protein WO 96/17924


N- and C-terminal fragments of the hedgehog protein which arederived after specific cleavage.

Johns Hopkins Univ. JAK3 protein tyrosine WO 96/18639

Baltimore kinase

Gene for JAK3 protein tyrosine kinase, encoded protein; forcontrolling cell growth and differentiation.

Karo Bio Anti-inflammatory WO 96/17927

Huddinge, Sweden reporter

Cell line with two reporter gene cassettes; for screening compoundsfor anti-inflammatory activity.

Kirin Beer Yeast production EPO 717 107

Tokyo strain

Candida utilis yeast strain designed for expression of heterologousproteins.

Krebs Res. Inst. Gene therapy WO 96/18737

Heidelberg, Germany viruses

Vectors/viruses with gene for binding region of poly (ADP ribose)-polymerase; for gene therapy.

Law, P.K. Myoblast therapy WO 96/18303

Memphis, Tenn. Myoblast therapy

Transformed and untransformed myoblast cells inserted into humans;for gene delivery and disease therapy.

Lynxvale Immune response WO 96/17625

Cambridge, U.K. enhancement

Coupling C3d molecules or ligands of CD21 or CD19 toimmunogens; for modulating the immune response.

Mass. Inst. Tech. Transplanted cell WO 96/18411

Cambridge, Mass. survival

Growth or angiogenic factors administered in combination with cellson polymeric matrices; for cell transplants.

Merck Transgenic WO 96/17926

Rahway, N.J. Alzheimer's model

Transgenic animals lacking the native amyloid precursor protein; foruse as an Alzheimer's model.

Michigan, Univ. of Cell transfection WO 96/17948

Ann Arbor, Mich. improvement

Improved cell transfection efficiency for viral vectors by depositingthe vector on a cell growth support.

Minnesota, Univ. of Neural autoimmune WO 96/18646

Minneapolis disease therapy

Heat shock peptides homologous to myelin components; for treatingneural autoimmune disease.

Mosca et al. Mice with human WO 96/17627

Ellicott City, Md. hematopoietic cells

Engraftment of human and primate pluripotent stem cells intoirradiated mice; for testing gene therapy protocols.

Nippon Shinyaku Antisense nucleic WO 96/18640

Kyoto, Japan acid homologue

An antisense nucleic acid homologue that has low toxicity; forsuppressing viral infections.

Novo Nordisk Less allergenic WO 96/17929

Bagsvaerd, Denmark polypeptide

Polypeptide with reduced allergenicity conjugated to a polymermolecule; for reducing allergic response.

Novo Nordisk Bacterial WO 96/17943

Bagsvaerd, Denmark extracellular proteins

Production of extracellular proteins in bacteria by transforming thebacteria with an extracellular protease.

Nycomed Pharma Factor VII fragments WO 96/18654

Oslo, Norway

Factor VII fragment that contains residues 82-128, its variants; fortreating blood-clotting disorders.

Oriental Yeast Matrilysin EPO 718 403

Tokyo production

Production of human matrilysin in transformed E. coli, purificationmethods.

Pasteur Inst. Neuronal EPO 717 105

Paris acetylcholine receptor

Genomic DNA fragments coding for the a2-subunit of the neuronalnicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

PPL Therapeutics Improved WO 96/17946

Roslin, U.K. transgene expression

Elimination of variegated expression of transgenes in transgenicsusing large portions of upstream gene sequences.

Ribozyme Pharma Immune WO 96/18736

Boulder, Colo. response ribozymes

Ribozymes cleaving RNA causing development/maintenance ofarthritic conditions/graft tolerance/immune response.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Motoneuron WO 96/18740

Antony, France gene therapy

Adenoviral vector-mediated gene transfer into medullarymotoneurons; for gene therapy.

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Triple helix WO 96/18744

Antony, France formation

Hybridizing oligonucleotide bound to a solid support; for purifyingdouble-stranded DNA by triplex formation.

Salk Inst. CRF receptor WO 96/17934

La Jolla, Calif.

Gene for G-coupled corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) receptor,encoded protein.

Scriptgen Pharma Hepatitis B WO 96/17960

Medford, Mass. replication inhibition

High-throughput screening methods for identifying inhibitors ofhepatitis B virus replication mediated by the X protein.

SmithKline Beecham Somatostatin-like WO 96/18651

King of Prussia, Penn. receptor

Gene for a human somatostatin-like receptor, encoded protein; fordrug screening and development.

SmithKline Beecham Yeast infection WO 96/18745

King of Prussia, Penn. detection

Conserved nucleic acid sequences found in various yeasts; for strainidentification and infection detection.

Stringer, B.M.J. Chondrocyte WO 96/18728

Cyncoed, U.K. cell lines

Hypertrophic chondrocyte cell lines; for use in studying arthriticconditions and doing replacement surgery.

Sugen Probin tyrosine WO 96/18738

Redwood City, Calif. kinase

Gene for probin tyrosine kinase, encoded protein; fordiagnosis/treatment of defects in signal transduction pathways.

Takara Shuzo Site-directed EPO 718 404

Kyoto, Japan mutagenesis kit

Site-directed mutagenesis using a strand exchange reaction protein invitro and introducing mutated vector into cells.

Takeda Cell growth WO 96/17933

Osaka, Japan inhibiting factor

Gene for a cell growth inhibiting factor, encoded protein, expressionvector, host cells, assay system.

Targeted Genetics AAV vector WO 96/17947

Seattle packaging cells

Packaging cell lines developed for generating high titers ofrecombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors.

Tokyo Inst. Med. Sci. Non-A, non-B EPO 717 104

Tokyo hepatitis

Antibodies to non-A, non-B hepatitis core structural protein,hybridoma; for preparing an assay kit.

U.S. Navy Hematopoietic WO 96/18726

Bethesda, Md. cell expansion

Compositions derived from supernatants of pig microvascularendothelial cells; for stimulating hematopoietic cells.

Wakunaga Non-specific WO 96/17932

Osaka, Japan hybridization inhibition

Inhibition of non-specific hybridization during primer extensionusing DNA complementary to the primer.

Washington, Univ. of Liver WO 96/18419

Seattle reconstitution

Retroviral and adenoviral vectors that induce hepatocyte growth andelimination of hepatitis infection.

Yeda Res. & Develop. Mycobacterial WO 96/17864

Rehovot, Israel autoimmune treatment

Purified protein and derivatives from Mycobacterium tuberculosis;for treating autoimmune diseases.

Yeda Res. & Develop. FAS/APO1 receptor f WO 96/18641

Rehovot, Israel unction modulators

Proteins capable of modulating the function of FAS/APO1 receptors,expression vectors, transformed cells.

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