* Aastrom Biosciences Inc., of Ann Arbor, Mich., said patent No.5,534,423, which it licensed from the University of Michigan, in AnnArbor, was awarded for technology used to deliver therapeutic genesto cells and tissues. The company uses the technology in its GeneLoader for ex vivo gene therapy.

* Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc., of New Haven, received a patentallowance covering its C5 complement inhibitor compounds, whichare designed to prevent disorders caused by activation of thecomplement cascade and immune system.

* Arris Pharmaceutical Corp., of South San Francisco, received twopatents related to the company's lead compound and the drug designapproach used to develop it. Patent No. 5,525,623 covers thecompound, a tryptase inhibitor, APC-366, for immunomediatedinflammatory disorders and patent No. 5,526,281, protects theunderlying technology.

* BioChem Pharma Inc., of Laval, Quebec, received patent No.5,532,246, for use of its drug, lamivudine, for treatment of hepatitisB.

* Celtrix Pharmaceuticals Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif., received itsseventh patent, No. 5,527,776, related to composition, productionand methods for SomatoKine, which is a combination of insulin-likegrowth factor-1 (IGF-1) and its major binding protein (BP3). Thenew patent covers use of SomatoKine for hematologic disorders.

* Enzon Inc., of Piscataway, N.J., received three patents (Nos.5,534,621; 5,518,889; and 5,455,030) covering its single-chainantigen-binding (SCA) protein technology. SCA proteins are used todeliver therapeutic agents to disease sites.

* Immunomedics Inc., of Morris Plains, N.J., received patent No.5,525,338 covering a pre-targeting method to boost bindingcapabilities of antibodies to diseased tissues and to increasedeposition of detection agents and therapeutics.

* MorphoSys GmbH, of Munich, said patent No. 5,514,548, which itlicensed exclusively from Germany-based Garching Innovation, wasawarded for selectively-infective phase (SIP) technology. SIP is usedin screening libraries of biomolecules.

* Protein Design Labs Inc., of Mountain View, Calif., received patentNo. 5,530,101, covering its Smart Anti-Tac humanized antibody andother humanized antibodies that bind to the interleukin-2 receptor.The company's lead antibody, Zenapax, is being developed under acollaboration with Roche Holding Ltd., of Basel, Switzerland.

* Schering-Plough Corp., of Madison, N.J., said patent No.5,532,220, which it licensed exclusively from the University ofCalifornia at San Diego and Canji Inc., of San Diego, was awardedfor p53 gene therapy for treatment of cancer. The p53 tumorsuppressor gene is used to inhibit cancer growth. Schering-Ploughacquired Canji in February 1996.

* Somatix Therapy Corp., of Alameda, Calif., said patent No.5,529,774, which it licensed exclusively from the University ofCalifornia, at San Diego, was awarded for an ex vivo gene therapyused to treat glioma. The patent covers a system of implantingretroviral producer cells near brain tumors to infect the cancer cellswith an agent that makes them susceptible to other drugs.

* T Cell Sciences Inc., of Needham, Mass., received patent5,525,461, covering the technology and products its TRAx line ofdiagnostics, including a blood test to measure CD4 cell counts, whichare used to monitor HIV.

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